What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


For first time since KCD release, COD WW2: Online: War and FO4

Christopher Walker needed more cowbell; I need more WH battle arena (COD Medieval but with KCD mechanics and gear ported in).


A round Mount & Blade Warband after i found that,

Narf’s Transitional Armour Pack (Updated 07/19/10)


Update for older versions of KCD (PC)

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Presently sitting on front deck playing backgammon…

If KCD had Backgammon Id never leave the game…


Yesterday I finished again Half Life 2, I mean I completed episode two and it was gorgeous as always, however the end of it is sooo intriguing that it’s really a pain to wait for so long for releasing of the third one… Sometimes I think that it won’t be released at all and that’s extremely sad because I want to know so much what will be the end of this amazing story. Half Life 2 is one of the best games in my opinion and I think it deserves finally a good ending :rolleyes:
And in general I can’t say that I’m a huge gamer, however I like to play sometimes in various ones if I want to relax during my free time :slight_smile: My favourite ones are also BloodRayne, GTA series, Hitman, AlienVSPredator, Chaser, Prey, Serious Sam (but only the first one among all parts) and Painkiller. I like to play sometimes in flash ones and mmorg, especially The World Of Warcraft and Shaiya. And gambling is my other favourite type, I like slots and poker the most of all.
I also want to try Portal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portal_(video_game) too, as I know it was made by those guys who made Half Life 2 and got many positive reviews, I’m really curious if it’s really so cool as it’s said by many guys :slight_smile:


Portal(s) are worth it for the humour alone…


It caused me headache from all that flipping, jumping and trying to win levels. Something similar in Half Life, weird stuff happens with FPS games, but only in CS and KCD I had no problem. I really wanted third person but I do not even need it.


Started playing: Total war Saga: Thrones of Britannia the other night…Was pretty hard for me to get into. Might go back to Attila Total war…
I really like KCD though, iv’e got just over 200+ hours into it, never quite played a game like this before. I wish there was more to do on this game to make it last longer…


That’s just it! I got over ~500h into it before RL intervened… would love sink another 1000h or more into it but there’s not enough in the current state

Jousting and 1-vs-1 fighting (as possible DLC) won’t be enough. I want more seige attacks (Pribyslavitz, Vranik, Talmberg)… that’s what Total War & M&B have in abundance that’s underdeveloped in KCD. Even with FO4 (and Skyrim) you can crank up faction attacks.


Thinking about playing Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence. It’s historically situated as is KCD. The strategy focus has some definite appeal


Never heard of it until now, but after doing some reading it sounds pretty interesting.

I’ve been following this for a little while, yet most of the reviews out don’t paint the greatest of pictures. Maybe too ‘streamlined’ in terms of what mechanics have been removed / changed. Or what are your thoughts?

I love this period of British history, it has so much potential. Be such a shame if they’ve made a mess of it…


I don’t wan’t to give Thrones of Britannia a bad rep, just yet. As you have seen on the reviews. Thing with this game, is that it is different.
- Map felt a little small / Yet it’s very congested. many settlements to keep ya busy on the British Isles.
- Has a Vikings: T.V. Series feel to it.
- Out of all the Total war Games, Thrones of Brittania has the most in depth battles I have yet seen. Iv’e pretty much played all of the Total War series Since Rome: Total War :smiley: So this I can vouch for. Attila being second for battlefield immersiveness.


Still excitedly waiting for Bannerlord II


I think I’ll eventually give ToB a crack, but might wait a bit until it gets patched…

Bannerlord II… Man, I would’ve agreed with you a few years ago. But the longer we wait the less hyped and impressed I seem to become with it. It’s like the never ending dev cycle… By the time they actually release the game, it’s probably going to feel dated as hell.


I hear ya there,
Every week, Bannerlord II releases some “new in game features” such as:
- Things we have already seen in the previous games…
- With a few minor changes, here and there.
- Last weeks update is customizable banners :roll_eyes:
Are the dev’s only using one PC amongst all of them to make that game? :grin:


So I noticed in many videos about helmets that visors seems to stay up fairly easily without closing on itself, but do the visors stay up well enough on their own via friction or is there a mechanism of some sort that helps hold the visor in place when it’s lifted?

It would be nice if somebody can help me with that. :slight_smile:
I want to know it for my own armor/helmet.



@rataj, it’s a two-part thing. There’s enough friction, yes, but the pivots are subtly MIS-aligned, just enough to put a little twist on the visor when up. This keeps it in place.

It’s also important to keep a little lubricant between the visor and the helmet at the pivot, otherwise the two surfaces will essentially cold-weld together. After that, bits will tear out when the visor moves, causing galling. Grease is a good option for this. One professional I know uses lapping compound, which is actually a fine grit polishing grease. Counter-intuitive, but it works. It prevents galling by continuously polishing the surfaces sliding against one another. You’ll have to give the visor pivots a few taps with a hammer from time to time to tighten them up, but no more than usual, and without the galling that will destroy the pivot outright.


Thanks for the tips. After i got my Helmet i saw that pivots are heavily lubricanted between the visor and the helmet. And it looks different from the color than the oil on the rest of the Bascinet self.

Maybe you know the name of the brand or a good brand?
I’ve read some descriptions about the different types of care products.
But could not really decide because I have no idea about the care of metal things.

I hope that I will find someone who can give it a few beatings with a hammer without destroying it. It isn’t easy and usual to find someone in my region.

But thank you for your reply and the small hints :


Sounds like your armourer already was kind enough to grease the pivot for you. That should last you for quite a long time, probably years.

The stuff he used was called Clover Compound, by Loctite. It comes in several different grits…you’ll want the Fine, or smoothest one you can get. I’m not sure about its availability internationally, however.

As far as protecting your piece, that page you linked has several good recommendations. I’m partial to wax, myself, especially for long-term storage.

Tightening up the pivots is usually a simple process. Support the rivet head on the outside with something dense, but softer than the steel; a lead block works, or a piece of hardwood. Then, you simply give the inside face of the rivet a couple of sharp taps with a small hammer. The shank of the rivet will swell, fitting tighter in the hole. Maybe a five-minute task. :slight_smile:


That sounds good. :slight_smile: I hope the seller will have some more stuff of that.
Never thought that a simple cheap buy on ebay can have such a quality.

I am watching now in the Internet for the grint numbers and her meanings. Low or high number for smooth or finest. :smile:

kk, maybe i will buy a little tube of it too and experimenting a little bit with it.

I will investigate the inner side again. But if I accidentally destroy something, that is not an end of the world. It was really cheap for my national currency. I will give another report about it and describe my successes or abuses. :smile:

But first of all thank you for description about the procedure and on what i have to pay attention.