What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Yeah but if you fire them up-forced auto updates means you wont be able to play them, yes?


Excellent reply and I thank you for it. I was 100% I’d buy KCD eventually because I love the idea of RPGs but I never really played them because i don’t like fantasy like monsters and stuff. I’m all about realism and this game is as close as it gets rn.
I pirated the game couple of days ago, played the prologue and stopped there. This was just to try if game works on my PC if we ever get some great mods with even more depth.
In last couple of days, I was watching some reviews, streams and reading the forums here and finally I made a decision to buy the game so I bought it yesterday on PS4. If I like it, which I know I will, I’ll have no problem buying it again full price on PC, if we get something good in the next couple of months or even years. I’ll take my time with it doing all the side quests and exploring so theres no rush for mods right now.


Oh sorry… i started it in offline mode! XD
sorry… :-/ i will test

EDIT: kk, tested, it works! :smiley:


Just started the new Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hackers Memory. And despite the overly long name, its just as good as the previous one.

These are some of the few games ill buy day one, as a sign of support and because im a huge digimon fan/digimon games have been killing it the last few years.

Also try to start Gravity Rush 2 since it finally hit the sales with a hefty cut in price. Should be playing Xenoblade 2 slotty vegas live casino but I’m having too much fun with my new surround sound kit, friggin love it (when I finally got it working after almost two days of tinkering with it).

Then going to try to play some Halo:MCC,also later in the day Mortal Kombat XL.


Today i’ve got my first own Hounskull Helmet
Bought on ebay for 68€, Shipping costs included
Material: 1.6 mm steel
Weight: approx. 2.7 kg

Kcd Addiction Anonymous

Huh. I was all prepared to critique the shape, but it’s actually not bad. Nice find! Arguably nicer than the helmets in-game. :laughing:

Now, you can up your immersion during fights in KCD!


My dad was also skeptical at first but in the end it is just beautiful

Yeah time to remove the vision overlays of all helmets in the game :smile:


Farcry 5 in about 7 hours and 40 minutes.


KCD VR is next. Fill out the kit and you’ll be ready


Oh, I like playing computer games, I was great fan of them in my teenage years and I still play them time till time, however now that happens not too often because adult life is much busier :stuck_out_tongue:
My the most favourite one is Half Life 2, in my opinion it’s the best games which had been ever made. I played it so many times and I dream about releasing third episode some day. They should end that amazing plot! :slight_smile:
I also like GTA, Hitman and Alien VS Predator series, the last one from them was really good. BloodRayne is my favourite too, in my opinion it’s one of the best ones in case of main female character. Chaser, Thief and Prey are good ones too.
I like some mmorgs too, especially Cabal, Shaiya and World of Warcraft. But I don’t play them often because I don’t like much that donating thing for such types of games.
And I adore virtual gambling, especially online casino and card games, it’s a great fun for me too but I’ve never spent too much money on such games.


Yea… it’s actually pretty good looking. Appears to be well made too :nerd_face:

Was it brand new? And who was the seller? …have you got a stand for it?



And here is the Helmet


Heroes of Might and Magic 3 HD. Finally on new monitor. I finished first three campaigns. Seriously hard. As a kid I never got through them cause they were challenging. Now I see I only needed more patience back then.


Kingdom Come and Into the Breach.


Alternating between modded versions of
Sims 3
Farming Simulator17
New Vegas/FO3/TTW



Skyrim on Nintendo Switch. Awesome :heart_eyes:


Been playing Sea of Thieves for 3 weeks now. Great game if you love pirating, simplistic naval action, and a world set in a sense of humor.


Just got back to Starcraft 2, I haven’t played the Legacy of the Void yet and i’m looking foward to it.


Heads been telling me to return to SC2 where it all began. Before Blizzard made me lose my virginity & faith in them as a dev when they stampeded off to the WoW universe

But as much as I want to revist to re-experience the back to back 12hrs LAN session nostalgia, my heart is simply not in it. I guess I outgrew SC and/or the RTS style of playing I guess.


Jade Empire is backwards compatible on the xbox one. Been playing that and Elex.