What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Hearts of Iron 4


The waiting game


Around 16 hours and 20 min for me and myself :sunny:
Today I was thinking about going to the next store and buying it to stare at it and wait until I can press play. :yum:


the onley thing i miss about buying physicall games is the smell of a new game :drooling_face:


Dungeons 2 is for free on GOG for 2 days. I enjoy my holiday. I will play later.


Dead Space 1 for free on Origin.


7 FREE games on Humble Trove for 1 day.
HitchHiker, 2000:1: A Space Felony, Uurnog, THOR.N, Crescent Bay, Quiet City, Keyboard Sports.



Playing Risen 3 currently while waiting for KC:D to be fixed.


Way to revive an old thread;

For me Wipeout/Ziggurat/Uncharted/Wonderboy/Persona/Mario World/Etrian Odyssey and Elite

Legend of Grimrock and Guild of Dungeoneering on tablet

Mostly I play with tweaking my settings…
Presently that is getting my PC so quiet that we cannot tell if it is on or off.
Unfortunately I have to keep my graphics card fan below 1250rpm for quiet computing and presently it likes around 1450rpm to stay under 85 degrees celcius at full load.
KCD I just set it to 1850rpm and forget about it cause Ultra + looks stunning and the volume I run the amp at hides any pc fan sounds…

Getting this PC silent has been fun effort and very rewarding.


This thread will always be relevant :smile:

But yea, some nice necro powers by our man @savvym


Someone can tell me some titles of old medieval movies?

Atm i found only this ones,
[1938] The Adventures of Robin Hood (Errol Flynn)
[1952] The Dark Avenger (Errol Flynn)
[1953] Knights of the Round Table
[1954] The Black Shield of Falworth (Tony Curtis)
[1954] Prince Valiant (Robert Wagner)
[1958] Robin Hood der Rebell (Lex Barker &‎ Rossana Rory)
[1960] Knight of 100 Faces
[1961] Die Rache des Ritters
[1962] Das Schwert des Cid
[1962] Die Graue Galeere/Odio mortale
[1963] Das Schwert des Königs
[1963] Lancelot
[1965] The Revenge of Ivanhoe (Rik Van Nutter & Gilda Lousek)
[1967] A Challenge for Robin Hood (Barrie Ingham)
[1979] Götz von Berlichingen mit der eisernen Hand (Raimund Harmstorf)
[1982] Ivenhoe (Anthony Andrews)

EDIT: kk, i found some more…
[1965] The War Lord (Charlton Heston)
[1968] The Lion in Winter (Peter O’Toole)
[1976] Robin and Marian (Sean Connery & Audrey Hepburn)
[1986] The Name of the Rose (Sean Connery)


Starting my third play through on KC:D.

This time I am not leaving Skalitz until Ive killed all the cumans.


Nothing. I’ve been trying to decide what to buy for weeks now, KCD being one of the choices. Would be a no brainer if it wasnt for bugs and potentially no mods (I’m on PS4).


Assassins Creed Unity and Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecies.

I’d rather be playing KCD, but soon when the patch arrives :slight_smile:


2nd playthrough of KCD, KOTOR, and at present, waiting for Vampyr to come out this June. Vampyr Dev Blog


Today, i’ve tested the console from steam and downloaded all old versions of kcd again
download_depot -appid- -depotid- [target manifestid] :

//February 13, 2018 – 08:01:41 UTC - 1.1
goldmaster: download_depot 379430 379432 1574197374724500814 :
goldmaster_bin: download_depot 379430 379433 4903570955311779730 :

//February 13, 2018 – 19:09:01 UTC - 1.2
goldmaster: download_depot 379430 379432 7728356487649391633 :
goldmaster_bin: download_depot 379430 379433 4430868609853567107 :

//February 14, 2018 – 12:37:09 UTC - 1.2.1
goldmaster_bin: download_depot 379430 379433 8998644657350293708 :

//February 15, 2018 – 09:05:12 UTC - 1.2.2
goldmaster_bin: download_depot 379430 379433 3337151599264696796 :

//February 20, 2018 – 16:07:25 UTC - 1.2.5
goldmaster: download_depot 379430 379432 5015448431446448432 :
goldmaster_bin: download_depot 379430 379433 4042719886608370500 :

//February 21, 2018 – 16:55:57 UTC - ???
goldmaster: download_depot 379430 379432 189591112647295182 :

//March 9, 2018 – 15:23:15 UTC - 1.3
goldmaster: download_depot 379430 379432 5922355296132692872 :
goldmaster_bin: download_depot 379430 379433 7652858052225644863 :

//March 9, 2018 – 18:02:55 UTC - 1.3.1
goldmaster: download_depot 379430 379432 6648306801271692541 :
goldmaster_bin: download_depot 379430 379433 6942593791365390981 :

//March 10, 2018 – 17:01:41 UTC - 1.3.2
goldmaster: download_depot 379430 379432 5466979519765255293 :

//March 14, 2018 – 12:05:18 UTC - 1.3.3
goldmaster: download_depot 379430 379432 2336283802842258594 :
goldmaster_bin: download_depot 379430 379433 8258487847145245731 :

//March 23, 2018 – 18:52:42 UTC - 1.3.4
goldmaster: download_depot 379430 379432 5914698958093409181 :
goldmaster_bin: download_depot 379430 379433 7411158086922740023 :


Battle Brothers.

Soon I’ll continue with KCD.


At the moment, just KCD.
If you want my list of games I put on pause for this…Witcher 3, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and Seuna’s Sacrifice are the most recent.
If you want my backlog of games I need to finish, that might take a bit longer. :laughing:


If KCD doesnt take your fancy now (you dont see yourself wanting to play through it more than once/try out alt start etc) and think you can easily hold off on it …

Maybe Persona 5 (polished), or Ni No Kuni 2…

Both brilliant games with many hours of entertainment.
A quick easy no brainer if you download via PSN is Rogue Legacy. (I have put too many hours into this Castlevania Symphony of the Night rogue like/lite)
No doubt cheap too.

Mods moght be doable for KCD, but like Skyrim, nothing altering graphics (obvious really). We will have to see…
Nice thing about KCD is how much of the world the base game gets right.
I wont fire up Skyrim without at least eighty mods running (game is ugly/bland and missing too much without them).
The reason I like KCD so much is due to how right the base game is. In time I might consider modding it, but usually I do so for better immersive world.

Splashing puddles is the only thing that comes to mind as what I would want.

I knew I was going to buy KCD eventually and weighed up the cost difference for waiting for a sale (our households normal approach to games), and decided I would rather pay the extra just to be able to hike around in it now…

But then I never did the major quest line for Oblivion or Skyrim, and see practical value in games like this if they can get the world right.
The inbuilt dice game needs better AI. That is nearly the extent of my complaints list for KCD. (Fading HUD/removable crosshair would be the rest of the list)