What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


KCD forum, until February 13th. :rofl:

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The Witcher 3. For the 4th time lol
Assasins creed origins. Waiting for the hidden ones DLC
Battlefield 1 and 4
But hungry for more she’s been quiet In the gaming world well for what I’m after anyway.! Already taken the day off work for this bad boys release.!


Trying to finally play all the life is strange chapters.


but Buggy as hell in the release Version.

i played Vampire a Year After, it Feel’s completely different


Left 4 dead 2 and Diablo 3 with friends


Skyrim @ Level 51 :slight_smile:


It’s probably highest level I achieved in Skyrim - Sneaky archer. I rerolled so many times for other characters.


still playing skyrim and i played like 400 hours on the ps3 when it released


I don’t have time.
Amnesia Collection for free on Humble Bundle for 2 days.


I was playing Punch Club. Good one.
Now I found out Mafia 1 is on Steam, as well as on GOG.
I’m looking into old games for mods which may improve them and I can have almost brand new experience.


I just found out Battlerite… so much fun and relaxation with this game :slight_smile:


I play a lot of Outlook 2016 edition recently :slight_smile:


Uh-h-h, i heard, that it’s harder than Dark Souls, isn’t it? :sweat_smile:


nice i

Yeah, I know that feeling. I play a lot of Prestashop GOTY edition, currently im lvl 60 warrior.
Now doc, show me what you got!


I’m playing in Autodesk 3ds Max Special edition for backers. Hard as hell. Love old school games. :smirk:


project cars 2 demo. what. it’s a demo it free don’t judge me.


Half-Life 3


There’s no school like the oldschool, and Autodesk Inventor 2008 is a fooking headmaster… Got it?


looking through imgur…
i love all these gifs^^ especially foolish cat gifs, where one cat kills nerves of the other! XD


I’ve noticed yetserday that i have now the infinite loading screen bug in Assassins Creed Origins. And now all my saves with the community challenge rewards are damaged/corrupted.
I NEED KINGDOM COME :smile: :joy::rofl::star_struck::yum::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::drooling_face::upside_down_face::heart::heart::heart::heart: