What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Kingdom Come: Deliverance on PS4


What is your biggest disappointment of this year? For me it’s probably Wolfenstein II. It’s a good game but New Order was way better.

To do list in 2018
Metro 2033 (almost done)
Metro Last Light
Assassins Creed Origins
BioShock 2
BioShock Infinite
Company of Heroes 2
Dark Train
Ori and the Blind Forest

and of course Kingdom Come will be priority when its out


Oh, these privileged ones …


I’m all caught up on every game I own or would ever want to play, so for the next month and up until the full version of KCD is available to play, I’ll just be playing and adventuring in either Two Worlds 2 or TES Skyrim, since I never get tired of playing them.



I played Attila so much you have no idea clue


Bought egypt 3 The Fate of Ramses but playing Assassins Creed Origins too…

What is very interesting, who has managed to remove the golden top of the cheops pyramid in real life?!
But beware, the Pyramidion in front of pyrimd isnt the top! The found one was replaced by an exchanged by the government!


Oh and someone has noticed that there is an hole in one of the four edges of pyramid?

I’m sorry for that but i love to investigate Egypt since i am 7 years old! <3
P.S. It is not one of the most shared pictures with the hole in the edge :yum:


Dance Dance Revolution on hard mode…


Uncharted Lost Legacy and Outcast Second Contact mainly


The Red Solstice is for free on Humble Bundle for 2 days.



until ACO got nothing new, i’m working on a compilation of the locations of old adventures again…
the following montage was made from 87 single pictures but isn’t final!!
The current result devoured more than 12 hours

  • Dirty Bomb (very fast teamshooter)
  • Secret World Legends (MMORPG)
  • World of Tanks (MMO tactical tank shooter)
  • EVE online (space… all genres, really)


replayed some vampire the masquerade bloodlines, soundtrack score is brilliant
plus some s.t.a.l.k.e.r.


You know, I’ve never played this game. I’ve heard great things about it, but man does it look dated as hell these days. That’s been the only thing that’s kept me from giving it a go…

What’s the mod community like for it, still active or not really?


the mod community is incredibly active, even after so long. Regarding the game looking dated, personally i think it holds up well, especially the facial animations are much better than most modern games, runs on an early version of the same engine half life 2 used.

So definitely give it a go, get the GOG version though as it comes with a patch that makes it run better on modern systems and its really one of the best proper RPGS out there!


“Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines” is a golden game, sadly not known for wide auditory. :grinning:


The Witcher 3

Battlefield 1

Battlefront 2 (Caught it on sell for like 34bucks for the deluxe version, but not too impressed with the game)

Gwent Standalone

League of Legends


Some more old games. There are too many to explore. Life is short.
Carmageddon TDR 2000, get for free on GOG. Ends in 2 days.


One of the best RPGs I ever played. Sad we never saw a sequel.


I do have the same feeling to Arx fatalis. Arkane must make new.