What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Can’t say that I totaly agree with your numbers but Egyptians are without a doubt under represented and Romans are over represented.
I would also expect some traders, caravan operators and caravan guards from Arabia Felix, Nubia, Kush, Parthia etc. at the market in Alexandria and maybe a few Galatians mercenaries.
Have you found any signs of judaism? I didn’t noticed any.

And please remember the unicorn. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I for one am simply furious that they did not portray Egyptians as Blacks, like they truly were. Whitey is always trying to keep us down.


After i’ve talked with an ubi employee about the save system for the Anubis outfit,
i’m totally done with them and Assassins Creed.


battlefield 1 and no man sky while I wait for this game


Homefront is for free on Humble Bundle. Get it before 41 hours count zero. By the way, I am not playing any game right now. My laptop retired.


Spellforce 3 and Rules of survival


Company of heroes 2 for free on Humble Bundle. I played 1 and it was great.


Mount and blade warband, can’t wait for the sequel :star_struck:


You’ll be waiting a while… it’ll be outdated by the time it actually releases. If it ever sees the light of day that is

BTW - I’ve just started Divinity: Original Sin 2. The Red Prince… so far so good.


Been Playing Project Zomboid allot.

Avoiding any rpg or medieval games until KCD release.


Shadow Tactics and Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice


How is Shadows Tactics? They compare it to Commandos. Any vibes?


I mean its great. gameplay is realy very similar like commandos but japanese :slight_smile: if you like commandos, try it! :wink:


Big commando vibes. Art style is nice, the stages are well designed and look great too. And the gameplay hits you right in them nostalgic feels. Well worth a play-through :slight_smile:


I found Shadow tactis to be a bit to easy. atleast the first few levels. i haven’t finished it yet.


It ramps up difficulty as you progress… maps and levels get larger / more complex with more guards and rotations etc.


I play Watch Dogs now cuz it was for free on Uplay
it’s not really good but some main missions are ok

But now I bought many games on sales (steam) and I play Holdfast: Nations at War


Shadow Tactics is insanely more difficult than say, Commandos 2 was. But elegantly difficult, not stupid difficult, like say, Desperados.

Buuut, as with such games, you could - after spending 7 hours of picking guards off one by one watch a speedrunner just finish the level in 3 minutes.


Black Desert Online
Rainbow Six Seige
Mount & Blade: Warband


Well I am mainly a console player (all of them) because my PC is about ready for an upgrade (new one…old one is from 2010). I have ADD I assume, so I bounce around to different games depending on my mood or if I am just bored with the game. But here is my more recent games:

Assassins Creed: Origins (XB1)
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (NS)
Witcher 3 (still working on the DLC) (XB1)

Still playing now and then:
Battlefront 2
Destiny 2
South Park :FBW
Resident Evil 7
Skyrim (Switch…triple dip)
Doom (Switch…double dip)