What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Wolfenstein II is amazing


Just finished SOMA from Frictional Games. If you’re searching for a good story that takes you serious, this is one. And it’s at Steam and GOG for sale right now.


How’s the level design? I remember that the later levels of the first one were kinda boring at some point because of that


Disgrace of a RPG named Elex.

While I wanted to like this game so much (especially since it’s much like Gothic and Gothic 1&2 were good), it is utter and complete trash. Heavily imbalanced, super low-budget-looking-and-feeling, dumb ass game where you can hunt dinosaurs with bow and arrow… or plasma blasters. In fallout-themed-universe and shittiest combat gameplay you’ve ever tried. With UI from 1998 Geocities Tripod “my website”-type of designs and usability. Ugh. There’s original setting and there’s Elex’s “let’s just effin’ throw random fantasy genres in the pot and stir”. Vikings (living in 1960’s hotel) meet Protoss meet Mad Max. What?!

It’s almost a crime against RPG genre and modern foundations of good game design. Yeah, It’s retro, but for all the bad reasons. The reasons retro is retro and nobody in their right mind does this crap anymore.


It is just a casual game, but at the moment I am having some fun with Mini Metro.


HoldFast: Nations at war.

Melee feels worse than NPW, but the ranged feels a lot better, and the naval combat is really enjoyable.


My daughter enjoyed the free demo of mini metro.


I have been playing Destiny 2 for the last few days, I’m sure I’m not alone…?

Is it a enjoyable game? Yes. Gameplay wise it very well put together. The shooting and combat feels great, as was with the first one so no surprise there.

The story? Non existent. The side characters and characters in the lore (for as much you can find in game… at this point the grimoire system was better) are way more interesting then any of the main characters. Voice acting is great (Personally cant stand Zevalla) its just the story writing that is shit. Again the side characters and some hidden lore from D1 and dialogues are good, most of it isn’t.

As for the multiplayer part… its a bit weird. Yes it is a multiplayer game, you are in a world with other players, just communicating with them is difficult for no reason. The pc version has chat, like any MMO-like game has. Except there is no clan chat, no global chat, no lfg chat. If you want to play the game with others, you have to go outside the game to set things up. I don’t know how they could screw up implementing a basic feature in a online multiplayer game which is designed around group play and the community as a whole. But congratulations they have done it.

Would I recommend it? No, get it when its on sale or something. At this moment, for me, getting a second character through the story missions feels like a chore. Let alone go through the gear grind again.

—sorry for long post—


Playing Destiny 2 too

I agree with the bad story writing. It’s just too generic and not interesting at all.
I can’t even pinpoint what is most enjoyable in it.
Till lvl20 I enjoyed most discovering abilities of my class/sublass. But in the end I learned that the skills are not really much interesting.

for exampele Titan has thre sublasses, one is semi-defensive and the two others are just full damage… so much for diversity.

But whatever, for now i enjoy it, but god knows what will I do after I finish the main storyline.


For me the most enjoyable part was after the main story and untill light/power level 265. Thats the softcap. Before 265 you can do any activity in the game. and it really is great playing that. It’s just at 265 you reach the softcap and blue gear doesn’t drop higher then 265 and you are dependent on exotics and legendary’s. and they are ‘harder’ to get. In my case I was light level 270 in my first 2 days of playing. Then had to wait till reset, which is once a week, to get new milestones and luminous engrams for higher gear.

One tip, save you planet/faction tokens till 260. You might close the gap between 260 en 270 in a few minutes.


reset of what?


weekly reset, every tuesday. That’s when the milestones are reset.


AC: Origins, FM2018, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds :smiley: Also LiF MMO is going to be released this month for public… a lot of games to play…


I have been playing origins but also with some new Ideas for assassin’s creed games:

  1. Assassin’s Tweed: One of the assassins descendents gets tenure at a famous university and lives out a relatively unexciting life.

  2. Assassin’s Reed: One of the famous assassin’s descendents moves to Florida and spends his days culling the areas increasingly problematic croc population. He also skulls sixers on the regular.

  3. Assassin’s breed. One of the assassins descendents sets up a puppy farm where he breeds exceptionally rare breeds of micro dogs.

  4. Assassin’s Freed: A descendent of the famous assassin is freed from prison after 30yrs for the wrongful conviction of rape and murder of a young woman. Is there any place for this innocent assassin in a world where he’s still presumed guilty?

  5. Assassin’s Knead: a descendant of the famous assassin opens an artisan bakery where he spends his day methodically crafting the finest artisan breads using the methods of old passed down from centuries of bread making.


Darkest dungeon. It is huge time consumer.


New Order is better in every way but TNC is still grat game
There is to many cutscenes and just few locations


I picked up Anno 1404 on sale from GOG. Not a bad old school little city building RTS. A steal for under $7 :smile:

Who else got what in the Black Friday deals? Some pretty mad bargains on Steam and GOG…


After 3 years I play War Thunder again…pls help


The forest and black desert online right now.


played for a few weeks Assassin’s Creed Origins… I can’t laugh louder XD
Egyptian! XD In Cleopatra Timeline! XD
Oh yeah the designers worked so hard to create a world with 20 percent egypt, 40 percent rome and 40 percent for Greek! XD Where the hell is Egypt?! And then the concept of that project. The upcoming Anubis Outfit. That is to much for my heart! bj