What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


$26 US… On sale


The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - Roaming Witcher Armor - Modification
(for GOG 1.31 non GOTY version… but maybe compatible for Steam/GOG/GOTY versions)

Have sent 4Strings a repaired version of his Roaming Witcher Armor.
(Version in picture was working number, actual is 6.1.rataj)
I only prefered to find out which version works and which not, so still full
Credits @ 4Strings

Most LORE friendly version to Books and Movie/Polish Series
Yeah it is Viper Armor but most similiar to that…

Now you know from where the Bear Armor is inspired^^

Wicther icon pack… collected and +own created :sunny:


Resident evil.


Starcraft 2


Divinity: Original Sin 2


Today i’ve got my Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Wolf Wall Scuplture - LED variant from SDCC 2017

And i can ensure, it is not plastic and very awesome in detail! :star_struck:


How good or it? I’m considering buying it


It is great (if you like those kind of games)


We want a picture of the installed / mounted product in all it’s glory please!



yeah, also playing Divinity… its a damn blast


Will definitely come but when is the question…
I want to build a type of coat of arms for it.
But i need to build a shelf to place my other TW3 stuff on it :wink:


I could never get into the original… Not sure why exactly, but it didn’t seem to grab me and keep me interested. How’s the sequel?

I recently played and finished Expeditions Viking (off the back of @Gryphonheart’s and other recommendations). Overall I thought it was a pretty well put together little game. Not without its issues, but still an enjoyable 20 odd hours or so… and, it was Vikings… I mean, who doesn’t love Vikings :smiley:

Now been putting a few hours into FIFA 18 :soccer:


Tom Clancys Rainbow six Vegas 2.


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Depends on what bothered you in original as sequel is basically more of the same, but improved in basically every aspect. But pacing, combat basics and such are quite similar to original.


Same here, the first one did not grab me at the time. But this sequel really did. If you are in mood for it, you should give a chance… I am happy I did anyway.


So based on that Fox , you’re saying that you don’t necessarily have to have played the first to be able to follow and enjoy the second?

Interdasting :thinking:


Oh you definitely don´t have to play the first one. Its story is thousand years apart and there are only few minor references at all :slight_smile: So feel free to dive in, its really worth a shot


Currently near the end of a first run of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Missed a few of the lorestones so won’t get the ‘extended’ ending, so will probably do at least one more run. Not a very long game, but the audio and visual effects of her internal state are disturbingly effective.

Also Plague Inc as a ‘timewaster’ when on Android tablet.


I also enjoy the game Expedition Vikings and no bugs so far detected. You can solve quests in different ways and this can influence the game ending. I don’t regret this buy (summer sale).