What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Finished Evil Within 2 today. Shit game. Next: Sniper Ghost Warrior 4.


Worth playing just to see if you can get your photo into the ‘everyday heroes’ contest.
Ahhhh Mr Jefferson, you’re so…

(The prequel was done during an actors strike or some such and doesnt have the same voice actors,; although Chloes actress schooled the mantle taker upper to having writing/performance to suit and reprised role for an epilogue -Wikipedia will have proper details, but yeah- Life is Strange was a great journey.)

I just keep completing Rogue Legacy.
It is such a great time sink; and great ‘go to’ game to kill five mins whilst waiting for a family member to return to a movie etc…

Wipeout would be as well except I have it on disc and that would require ejecting the movie… it isnt just app switching like the ps plus/digital downloads allow.


Another build of a game,

Daikatana Alpha


While I’m waiting for the Ashes DLC to drop, I’ve been playing my way through Darksiders II. If I finish that, I’ll finish up my playthrough in AC: Black Flag, then move on to AC: Origins. Witcher 3 is a good fallback, but the inability to pause cutscenes guarantees that it’s a game I can only play once everyone has gone to bed. Waiting at the end of all of that is Hellblade: Seuna’s Sacrifice.


Really liked AC: Black Flag but free play desire tanked by end of game


I’ve found that to be the case with any AC game, which is why I never finished it. But, I at least want to finish up the MQ storyline. A good story will keep me coming back to a game long after the new has worn off the graphics or gameplay.


I am playing twilight Imperium 4, Mage Knight, Star wars Rebellion and war of the ring. Pretty solid games.


World of Warcraft


Pillars of Eternity, seems like typical fantasy strategy game. A bit too much reading for my taste, but combat is really challenging and rewarding, something like Avernum.


@Keegan Don’t know why but made me think of Ulrich and Robard and a DLC to be an old dog. he’s in the autumn of his years. so, there’s no young romance (the Atomic Dog in him has left) and no more time to lose himself in endless summers of training.

he knows what he wants. he knows his limits. he knows what’s right and wrong. and, he’s got at least one good fight left in him, and the time for that fight is now. if he succeeds, he’ll make something of consequence in this world . if he doesn’t, well… nothing to worry about as he’ll be gone. a medieval Unforgiven, Gran Torino, etc … you determine what the ‘something of consequence’ turns out to be. could be noble, sinister or something else.


Fifa 18
NFS: Payback
Mirrors edge: Catalyst
Diablo 3
F1 2017

maybe will play deus ex:mankind divided, mafia, quake champions, rise of the tomb rider, another wolf…

waiting for KCD hardcore and a dlc


Agony, the idea of the Tree Hands from the Floating Forest is maybe inspired by FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992)


I tried Warhammer End Times Vermintide for the first time. It is similar to Left4Dead but looks buggy, enemies are conjoining bodies and when dead, they float in the air and seize. The game is almost dead cause I can not connect with other players, usually they connect during battle, and not in the full number.
I will keep playing, it is supposed to be fairly short, but I am surprised how I expected this to be my new favourite multiplayer but it is not. It feels mediocre and maps are kind of same, bots are well implemented so I can finish without players but they are not very helpful with tasks like bring barrel to destination, so I do everything myself.
Waves are generated every few seconds, new rats are coming to you, it is not like Left4Dead were you have limited zombies, here they respawn all the time and pray you have enough healing potions or ammunition, otherwise you need to push till the end and I do not feel like it is natural.


I’m playing The Division and having a blast. Haven’t had this much fun with a game in a while.


Just started playing mount and blade warband with the game of thrones mod installed. Pretty awesome.


After updating VALVE_HDD i am now creating new art with Garry’s Mod :sunny:
(It is now possible to modify the positioned characters again without adding them again)
Map is gm_eliden which is a recreation from the Hideout of Eli Maxwell
Eli Maxwell, especially Maxwell was cut and changed to just Eli wile Vance was a change from Captain Vance, Leader of the Conscripts, and the Father of Alyx Vance
So Eli Vance is a merged and mutated version of both, Captain and Maxwell.






From the Ashes!