What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Update Vermintide. I have 9.5 on record. Game is supposed to be 8 hours long, but I failed to finish it with bots. I have passed 13 missions and now finale is tricky. Maybe I need different hero. Heroes are really distinctive and different weapons matter to effective playstyle.


Fallout 76 lol not wish I was


Add Ziggurat to a list of ‘similar’ games.

Anytime I am going online for competitive first person shooter action: Ziggurat is my ‘go to’ ‘warm up’.

Also offers a daily challenge and no two games are alike.

Best thing is the difficulty. Short games generally…
Will keep playing after you finish it…

Good one to share with friends: then ye can chat at the water cooler about it/more importantly; compete against them in the daily challenge.

My best score was 1.2mil (ish) but only in ‘Normal’ difficulty.
I start most games on hard or ‘higher than norm’; not Ziggurat- it hands me my mouse on a tattered beaten up mousemat every time…


Is it so bad?


I meant I wish I was playing it but I gotta wait for beta


Nothing, nothing else can interest me except kcd but now waiting for patch…


From The Ashes! Quality dlc.


Klabi, been there since the beta.


Finished From the Ashes, so now playing Hardcore mode, which I’m planning to follow with Hardcore mode with all negative perks.


I am going to do the same. I only spent 10 hours into hardcore and better to restart due to possible bugs coming from DLC loading in the middle of game. I am going to rush main quest and build village as soon as possible. I kind of regret replaying. Talmberg run was painful escape.


Ah kk, for me, no 76 without one modified file! :smile:


Damn that’s a good way to put people off. :joy: Sounds like my worst nightmare a game about teenagers problems.

I just finished vampyr from same Devs, good game. Deserves better ratings


Ghost of a Tale is really very nice indeed.


War thunder, Dawn of war 2, and KC:D.


Since I’m waiting on the next patch for KCD, I’ve been playing Fallout 4 with mods on the PS4. I’ve been restarting a lot because some mods conflict so I try and see what works and what doesn’t and playing a fresh new game is the best way to go about it. Mostly immersion mods.


I pretty much finished Vermintide 1 but turned out to be better when playing on harder difficulties with actual team when you do not get chore players who are selfish and take grimoires despite saying no, when in fact our team is not well organized and loses right after acquiring one. I am getting wary of multiplayer games recently and looking back on myself I understand why I got angry so many times playing online - it is like real life too much for me when even simplest task for average intelligent person seems impossible to achieve with gamers in those games.
But then again, I like competing games where I have smart enemies who are unpredictable and act differently.
Besides, I got back to Total War: Arena so being frustrated playing in teams is still recent event for me. Game seems to be well balanced. Even more Total War Rome 2 got updated recently, so I am thinking to look back at it.


I refuse to play something other than KCD… kiddding, starbound with frackin’ universe mod.


Really like FO4 mods for PS4. Really hope WH will enable them on console



For 500k groschen, I’d like to build a trebuchet in Pribyslavitz :drooling_face: