What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Yeah, I can’t wait. The Fallout 4 mods on PS4 aren’t as plentiful as Xbox but there are still some really cool ones like the Reusable Camping mod, Pipboy flashlight and Better Graphics mod that makes nights dark! :grinning:


Vampyr, War Hammer II, IL2-BoX, Frost Punk.


THANKS GOD HE’S BANNED…I hope until kingdom come :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Are you going to siege Skalitz? There are just small adjustments needed.


It’d be nice to actually use one that’s not scripted, but beyond that nah… I just want WH to address the following:


Just like you I am waiting for an update before continuing to play KCD, so right now I am revisiting some old classics like TLOU on the PS4-pro. Otherwise I am mainly just waiting as I really would like to play KCD with blood and dirt and less pop ins.


Yup, same for me. I got really frustrated with 1.6. When it came out, I started a new game and got to the mission where you hunt with sir hans capon and noticed I wasn’t getting dirty or damaged visually. I stopped playing and was going to wait for 1.7. The pop in is also a problem for me. Sprinting through rattay and seeing things just pop out of nowhere really ruined my experience. Hopefully it will be addressed in 1.7.

The QA lead Jan Rucker said on his Twitter something along the lines of trading off things to deal with the pop in. Not sure exactly what that means but hopefully they won’t have to get rid of cool effects or something else to make it work better. I would be disappointed if the AI was affected or something else. I also don’t want to get dirty really fast! Hopefully everything will be fixed with the new patch. I’ve been waiting too long to play this game… I’ve had it for awhile and only got to the infiltrate cuman camp part (on my very first playthrough)… I wanna play it!! :disappointed_relieved:


Agree on all parts! But until WH man up and do what need to be done, I will be playing something else and I will not buy any other DLCs until these issues has been fixed or at least mitigated. Back to TLOU I guess!


Mount and blade warband


Jan said The pop in is a trade off? He should really add some context as to what.

The new patch adds no FPS at all. And the pop in is now beyond atrocious. That is not a trade off. That is an issue. The pop in is now probably at it’s worse since the game released. Everything now pops in?

I haven’t noticed any FPS improvement, what I have noticed is not only the gameplay, but the story being ruined as Hans sits on a blurred horse and Radzig with a blurred face and armour all through a cut scene.

Edit. Clearly He didn’t leave at that.

Jan Rucker :crossed_swords:
Jan Rucker :crossed_swords:
Jul 5
Rebuilding cache shouls help a little but it won’t solve completely :confused: we are working on some adjustments to bring the situation back to like it was at least and we will be working further to try to improve the pop-ins


Update for older versions of KCD (PC)

//June 5, 2018 – 11:40:00 UTC - 1.5
goldmaster: download_depot 379430 379432 554336772426200654 :
goldmaster_bin: download_depot 379430 379433 5023449653178090326 :

//June 26, 2018 – 08:19:10 UTC - 1.6
goldmaster: download_depot 379430 379432 6018900492685079222 :
goldmaster_bin: download_depot 379430 379433 8575847395542381973 :

//June 27, 2018 – 14:27:07 UTC - ???
goldmaster: download_depot 379430 379432 7785937864061191860 :

//July 5, 2018 – 18:10:20 UTC - ???
goldmaster: download_depot 379430 379432 6968523114347920066 :

//July 31, 2018 – 15:01:27 UTC - 1.6.2
goldmaster: download_depot 379430 379432 7120882668146484686 :
goldmaster_bin: download_depot 379430 379433 8342093289043735329 :


KC:D, world of warships, Cold Waters and IL2: tank crew. For those of you who like warthunder (I used to play it can’t stand it anymore) really look into IL2. I am playing tank crew and a career using mouse control (because I want something a bit more casual atm). It works great!


Insurgency is for free till today. Great FPS game with Solo, Coop and PvP.

I just finished Metro 2033 Redux. Great game that captives story very well, it is rather linear FPS but allowing you to roam and get killed if you are not careful. If you like both Tomb Raider and Half-Life 2, you should definitely play this too.


Orwell is free for 2 days. I played 30 minutes, it is investigation of bombing incident which killed people and few injured. You are the guy who is looking for clues, first the camera catches the person being there during the event who has criminal record, you uncover her identity and read her blogs, personal messages and try to figure out if she was involved and should be arrested as terrorist. It is as if you were reading real life articles and real life messages so it seems to be serious game. Free stuff anyway.


Exanima/Inquisitor: Martyr


I am angry about such poor, dumb and foolish people who thinking the earth is flat.
Or these conspiracy theories from some rich peasants who thinking it is funny to destroy the live of others with his arsehole opinions and theories.
But it makes a lot of fun to comment these many shity comments on these vidz.


Yeah I played Orwell back in March and got over 20 hrs playtime with all the different scenarios.


Does it get any better by the time?


I got Orwell after reading your post and finished it yesterday. The ending is pretty good, although perhaps a little predictable. It was good fun and I’m thinking of playing it again from the start to try doing things very differently. It’s the sort of game that only has between 1 and 2 goes in it, but why not.


A couple of weeks ago I watched a friend play a few hours of Far Cry 5.
The story caught my interest, but the graphics blew me away.
Later we went shopping and I found a discounted copy of Far Cry 4 and bought it.
I stated in another post that I found “shooter” games boring and only played them a few hours or less.
That’s before I played Far Cry 4.
It has beautiful scenery and fauna and an authentic looking cultual setting with super graphics!
The story line is interesting.
The quests are challenging, though some are repetitive, like all games I’ve played.
All the movements of the animals and humans look natural, and the variety of animals is fascinating.
The variety of vehicles one can drive adds to the fun of the game.
Very, very little pop-ins and the frame rate seems very stable.
FC4 presently has my full attention.