What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


I played Far Cry 3 and I would like to play it again. This new Far Cry looks weird.


Far Cry?
This vid was very intersting and shows how lazy Ubisoft is


So many games to play, so many choices but still KCD…


It’s like watching Mafia and Mafia 3, however even Mafia 3 has some better things over old one. Here, it’s pure laziness.


For Honor! is for free for 3 days.


Battle Brothers any good?!

I saw it on Steam for awhile and always considered to buy it.



Ziggurat is the perfect ‘arcade shooter’.
I rarely jump into ANY competitive genre without having played a few ‘primer’ moments in the Zig.

Its cheap, runs flawlessly, supports 21:9, offers near infinite replay (randomised experience each time), and is hell addictive.
Offers a daily challenge (great for competing with mates), and is always different; either via character choice and equipment or just dungeon layout.

Completing it is a great feeling AND it lets users Save and Quit to return to their present run through.

For faster paced gaming or something that recaptures the speed and flow of games like the original Doom/Wolfenstein etc… Ziggurat is a daily go to.

Especially for anyone who takes their online shooters (eg Battlefield) seriously- this game is the best ‘warm up’ activity I can find

The last one is a shot of a fairly competitive gaming rig.
I use logitech arx to typically use an old android phone for system metrics. A portrait positioned second screen is developmentally very handy…


Far Cry 2 still reigns as one of the most in depth open world FPS’s.

Its aggravating seeing developers making less advanced worlds with more advanced hardware.


Homefront and Homefront 2 builds for Xbox 360 dev kit

Homefront Multiplayer Beta January 10, 2011

Homefront 2 Build 683717 January 16, 2012

Homefront 2 Build 699618 February 20, 2012

Homefront 2 Build 922492 January 17, 2013


Since ISOZONE is down, here two more links for the “Warcraft Adventures” Game,

Warcraft Adventures 1.1 Fixed - Repack by IllidanS4.rar (581,1 MB)
WACSP_BETA_1 .7z (504.6 MB)

Disk image dump of “Crime Patrol” Saturn port and “Shining Force 3” v 1.0

Rom for the previously lost gbc south park game

Thief, Thief 2, System Shock 2 and cancelled Deep Cover

System Shock 2 - Dreamcast Beta (test folder)

It would be illegal to do so.

Happy Birthday/Anniversary Dreamcast! 9/9/1999 - 9/9/2010

Discovered the Thief 2 and System Shock 2 Betas residing on 
the HDD in my long ago acquired Dreamcast Dev Kit. 
WHat better way to celebrate the Dreamcast's 11th big one 
than by releasing these betas of games that never saw 
the light of day?

Read more soon about the story of the discovery at: 


game player s

A special shout out to the following individuals: Joe_news, Dick, chris5687, kosmos, Radkin, jaseman, AleronIves, soldierblade, M1Savage, DaMan, 
Uranium-235, Albatross (wherever you are), Noggins, disilusioned, Dean, OzzyFreakDude, and Thira CLONE.

it was originally recovered from a Dreamcast development kit, in 2010.
You’ll need Visual Studio 6.0. Good luck getting it to compile, by the way, the only people who knew how this worked are the people who designed the engine. Uploading it here for prosperity, pretty much every available online link to this file is long since dead. The Steam and GOG releases of Thief 2 and SS2 run on a modified version of this code called “NewDark”

Has someone here in forum knowledge and experience in “The Sims 4” modding?


I just started Divinity: Original Sin 1. While it is praised to be the best cRPG I just do not feel like it at the beginning. The combat looks nice but outside of it… for example, dialogues, NPCs simply have monologue with you, then you check with your teammate if he agrees to do quest your way or his way which is nice. Then again, NPC character voices are distinctive but I miss interacting in between the talking. I am on investigation of some murder, invited into a city, first person I ask questions, he only runs his business. I just click to open door to his room and he attacks me, OK, so I fight him, take all of his belongings and find some bodies downstairs. But this is it, like I can loot almost everything outside of houses and nobody says anything and I am sure it belongs to someone nearby. I pass towards a gate with three soldiers, it starts to rain, I come back to open up a barrel, it stops, I go to guards, another barrel, raining… I go to city upper wall, only passing on the edge of it activates raining again… it does not feel like game of the year to me :smiley: but I met this old fellow who invites me for a story, it turns out he is maniac who wants to kill some woman for revenge. Besides, I got to the basement of some building which is protected by some trap, I find there is chest in there which I can not lockpick, so I simply destroy it, I did it before as well and seems like I do not need to level up lockpicking. I am over encumbered and I am only merely 2 hours into game, there is so much loot everywhere and nobody stops me. They should balance it a little, or am I am in a rich kingdom?


Is this a Name of a person or a pre-town?
Someone knows something about? I’ve searched through google but no helpful results.
Pribizlaus de Rathay (1289)


It is a name (Přibyslav). The only thing is known about him, that he has some property in the Rattay, which is the first written document meantioned the town.

this info is form webs about castles for tourists though, so take it as that.


Ah good. I thought i was misunderstanding the wiki. Thank you for clarification.
The de is france and means “of” or “von” right?


Yes, the whole version of the name you found seems to be in French. I’m assuming the full Czech version would be “Přibyslav z Ratají”, but it might appear differently in the period material because spelling has developed somewhat since then.


Wonder which will release 1st, KCD2 or M&B2?

If M&B2 ever gets released, it’ll seem to have some gameplay aspects missing from KCD (but hopefully not KCD2)


Just started a new game of CKII.


MnB2 for sure, the game seems to be in deep development and they have working game, it seems they added new features which they need to test in late game. KCD2 probably has only environment started, though I hope they will add some features besides those in this one.


I’ve read the article and i am confused about it. What they did the last 7 years?!
Polishing existing functions from Warband and Fire and Sword. Anyway i hope i can use old savesgames from Warband.


Watched some vids (that came out last month) after I posted the article link. Its strengths seems like KCD’s weaknesses and vice versa. Regardless looks interesting enough might buy a PC to play it

Anyone play or have played Divinity: Original Sin 2? If so, what are your thoughts? I just found out it came out on console. Wondering how much gameplay and replayability it has. Need a backup if KCD doesn’t have much in the way of new game mechanics in the new DLC