What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


DO2 I like very much - though I’ve yet to finish it.

I would say there’s lots of gameplay there for the taking - depends on your own tastes though ofc.

Much better than the first. Really well produced, I thought (other views are available :))


Oh it is definitive a cool game with massive battles.
It is good that they polished the castle sieges. In available games they are a pain in the hand, brain and nerv. (Hint: Ladders) In Warband i have an army with more than 3k soldiers. Mostly Mounted ones. I hope the actual engine allows a higher populated battlefield. With Mods i have 1k on one battle scene.


Deus Ex GOTY edition with revision mod from GoG
with Kentie mod to run on newer systems


Bought and playing it (D:OS2). Was too tedious for me at first, but it’s growing in me


I hope that you enjoy it and don’t regret the purchase. :slight_smile:


Started Civ 6, which is very hard for me even on Prince. I managed to pull some nice victories on middle difficulties and even maximum difficulty in Civ 5, but this new game has some new features I yet do not understand.


Is there someone who can produce/make/create a authentic Landsknecht costume for money?
I would like to know how much such reencarement will cost and maybe i would like to purchase! Please send me an PN if you can inform and help me!
I found a complete costume for around 1600 dollar but the form and color was not my favourites^^
This guy did a amazing work…

I would like to wear that, everyday, everytime. This is so awesome beautiful clothing style :heart_eyes:


I’ve done a few costumes (but nothing this fancy!), so my guess is that it won’t be much cheaper than that if it’s handmade in a developed country. The material in the picture doesn’t look very traditional, though (and it might not even be sewn in hand). That would inflate the price even more, but it’s not strictly necessary since most reenactors only require the right appearance (and a reasonable amount of comfort). Sewing costumes is not a good way of making money because nobody these days is prepared to pay for the time it takes.


And why is Etsy so popular? I found sopmeone from Ukraine who did a great job too and actually i am talking about the prices and the styles.

Anyway, yesterday i’ve bought a new Landsknecht cloth but PayPal fucked up my address and now nothing will arive at my home. Brilliant, 160 Euros for nothing! A+
Pay Pal is the biggest bastard fucker site ever! I wish them AIDS!


Strong words! Although I do understand the sentiment behind them. PayPal is indeed annoying and should have never become the giant monstrosity that it is. Any chance you could message the seller and explain the situation? Good luck, anyway.


Oh, I emailed the seller and called them, but they sent it out today and our German Post (DHL) can not change that after a purchase and shipping. I will give a fuck on that and will buy the complete costume from Etsy. I have enough of all these peasants!


Two Point Hospital, a great remake of Theme Hospital by some of the original developers of good old Bullfrog, I still miss that company and I hope that Two Point Studios will be able to step in it’s footsteps, not an easy task to say the least as both Lionhead and Mucky Foot had failed in that regard, and this remake has that classic Bullfrog feel to it, it’s a very promising start.



Battlefield 1


I just started Magic: The Gathering Arena. It is in closed beta but giveaway is here running.
A card game, you know, same as any other, looks like it. I need to play more to see the difference.



  • nice pixel look
  • fluid gameplay
  • awesome soundtrack
  • and it’s so fuggin addictive!!!


Serious Sam 2000/1999 build
-unknown differences between build and already existing one published build


Kingdom Come Deliverance


Of orcs and men. Great story driven game. Many complain about clunky combat system. I like it. Finished. About 15 hours. Well done linear action strategy RPG.


On my Mozilla empty Tab i saw that,

And the last sentences bring me to laughing flash! Now I can tell all those people who really thought that RDR is coming to the PC, that I was right.
“Die Veröffentlichung von Red Dead Redemption 2 ist für Xbox One und Playstation 4 am 26. Oktober 2018 geplant. Auf unsere Frage nach einer Umsetzung für PCs bekamen wir keine Antwort - vermutlich würden wir dafür auch in der echten Welt eine linke Triggertaste und einen Revolver benötigen.”
The best Horse in the stable will never be real on the pc!


Putting up German posts and Text Without Translations on an English Part of the forum does not help your posts or point. Most don’t feel like resorting to google translate just to find out what the heck your talking about as likely 98.8% of the people here don’t speak/read German.