What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


I have been jumping back and forth from KCD Hardcore mode and Green Hell.

If you like survival games (single-player) then I highly recommend it. Its one of the more fleshed out Early Access titles I have ever participated in. Also their Dev team has a well thought out roadmap.


I jumped back to Total War: Arena, mostly because of special weekend. I did feel little bored last games. Besides that, Overwatch, since I started, I am consistently coming back for more, it is fast fun, though starts to feel tedious as there are only few maps rotating and I mostly played the same heroes, I decided to go out with more than my usual perfect 4 - Bastion, McCree, Wrecking Ball and Brigitte.


Right now I’m on No Man’s Sky - bought it at summer sale.
Really great game with all updates.


Lazyness isnt my fault. I have to translate certain things too but i dont cry everytime about foregin languages. No RDR2 for the PC.

"At question about a PC release, we got no answer - we’d probably need a left trigger button and a revolver in the real world as well. "


I am playing Fuckig PUBG in acer predator helios 300 :rofl:


TASTEE: Lethal Tactics, similar to Door Kickers but more complex.
I reinstalled my oldest Multiplayer game on Steam: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, remains the same as I remember, so I jumped right back to it. Still fun.
Total War: Shogun 2. I finally finished campaign, unsuccessfully. It remains hard as I remember but I do not get so much fun as with Civ games. I skipped the combats, I especially liked those in Rome 2.


The Age of Decadence, a truly addicting game with alot of replayability.


How many times did you replay?


At least 15 times if i remember correctly.


So you spent like 200 hours in it?


150+ hours and i also have 80 hours on the spin off called Dungeon Rats, which has less story and is mostly combat. Since i liked the combat and was able to have companions in this one i had a real blast with this game as well. Playing it on Ironman is very stressful since you die very easily in these games :confused:


My ironman on normal ended up with only my main character as survivor, all the rest is lying dead after the final battle (Dungeon Rats).


I never heard of Dungeon Rats. I am gonna look into it as I play through Decadence.


Been hooked on One Hour One life.


This weekend I played EU IV again.
My old camapign with extended timeline mod. Great to see again how I managed to conquer whole North/South America and mostly whole Europe with Florence. But HRR is still existing.
Don’t know why, but I’m having more fun with EU IV than with Empire: Total War, right now.

Also installed Hitman - Blood Money again… nice game btw.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
Fallout 4


I would say, it is the best one in series. I love the Missions!


read a review of AC Odyssey. it indicated that AI was underwhelming (eg guards don’t respond to their recently killed but not observed brother in arms). do you agree?

saw a trireme battle vid. thought it looked like a repackaging of AC Black Flag. the archers seemed to be overpowered


Kingdom Come Deliverance


Black Desert Online, I took the 7-day challenge to unlock free game, however, it is not as much fun, enemies are super easy, my advisor says I should run away, because I was fighting as level 16 enemies of level 34…

combat is tedious, reminds me of Witcher when I can roll around my enemies like acrobat, but there you had to time it right to make a combo. Here the enemies are very passive or slow, they respawn shortly after you kill them and there is no story whatsoever, so I have nothing to think of while playing, however the voiceovers and graphics are nice.

the gameplay reminds me of WoW which I do not like, and there are some funny bugs, horse carriage going through wooden palisade into rock, where it gets stuck… or another player in front of me vanishes with horse because is too far away, as I catch him into vision, he is running on foot, second later on horse and so on…

riding a donkey is kind of ridiculous as he turns so not elegantly, it uses camera control by mouse to turn. The quest givers are lazy, often giving me quest to kill/pick something that is right behind the corner. Kill 10 of certain enemy types in restricted area while other 2 players are doing the same quest? Wait till everyone takes its turn.