What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Hi. I use X Box One.

Lately, I’ve been playing What Remains of Edith Finch.

I’m also waiting for Bendy and the Ink Machine to come out.


Hands down the best in the series.

The Murder of Crows was my all time favorite mission. It was the first time there was a large amount of NPC’s in one area that could be killed.

It made for a challenge when playing stealthily, and fun killing spree that wasn’t matched until Call of Duty’s No Russian massacre.


Typical fallbacks:
Rogue Legacy
Wipeout (definately not on xbox)

Persona 5
Dragons Crown
Zen Pinball and Dont Starve


Does Ziggurat have anything to do with Mesopotamia? Or, is it just branding for a dungeon crawler? Not judging, just asking


playing Assassins Creed Odyssey atm. Its abit of a grind, but graphically very very pretty to look at. went back and also replayed TW3 Heart of stones again as well (just to get trophies). I am Half way through a KCD replay, but went with a stealth (if one can call it that) Build. I enjoyed it very much. Its way more fun and also abit easier assassinating people. I killed off the entire of Rattay (except you cant kill the lords or that “robin” old dude. Im moving from village to village on a killing spree.


Another great game. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. I only played against bots so far, after 4 years of not playing, I returned and it is the same game as before. I even managed to score high score alone, still fun and tense. Back in the day when I did not spend so much money on games, it was one of the best investments :smiley:


Yeah, loved the Christmas “Playboy” Mansion Party and also the Cowboy Wedding! Great missions


Ziggurat, in the game, refers to an ‘inverted pyramid’ dungeon that is used to test initiates.

It plays like doom/hexen/marathon (early high qual corridor shooters) and has subtleties that most games forget to include.

Whilst it is a corridor action shooter, it actully plays out lile a mild rpg game.

Replayability is high, and it offers a ‘daily challenge’ allowing people to essentially share and compete with this single player title.

Its so fast paced and varied that I never play online competitive shooters without a few primer plays of ‘the Zig’.

Cheap game with more replayability and use than most of my collection. Must own for fps players who are serious about improving. It has so many ‘old school’ challenges and a difficulty that makes every completed room a rewarding experience…


I played Chivalry a week after release and played it for years until most players got poisoned with the reverse overhead bullshit, so ended up quitting because i refused to adapt and become like them. Waiting for Mordhau to release now since reverse overhead is not a thing there.


Yes that is true. I got such situation many times in stealth action^^
But i can say that it is okay because sometimes the enemies are to hard!
Gives you a little time to make a break and maybe changing plan, for infiltration


The naval mechanics are similar to those in Black Flag, but with a twist. There is a line of sight aspect that influences a guards response and they do actively search for you if the alarm is raised. Stealth is important. If you hide the dead bodies the guards will not respond, but if you make a lot of noise all hell breaks loose.

So far I am enjoying it, not as immersive as KCD. There are choices but they do not influence much other than who and where you fight,


@McWonderBeast & @private_p
I cant say which mission i love mostly but i can say that it is funny to solve the Vegas mission in maximum 10-20 min^^ But the Playboy Mission is a hard nut^^ I was always impressed by the style how you find more and more solutions to solve one mission. That was a very nice thing in these old times, and in every title.


hmm. if amorous and RDR2 underwhelm, might have to see if i can get a cheap used copy for PS4


the setting and the attention to detail (buildings and such) are really interesting to me but the reported AI behavior and concern about fidelity to ancient Greek city state culture have kept me from buying it

any hoplite battles?


really sad. if there were ever a place and culture(s) to get lost in, it’d be ancient Greek city states. seems like what i want (and will never happen) is AC Odyssey (the visuals) + FO NV (the impactful decisions) + KCD (the gameplay) + Total War /M&B (large scale battles, assuming AC Odyssey doesn’t have them).


I was watching those fancy tricks in video how to do it and how to manage stamina. Yeah, really scary if you are new to the game or even if you play casually, they are going to destroy you. However, I had more problems with team killers than very skilled enemies. There are plenty who did not do fancy moves, though that was long time ago, I need to join normal PvP again.
Did you play For Honor? There is one upcoming free to play FPS Dying Light: Bad Blood. Maybe you would like to try. Another option is to play Warhammer: Vermintide, but that is different to these games, as well as Mount and Blade: Bannerlord upcoming.


Those fancy tricks are partly why the game died down to such a low number. I have been there since the beginning, and new people liked the game alot, but once they got past level 15 they got matched with the big boys doing fancy tricks. Many people including myself really don’t enjoy putting mouse sensitivity on max to start playing ballerina vanguard.

The developers of Mordhau cleary saw that backswings are a real issue, since in one of their video’s they clearly show and say that this won’t happen. This will be much better to keep a stable player base.


That sounds interesting. Yeah, it sucks at level 15, it should not be such a leap in matchmaking.


Yeah the “meta” fighters killed it for me. Chiv was they game I was playing most when I found out about KCD (also the reason it was suggested to me).


AC Odyssey is a fun game. Graphics are outstanding. If you are into Greek mythology there is much to captivate you, but remember it is a game and they do take a lot of poetic license.