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I dont know yet, i got one helmet of hoplites and did two battles, one for spartans and one for athenians. And in the first battle i got very very bad fps (10-20). Currently i want to test what happens when the time is up for a odyssey/main quest. The changes from Origins to Odyssey are very confusing. I say only the removal of shields?! One new and good feature for me is the quicksave hotkey and that it stores several autosaves. And the ancient shanties sung by the female crew is the best and most beautiful invention. But like the AI, we are talking here about a simple ASCR title from Ubiosoft^^


@rataj @glansky thx both for sharing. my console has 1 TB but is running out of space (RDR2 alone is at least 100GB). If I decide to get AC Odyssey might have to buy another (PS4 pro?)


Or swap to a faster drive…?

I put a 7200rpm in mine (cost bugger all and was the equivalent part to what was in the console, just 50% quicker…)

Dashboard loads faster, system graphics etc…
Everything just happens ‘more zippily’.

Then turn your old drive into a media/backup drive.

I paid 90$ aus (years ago) for a significant upgrade in performance and used my systems 1tb drive to upgrade another ps4 users 500gb drive… (with their 500gb drive becoming a media backup drive)

Its fairly easy and doesnt void warranty.
Hard to outright recommend an ssd when sony game and system design are built to alleviate drive sp3ed issues. Just make sure the replacement drive has 250gb platters (not 333gb platters)
Ideally spinning at 7200rpm (a significant upgrade from 5400rpm drives)


See now I was looking for an excuse to get a PS4 pro and you sabotage it with a sensible idea

Not seeing platter in the specs on drives listed online. What’s the best way to identify?


Have a tech site confirm…

Its one of those things that is ESSENTIAL to get correct or the PS4 will have its cache zones in non optimal drive locations (whereas a 250gb platter surface neatly has the cache on the outer edge of the platters which load/access fastest…)

Truth is platter size doesnt make the spec sheet as it isnt a number that pushes sales, or is easily manipulated to sound better.
333Gb drive surfaces (which I first noticed in samsung drives) techically move data faster simply for being denser- the same rotational speed has more data move under the read head… and so get away with 5300rpm speeds (not the traditional 5400rpm?!) and sometimes list similar throughput to older 7200rpm drives.
Seek times might not be the same…

Hitachi make the standard ps4 drives, and a premium 7200rpm version of those drives is a cheaper part.

A couple of years ago (when I last did serious research on the topic), all the 2Tb 3.5" form factor drives were not suitable for playstation.

Right now I see some SSHD combo/hybrid drives that have largish capacities and respectable pricing- if one of those had 250gb platters; I’d definately consider.

The first gen segate momentus were 250gb platters, the second/third gen parts moved to 333Gb platters…

Hybrid drives do prove awesome (if you dont jump around between all your games daily) as they put frequently used files on an SSD portion.

The Pro is an easy tempting option- a no brainer for anyone with higher res/PSVR and a nice boost/boon for a some games.

Id certainly let budget drive the decision: remember once you move on from your ‘base PS4’, you prolly wont ever care about it again. Some potential speed benefits from upgrading a drive might not be as amazing as a system wide speed bump.

Id suggest two step it: upgrade drive on PS4 (shelve old drive)
When ye get a Pro, have drive jump ship, restore old PS4 with the shelved drive.

Once ye use a faster drive, not much fun to go back.
When I use/see other peoples playstations (Pro included), I notice the slower speed. (Vs my 7200rpm ps4)


RDR2 is 100 GB XD
What a luck that it never will get a PC release. Nobody needs a Conan-Ark size again!
To the console version of ACOD i cant tell so much. Only that every console user in the official forum is crying like a baby! The LOD, the bla bla!

So it seems Ubisoft did with the new patch 1.03 (today) the same like with patch 1.05 in origins^^
And everyone is wondering about that bj i cant stop laughing


If KCD + its DLCs + proper sandbox took up all of my 1TB drive and performed reasonably, I’d do it in a heartbeat


I finally tried Dark Souls 3, I did not play previous titles. I absolutely hate the camera swinging and that I have to find out my controls outside of the game by watching the videos. Also adjusting settings made it slightly better, now after 1 hour of mindless fighting the boss, I figured out I can simply regenerate during battle and here we are, just two trials for both bosses and I can proceed what seemed like very hard experience at first. Another point, linear too much, so I simply have to fight everything, especially after bonfire rest, enemies respawn, when I killed first boss, basic enemies became tougher to kill, so good luck me after each boss battle.


Just bought Train Sim World for the X Box One yesterday. It looks hard to learn.


Someone ever bought the Complete Edition or others of World of Warcraft in digital form?
I dont understand how this upgrade system works? I need first a account or will it opened after buying? The whole hompeage is confusing and describes absolute nothing in detail.
I was trying and accept the Purchase on PayPal but i bought nothing and recieved nothing -.-
Welcome to 21th Century where nothing works, only the travel to Mars!


Planetside 2
Star Citizen
waiting on Chronicles of Elyria


a rumor for you :wink:

fwiw, pre-load on my PS4 is 92GB