What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Speaking of RDR2… leaked footage came out today… or yesterday… I’m going to post it so spoiler alert… It’s a whole 24 seconds of nothing to do with the story though…


Dying Light was a wonderful Zombie game, a mix between Dying Light and Dead Island would be very awesome. The new Bad Blood Title/DLC (i guess it is complete standalone) isnt something for myself.
I have no connections to all these new Battle Royal modes.

And this Bullet time mode in RDR2 kills my nervs before the game is out! XD


CDPR created the games with his help, payed him upon agreement, writer distances himself from the game developers for a long time only to come back after years to demand more money. If he wanted more for that, he could have made different agreement which they offered him to pay in % from sales. He didn’t think games will be so successful.


I agree with you but I still don’t think that makes it not his, and I don’t know the whole story is he asking for more money for the Witcher 3? Or wanting a better contract for a new Witcher game?


No, he’s not working on games, only books. He is somehow involved in upcoming Netflix series supposedly finished in 2020. He asks for more money because he provided CDPR with his stories when they worked on their 1st game. However, they got much popular after Witcher 3 and later they released other 3 games, one just yesterday, all in Witcher world.


unless you’re desparate for food and shelter always go for % of earnings


There are three other Witcher games other than parts 1, 2, 3? I wasn’t aware of this. Except for the one involved with Gwent. Which is one of the few parts of the Witcher I didn’t like. I hated that damn game. Lol I love the dice game on kcd once I figured it out though. Anyway if there are other Witcher games I don’t know about I’m going to have to look that up because I loved 3. Probably the only game I have a comparative amount of hours in as kcd. One of my only complaints about the Witcher 3 was it was just too easy. Even on deathmarch it was easy, to me anyways. Quen needed to be nerfed badly. There are supposedly some mods that are really, really good but I don’t have the desire to play that game again right now because I’ve already played it and all the DLC so many times. That’s my main complaint about KCD too. It’s just too easy once you figure things out. I really, really wish the guy that wrote the Ultimate Realism Mod would update it. I mean I’ve pretty much done it myself now but his mod had an installer that let you pick and choose things and and adjust them the way you want things. I mean it’s all completely doable by yourself it’s just time consuming. Even hardcore mode is too easy to me and after playing it so long I don’t like having fast travel disabled. So I went back to the regular version and just changed all the parameter files. My game is actually harder than hardcore mode now. You get hit once or twice in the right place without the right type of armor and you are dead. Which is the way it should be. I don’t think someone that gets stabbed with a sword a couple of times would live. My game has zero slow motion or sound effects if the cpu does master strikes and the timing window is severely reduced. It took a long but the difficulty is perfect now, to me anyways…

Anyway I don’t know how I got to talking about all that. But yeah he should be paid for the TV show. That’s what I mean about it still being his… He seems like a dick so I don’t really care one way or the other to be honest I just hope the shows good.


I just found out here.

About Sapkowski, he demands money from CDPR, Netflix is making TV series, different matter. He also didn’t like the polish TV series version of Witcher, so he seems very critical of others while he demands to be rewarded for what others create. It’s nice he made the Witcher world but he decided to trade it, he negotiated badly, he admitted.

And I’m not the right to be discussed about Witcher 3, I only played first 2 and read 7 books.


There is new update (Industry) to Cities: Skylines, the best game ever created. Also there’s Holy Fury coming to CK2.

As for AC: Odyssey, I originally planned to skip it, at least until they came up with Rome/Dark ages game… but with more and more pics coming, I might give it a try when on sale later…


Starcraft 2 sometimes even Starcraft Broodwar (1998 lol )


Just found out, that WarThunder had a big Update - Mil MI24-HIND! WUHU!!
So again a game that I have to play the whole next weekend :smiley: haha


RDR2 - using bow is ridiculously easy (prefer KCD skill development) and beginning too funneled for my taste, but overall so far, so good.

rewarding to play in a world with NPCs with same transportation options as player and well developed group impact mechanic (donating/contributing resources to group; though suspect it could be tedious after +100 hours)


Just downloaded ‘The Vanishing of Ethan carter.’ Gog.com had it on sale for $2.99. Couldn’t pass that up. :slight_smile:


I have it, is it good?


It’s pretty good so far. Graphics look nice.


World of Warcraft
Walking Dead


I’m getting more and more angry about KCD and his crap bastard dev mode shit!
If you (WH) want me to oppose the game, you’ve made it! Put it into somewhere where the sun isnt shining. I guess for your next game/title you will use Unity Engine!

Good mod which cant be used! Brilliant devmode method, Noobs!


I bought it several months ago on Steam, on sale. I played for about two hours and just could not get into the game. Graphics are nice. Just not my cup of tea.


Hi !
I play sports games like NBA or FIFA


RDR2 has FPV, TPV-close,TPV-far, and TPV-cinematic… :wink:
don’t trust TPV-cinematic but it’s nice to have a game with the option built in. hopefully KCD2