What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Oh yes i know but KCD2… Never for me! I hate them for devmode and her nonesense dlc road!


And gameplay shit? I can judge graphics for myself.


They don’t support modding for now. Why you get angry?


Devmode has nothing directly to do with modding. We had the same discussions about all that during alpha and beta times. I am angry since they didnt unlocked the cvars in whgame.dll and executable.
There are thousands of solutions to give customers the possibility
and after they decided to give mod tools they should know that the cvars needs to be unlocked.
But all this can be a hint for restricted tools. No de/compile functions will made it hard for the GoT team to ensure everything from that universe. Some of the available mods showing that.
The TPV mod for example needs it to disable a message from and of debug mode.
And for me it is very clear that i dont need to give reports when mods are installed.
I cant access the devmode since patch 1.3.0, why ever. Before I forget, they support modding somewhere, because otherwise the pak files would be encrypted like those in the beta.
I said many things about the game and WH but in reality the whole situation is more confusing.


Has WH ever explained why not?


Oh sorry i correct it, they said to many things can be happen if people change them.
But i say, and?! Integrate it with a option button in menu and archievments will be disabled too.
But they did the same in alpha times too and now i am no longer interested in a real answer.
The reason can be only laughable!

Other question,
Is here somebody playing World of Warcraft? (german realm)
I want to know if it is possible to hack badge of honor on accounts?


I have a suggestion, not to offend anyone, just play the game without “cheats” or “hacks”. Personally I like the challenge of the gameplay without “cheats”.


I offend nobody. I want only Honor badges without pvp fights!
I thought there must be a method to ensure them^^
The whole community isnt helpful for newbies like me. Only BG’s, Arena, Raids for level 120 chars.
I dont need the sets after i leveld up on 120. i want them during levels and quest


My comment was not meant to offend anyone. I do not play PvP or multiplayer, way to much personal drama with some players. I understand why people play PvP, but for me it has proven unsatisfactory. I wish you luck in your gameplaying.


This is why I only play war mode


I’ll be playing Thronebreaker till I finish it. Just got message, there’s giveaway on blizzard.net for Destiny 2. So I took it. Funny, you could buy this game on humble in May for 12$. I skipped that month. So I saved money and got it nevertheless.


shows how much of a cl_ster f_ck the game is. Played destiny one till it got repetitive and the raids got to be way tooo complex and mini transacted


got Destiny as part of PS4 package. :face_vomiting:

if i want repetitive raids, i don’t want it in fantasy format (fortnite :nauseated_face:) and don’t want it complex. just give me WWI (battlefield 1) or WWII (COD) weapons and war mode


I remember the days of the 40 man World of Warcraft raids. . More fun, then they got complex and seemed like you had a job interview to get in. Destiny was becoming like that.


AC: Odyssey and ATS :smiley:


do you hfta have the season pass to play odyssey? makes a $60 game into $99 game.

Same for origins.


The season pass allows to get ant new DLC’s without paying extra. Thee are supposed to be about four DLC’s so $99 may end up being a bargain.


I saw review for 2nd and it’s supposed to be improved over 1st in many matters. I still did not try it. I’m playing another one.


Hello !
I want to try red dead redemption 2. So i need to buy it from somewhere. I’m choosing from:

  1. Eneba.
  2. G2a.
  3. Amazon.
  4. Ebay.
    But i heard bad things about G2a …
    Any opinions or tips?


I have checked Eneba. It is really nice and the prices are really good. I guess you should try to buy it from it.