What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


I tell Ubisoft which features in Odyssey are crap and do not make sense. Like the transmog function.


I bought a game from Eneba yesterday :slight_smile: nice shop, you should buy it from there :slight_smile:


Everytime Ive shopped (with bankcard) at g2a; i’ve always had fraudulent card activity within six months. (Great not using card often, can pair these things up)

Many websites selling cheap keys are very fraudulent and are done by professional criminals / crime syndicates.
Eg stolen credit card buys cdkeys and these dodgy sites resell them.
Generally game gets removed from your (steam) account within a few months.
Sometimes you might notice and contact them; they will replace with another key-how long before it gets revoked?

I always try to go humble bundle and gog as first two ports of call.
https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?refc=HC3H12 (Join via this link and help me get humble stuff free)
Humble bundles are a great way to build a games collection.


Last weekend i bought Fallout 4 GOTY.
I realy like the Nuka World DLC.
Great game.


I am watching YT review vidz about RDR2 and i am commenting people who comparing it with titles from other genres. Very Funny side activity^^


Humble and Fanatical too.


RDR2, loving the gore mechanics.


If you love KCD and its realism, or any realism, don’t buy Mafia III.
It is stupid beyond limits. Even the menu is … stupid.


Fallout 4 is one of the best games developed (IMHO) and ranks alongside KCD in innovative style and immersion in the RPG genre.


just bought FO4 again for PC. Looking forward to the mods I can have , more than on XBox allowed.
Also Deus Ex Mankind Redefined and Divided to add to original and invisible war.
Lastly To see what all the hoopla is about : Elder Scrolls; Skyrim V


This game and RD2 becuase it alloqs me to absolutely slaughter people, bounty hunters and I love stampeding innocent people to death with my horse!!


Gone back to DOS2.

It’s a nicely put together game.

Completely different from KCD of course but I don’t care what genre. If it’s a good GAME, i’ll play it.

A lot.


Replaying Arx Fatalis in the millionth time. :grinning:

I recommend to play it for everyone who haven’t done that yet.


I made a monitor vs tv post yesterday that had me considering my monitor on my ps4…

I had mentioned that Gran Turismo plays well on 21:9 ratio (the distortion not so obvious on ‘wide bodied cars’ via cockpit view).
Well if Gran Turismo was alright on ultrawide; I am here to report that Wipeout is superb…

Wipeout is a futuristic ‘hover’ racer, their own intro movies suggesting it to be the evolution of formula 1.
Sadly we must have missed a tech breakthrough as I am sure one of the eight or so wipeout games was called ‘wipeout 2017’ (hey back in the 20th century, ‘back to the future’ told us when hoverboards were going to happen)

Anyhow ps4 wipeout is an excellent, often cheap, sony first party title. It spits out such fluid framerate and high colour visuals that it is a great way to see a nice monitor really show off.
In my house the loungeroom tv, a last gen panasonic plasma, has a latency of about 70-80ms. That is the delay for picture processing etc that can be felt between when I push a button, and when the result of that button push gets animated onto my screen. (Yes the wireless controller also adds some delay, but lets keep this about TV/monitors…)
If I engage the high brightness mode of my panels backlight, the latency drops massively (learn YOUR TV).
If I engage game mode I shave another 20ms off that ‘wait’.

The best TVs usually get down around 30ms processing lag. Typical sets are around 50ms.
These numbers are usually obtained when defeating most ‘visual enhancement’ chips… those visual enhancers are great for movies, but not for twitch/competitive gaming.

Playing Wipeout on a monitor took away the huge lag, and the game was noticably easier to play-I could easily make subtle corrections and hover along the inner wall of hard, long corners.
I set a few laptime records and played a tonne of matches against my daughter. (Who very consistantly beat me). :frowning:

This game (wipeout)on the plasma always informed me whether I had game mode engaged… if I didnt the massive lag/latency between button push and on-screen action translated to poor cornering and having to ‘predict’ junctures ahead and fly theough them ‘in my minds eye’.
Playing on a monitor reminded me of the arcades and 90s CathodeRayTube TVs with their ‘less than 1ms’ screen updates (all colours equal) and full motion resolution.
The game felt really quick, and responsive.
Give me a skateboard, I have my dreams of ‘sneakers’ (movie)to live up to. (Movie used footage from a wipeout screener)

The geometry of the future is unknown… skewwed on a 21:9-whos to say its ‘wrong’.

Bright and vivid, easier to play with ‘wider’ corners…
Shots include the reference ‘same shot’ using 16:9 vs 21:9.
Final shot is ‘split screen’ (although it can be made ‘side by side’)


OMG, look what I found ! Today is black Friday and I found a shop with very very cheap prices! I bought Fallout 76 and it’s working !!!


trying to find a solution to enter the fourth level of MediEvil PSX port for PSP (german)
After the level splash a disc with exclamation mark appears and nothing happens.


Wish me goodluck, lads. :joy:


Shadow of Mordor. It’s what I expected but fun as well. It’s not easy as I thought but when I play around I can make it easier for me. Combat is straight Batman and I like it.


Aside from KCD… I’ve been recently convinced to start Undertale. I used to think it was overrated, but it’s a decent game… haven’t finished it, though.


After converting all my PSX games for my gifted PSP 3000 model the last two weeks, I bought today “Spyro Reignited Trilogy” [PS4] for 20 Euros, in very brilliant condition.

And its so amazing. I love it and i am very very excited on the MediEvil Remastered!

Sony and Activision should selling the remastered games every time in the old PSX case. And not just as an special limited edition.