What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Spyro? Never would’ve guessed

Finished w AC:O?


You mean you did not expect that I play something like that? :smile:

Odyssey No, yesterday i’ve downloaded the 1.1.1 patch and i need to test the performance.
Atm i am not happy with it. Maybe at final stage^^


I just started Mutant Year Zero. It is nothing like KCD, but I am enjoying the game. Stealth and tactical decisions are a big part of the game.


yes, correct.

Yeah Odyssey. still mulling over whether to purchase it. love the time period. heard the visuals are great but concerned about gameplay. not a money thing. just ‘selective’ about games i play


Oh^^ I love the old times. everything was better. And i dont mean only virtual games.
And i am collecting such things. And Remastered or Reamke Editions of childhood…
what can be better than that?!
Many great companies should be thinking about to create remastered games of many old titles.
We can see today that new things arent the best.
Like Odyssey. It is a great time period for a game but Ubisoft! I mean why on this f@ck!ng Earth must it be Ubisoft?! I cant stop crying^^ Yeah what they creating is good. But they doing many crazy decisions to her titles. I mean things like, they including characters, equipment, mounts and so on from other game universes!? It is like Flying cars in GTAV Online! XD
For clarification, you dont need to buy the season pass with the game.
The Standard Edition is absolutely enough. Season pass will getting an discount after all DLC’s are released and the ingame Store is laughable. For example, Pegasus cant fly.
And everthing is available through the Oricalcos purchases and live events.
The Transmog feature is the best. Every time a hoplite helmet!!! :sunny:


Odyssey is much like the other Assassin Creed games bit with more of a storyline. Visuals are great. the side quests become mundane after the first dozen or so. Combat is standard Assassin Creed. The DLC’s are pricey, wait a few weeks and try and get a bundle deal unless you by the deluxe version then DLC’s are included.


kk, i would say it is different to everything before Origins.
The Combat in previous titles, before Origins, can be a very very great pain in the arse.
And more if you played Origins and Odyssey. But okay, i will never understand what skills are necessary for myself to play the game with enemy focus or how it can be called^^
Never playing with a locked target focus on one enemie. That was the greatest fail ever for me! :smile:
My first mod for ACSR games would be definitely a removal of that crap! :rofl:


@glansky and @rataj - thank you both. given me plenty to think about. was hoping for a KCD-like fidelity to the ancient Greek city states. sounds like not happening but plenty of eye candy and typical AC grunt activities


Hey after i read that, you ever played “Take Command 2nd Manassas”?

That bundle idea is one good option, try ebay, key stores. There will be one site who will offer you a discount. Sometimes it depends on the financial balance of the company. But the Deluxe Version did not includes the Season Pass. It has 1x Mission, 1x Mount, 1x Sword, 1x Bow and i dont remember exactly but maybe 1x Spear/mace/Axe. Something like that. Ubisoft will do the same campaign like at Origins times. There is Twitch reward, bla bla bla :smile: What a surprise :expressionless: :smile: But pssst… a little reminder, that is not the focus of the game :wink:

A little modification creator hint:
Dont expect account related stuff with the Mythology God Rewards in upcoming Trials of Gods in Odyssey Style :wink: This annoyed the buyers of Origins after version 1.51 or the final phase. ^^ Something i criticized on the first day, 2 months before the Trials of Gods arrived


Never played Take Command 2nd Manassas. I have played the Ultimate General Gettysburg and Civil War II. There is a new Ultimate General the covers the entire Civil War, will wait for the price to go lower. Have a great day.


i wish WH did the US Civil War :slight_smile:


Oh yeah it is a very beautiful looking remake of Sid Meier’s Gettysburg.
Played the demo first around 2000/2001 and got 13 years later a original version from a garbage.



oohhhh :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:, CryEngine too

very interesting!


I played Insurgency: Sandstorm all day. It is sequel to great game with few flaws. However this new Sandstorm is either very demanding or badly optimized cause textures load for very long time, even long into gameplay I get killed by invisible enemy who did not load properly at all. Some floating weapons, parts of clothes flying next to teammates, wrong camera, dropping below world, however the mechanics stay the same, objectives too, but the maps are bigger now, some of them remind me of the old ones, so they probably recycled the old design, expanded it and re-colored it with nicer graphics. There are women in the game as well. If you never played it and you like FPS like Counter-Strike, you should play it. It is different enough from CS, even weapons are new compared to prequel.

By the way, Humble Bundle offers special discount on their year subscription, check it out, if you want to fill up your library with loads of games for 87€. There is high chance to get at least one “big” game per month release.

There is also Company of Heroes 2 giveaway running on Steam, great modern strategy game as well. You wont be disappointed.


I bought Just Cause 4 from https://www.eneba.com/fr/steam-just-cause-4-steam-key-global
Very fast payment although i had some problems with it. But their support team is very helpful and amazing and they helped me very fast and now everything is working perfectly :slight_smile: good game BTW


I guess since the shutdown of isozone there is no easy way to get that game.
But i can upload you a copy with patch and so on. I dont know if a “fixed” executable was necessary. :smile: The whole game was built with pictures but 3 dimensional. I wish American Conquest Divided Nations has such amount troop size^^ You can say it is Sid meiers Gettysburg/Ultimate General Gettysburg in a style where you can move the cam to the units as near as possible. But you will control one regiment and it is very strategic and tactical oriented. It takes tons of time to get to the battlefield. The Map is huge and it is very hard to find the own units again if you lost the point where they stopped walking or similiar actions. And the battles self are very, believe me, veeeeery long :neutral_face: :wink: :smile:


So Sandstorm was released today, it got 92% (1094 reviewers). I am surprised because when I played it, it was really flawed and expected a lot of criticism, however devs released hotfix few hours before release so they probably fixed a lot of issues I saw before.


Thanks for the offer. I am still trying to get the hang Civil War II by Matrix. It is more strategic/operational level. Personally, I do not like the mechanics but I need learn to adapt to paly the game, it is similar to the First World War game, to End All Wars.


I’ve read a preview article (on german) about RDO and it is nice to read that the online mode will end in a disaster until RG change something via patches! icon_laughing People will destroy the atmosphere. NPCs who behave more human than the players themselves. 15hours of dying!


me also playing this. This is awesome