What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Dying Light is a good game.


Finished Mutants Year Zero Road to Eden…… Fun game, but not worth the full price (IMO). Going back now to the Stalker series, they are dated but I bought them on sale.


How stupid is that?!
“Yeah you can wait on re-release console versions with hdmi and such crap
because we are not producing or selling these old consoles or parts for repair anymore, and never again.” Nobody wants one of these new Nintendo Consoles! Especially with 3D Games which offers often exact copies of mechanisms from a previous title. We want the old ones. Playstation did it right with Crash, Spyro and soon MediEvil.
yeah doing such pirating with currencyminers is a crime but (Without question!), why there are people who linking popups between hotlinks and so on?! Damn, holy doom!
And what they did started a very very big chain reaction. Humans are very dumb! Trust nobody is the answer behind it!


@rataj it’s a shame. still impressed by your game archivist tendencies. ever thought of it from academic pov? reason i mention it is that some places have created their own game archives… though i’m sure yours is better.

here’s one i’m aware of…

some other links that may be of interest:


I saw some YT members who had such, but a little bit smaller, archives.
Mine is more to titles which created the way (the genre) for many other titles, old and new ones.
But Thank for the links. I will investigate and maybe find some in my own country or near my own.
It looks very very awesome and i would camp in these libraries! :smile:
And Thank you for the continuation of impression.


Another BETA builds of…

[PC] HALO: Combat Evolved

[XBOX360] HALO 3 (Aug 10 2007) - Expo Build ???

[XBOX360] Gears of War 3 Build 6772 (Jun 3 2010)

[XBOX360] Gears of War 3 Build 7987 (Mar 2 2011)

[XBOX360 DLC] Red Dead Redemption Hunting and Trading Pack - v9

[PC] GTA3D - Build 1 (A Mod that recreate alpha of GTA3)

Known Issues:
The HUD/frontend has some problems: The money counter does not work properly, the names for the Audio Hardware options are too long to fit, and there is no widescreen support. Some final III HUD elements are still in place and clash.
We tried to fix as many crashes as we could, but some instability may still be present in the mod.
Only the American text has been changed for now - sorry!
The original alpha Bus and Tank models only have one door which causes crashes in the final game. For now, we’ve added “fake doors” to these models that allow you to use these vehicles while we decide how to tackle this issue.
Many leftover vehicle models have odd dummy placement that causes drivers and passengers to clip in odd ways. These will be fixed in coming updates.


I finished playing Mutant Year Zero and recommend the game highly, but wait for the price to drop. I am currently playing Atom RPG and for those who are Fallout fans it is a great game.


Jesus Christ be praised, this thread!?! Three years of great suggestions for ways to spend my money!? :sweat_smile:

Not sure if anyone mentioned “Sniper Elite 4.” Love that game. Masterpiece.


80% Kingdom Come
10% Halo Master Chief Collection.
10% Halo 5


Playing with best Friend in coop on Authentic plus! A+ A lot of fun and sometimes anger


Coop in Sniper Elite 4 sounds like it would be a hoot.
Nothing quite so satisfying as administering some .30-06 Springfield “deterrent” to the Nazis in the nutz . . .


I play Squad a lot now. A 40 against 40, realistic and very tactical shooter. You must communicate and work together to win the game. It’s awesome


Post scriptum is a similar tactical shooter game where cooperation and communication are the key to success, in a WW2 setting.


Post scriptum is build on the engine and mechanics from squad. Only my preference goes to Squad. It’s a lot smoother.


That sounds interesting, but I must forego any new games for about five years. Got about 1000 textures I need to “make” and then start smacking them on meshes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Gotta get the KCD out of my system first though . . .


New Insurgency is also good, though still buggy. I tried Post Scriptum and I really died out of nowhere. Communication is essential, you easily lose directions and especially enemies are camping everywhere. And the hardest thing is you do not see any pointers of ally/enemy, so you must second guess when you see another person.


New Media Update for Half-Life 2 Beta ReDesigned-Creation, Dark Interval

Disclaimer: some of the shown content is present for demo purposes only, and everything is potential subject to change. This is still work in progress.
The new OICW model fits more to an alien weapon technology!


This reminds me of early access game Osiris: New Dawn.


God really. I’ve made a conversation some minutes ago where a shity punk wants to tell me that the movie American History X isnt about nazis and her groups, how it can be if someone is involved and rethinking everything during his time in this scene. (and even more) LMAO! He feels attacked because i’ve compared the movie to the intellegence of Netflix series!^^ And everyone wants to beat me in chat^^ what fools! But let me clear that, i hate both, right and left. Both sides are to dumb to realize that they were invented to split the civilians in the state!


speaking of ww2, do you know if there’s a game that enables a higher level decision making? you have the choice of developing operations for your troops around schwerpunkt, glubokaya operatsiya or whatever.