What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Played RDR2 online. Wanted to hate it. So far it’s ok. Had a brief interaction with a griefer :flushed:: he had sniper rifle, I had a bb gun. He took me out about 4 times (2 one shot kills at range); killed him a couple times at closer range :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:

Had to escape an execution posse. Did so. That was unexpected, stressful and fun on my low level horse. :fearful:

Had co-op missions. The level of co-op varied :joy: I obviously play good guy too much; other guys were all about killing and money :nerd_face::slight_smile:

Had mass NPC ambushes (+10 NPCs; ~20% spawn behind you) several times. Intense. :cowboy_hat_face:. Died once in exposed (mostly open) location. Much better than camp attacks in base RDR2 game (and KCD for that matter). Some of the NPCs are mounted and they move to outflank you

Was able to perform some rescue missions as lvl 1-5 player and earn coin, and able to hunt without griefers hunting me (yet) :+1:

There’s a pay to win aspect (buy gold bars) :grimacing:. That sucks. :-1: The impact of it is somewhat limited by leveling requirements (even if you have enough money can’t buy some weapons until you level up high enough). But, over time it’ll kick in and make the game perverse


Fought yesterday on FB in Rockstars page about that problem. There were really people who likes that! XD But my own opinion about that is, people who likes the Online part of RDR2 never played really GTAV online! XD


hate pay to win. to me, those that really like it eschew achievement by merit.

like aspects of RDR2 online. but not sure if i like RDR2 online or not. too early to judge.

never touched GTA in any form. not sure why… other than i like more ‘historical’ than current. WWI over WW2. WW2 over current. etc.


It is now not against your opinion or that you never played it but here we have surely the problem of most “enduser”. They talking many things about a game were they didnt knowing from where the most features coming from. And in the end, if people like me saying, “Everytime RG is bad but if it comes to “new” game they buying again the next money milk machine”
And before the game goes into its final phase, they all say that for what they attacked me for.
In one or one and a half year nobody will talk again about that game again so much
Only the people who want to play games with horses and cowboys. Because they are angry about the forgotten problems like the people lets say in ähhhm… GTAV?!^^


have no doubt that base elements are copied and flaws of GTAV are unresolved


kk, other thing, i found a cool thing in Facebook and ScummVM forum,
it is called, “ESRGAN” AI Neural Net Upscaling

Here an example

And here one Upscale of Laura Bow 2 The Dagger of Amon Ra


Possibly a fit for what you are refering to.

I used to love that series, but cannot play it any longer simply because the models are so tiny and low res.


Hey. I have limited download limit, so I must be careful about the big games.

I want to play it for the month. Then pick another.

Which of these is the most fun?
Batman: Arkham Knight
Conan Exiles
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Mafia 3


I would say these two.
But you need to decide yourself. You love more Future based games (Deus Ex)
or you were a Batman fan in the past.


I played Arkham Asylum and I liked it, though never played Deus Ex. However, I read bad stuff about Batman.


Me too ^^ But the people and their opinion about Batman do not interest me.
I liked it and played it more than three times. Problem is that people never relaised that WB is an arshole company but they bought the game on first day, it had problems (like every game) and some changed mind and others are maybe still stupid!


I liked Deus Ex. Good game. Like kingdom come lots of ways to approach missions.

Batman arkham knight was pretty fun, never finished must get back on it and clear.


I heard Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a very good game. One of my programmer buddies on the C++ discord I hang out on told me I should check it out to see how it does the U.I. if memory serves . . . hmm might have been that or dialogues. Anyway, it apparently has some very innovative features that are top of class, in addition to being just a very good game overall.


So this is no joke,
I’ve got today banned on Facebook because i was given a person parole after he was telling people that her mind is the only good one and every other ones are bad and are the only ones who did bad things on the world. So i told him how it is about or what is really going on in european states if you live between all existing religions on this earth! And than what we did and what we are doing for as all european states for them. And what is the reward from them in the end? For God’s sake…
Facebook is with new year a social media platform with … IDK… at the boss positions.
I’ve told him that every religion is pursued from another one. What the hell is wrong with the mind of people! Facebook allows vidz from murder actions, rapes, hate speeches and doctrins but the actual truth!? People call politicians, what I know?! Betrayer, Hypocrites, fascists… and they banned me for my post with no bad word in it?! I mean everyone has the right to say what he wants. But i wasnt able to resist. Especially if people telling the history vice versa!
Never again Facebook! NEVER!


I deleted FB about sheeze 5 or 6 years ago? Haven’t missed it a bit.


don’t do FB

this forum is not without it’s issues, but in general @Urquhart et al do a good job of letting us say what we’ve got to say… even if it’s at times unflattering/harsh/(negative adj of your choice) about WH, etc


Belive me or not… I work as a Kind of Administrator for a couple of Corps… FB is and was a pain in the ass.
What’s the percentage of important stuff there? 99,999999999% casual and this is eating Lifetime!

Edit: FB is a perfect Marketplace and the collector for BigData but Nothing more……(for me)


Thank you three, but you can say you have to know your enemy!?
And you @Urquhart got a deeper view into the inner circle :smile:
I know what they are (what you said about them) from the beginning
but I never believed that they are so conniving when it comes to individuals.
kk, the conversation was going a little bit too far and was ending in political and territorial themes.
Violence and racism and a lot more things. But for the most time, the banned media people had a past, often bad or strange. So it was often logical to hold the good vision about the own comapny but in case of myself… what the heck… now it is over!


out of context but… Psalm 7:14 (NIV)
Whoever is pregnant with evil conceives trouble and gives birth to disillusionment.


How do you know when a thread has run its course? POLITICS. lol

Ive been playing allot of M&B lately, its a nice casual game for me.