What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


I recently started MnB Warband but I still can’t get to it do much as for the first MnB which probably spent whole yeat altogether.


Warband is the only one Ive played aside from the Viking Conquest which IMO is boring as all hell.


Anyone has some experiences in buying this software here?
For explanation. This program can handle most model file formats
which have no real support from developers or publishers.
For example, it is the only known program that can open and edit the v3o file version of Lula 3D
which uses Havok Vision Engine \Vision\Vulpine Vision. My goal would be to create a nude patch for the full version. I was able to complete all work on the main character model of Lula with the demo of Unwrap, but it is not possible to save / export the work.
Problem is, I’ve read that the developers of Unwrap Software often had problems with Western states. For whatever reason. You are using PP. I do not know, but that was the reason for my question about experience


There are plenty giveaways at once. Seems like stores are contesting who attracts more new players to their store.
Starting with triple pack of free to play Switchblade on gleam.io.
This one was in giveaway before, Distraint Deluxe Edition on gog.com.
The Jackbox Party Pack was many times discounted on Fanatical but is given away on… No sorry, it was epicgames.com/store/de
humblebundle.com ia giving Deponia: The Complete Journey.
Amplitude Studios offered their games for free weekend on store.steampowered.com. There’s a quest a don’t understand yet.
Furthermore, there are some nice discounts and bundles all over these sites. Not mentioning all.
But I will mention just The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt goes historically cheap right now. That’s a deal for me. See you in 200 hours, hopefully I will get here just in time for BoB.


:bow_and_arrow: Warband + Brytenwalda. Classic. I’m closing in on KC:D in terms of hours played… :slight_smile: :crossed_swords:


SWBF2 (2017) sucks. (Even for 18 € the game is bad and shit conceived. 2015 was even better.) EA is an sexist company. They removed the Gender from regular soldiers.
The Modding Community ignores reports to her mods and every single mod (not modpacks or compilations) on discord or/and nexus is outdated. George Lucas splitted the community and Disney is an incompetent bunch in SW things. They allowed EA to create games for 5 years. The hell in SW universe!
Disney removed Darth Talon from the concept of Episode VII. How stupid can a company be!


SW could have some of the most amazing RPGs ever created (even if it meant taking liberties with the SW canon).

Thinking about getting The Outer Worlds. After looking at SW adverts over the years, the thought of buying a SW has left me quickly every single time. SW should dominate this space instead huge disappointment

Pathetic really when you think how much money Lucas/Disney have had and the content produced relative to what WH did


Personally, I cannot get in star wars genre. I think the movies spoiled it for me asa gaming adventure.


Spoiled in what way? Not disagreeing, just curious.

Played Clone Wars. It was ok as a space shooter. Just want more free play, less funneling


That is a good mod for one good SW game. Something which Disney/EA/DICE will never reach with any title. It includes many many maps and characters. Try the 7.5 Launcher for a full working version. Put the Launcher, Udaterr executables and folder into Gamedata and start Launcher. And it isnt the version from the guy who created the previous version with stolen content. Evrything is permitted from authors.


I started Origin Access and tried few games. One that stands out is Crysis 1. It strongly reminds me of Metro 2033 and few other games, though Metro story and atmosphere was maybe a bit more appealing and harsh while Crysis has rather simplistic approach to combat with superpowers and you are bullet sponge. It has interesting stealth feature, easy to get into with variations of weapons and enhancements to deal with some harder opponents, like helicopter which follows you until you shoot it down, don’t have a suitable weapon, you better find one, it’s annoying. There are guys who wear the heavy armor like you, remind me a terminator. If enemy infantry doesn’t know where you shoot them from, they jump around so they are hard to kill, they tend to flank you. AI really surprised me here. It has a solid story and level design. It’s pushing over the story rather quickly as it throws more and new enemies on you like in Metro. One time I was almost stuck in this strange place with limited ammo and after I found a way out, I had to run again, reminding me Tomb Raider sections. You can use armored cars, tanks and boats with guns attached that reminds me of Far Cry.
So I got to what is looking like boss battle at the end of the game and I am supposed to use some special weapon on it which I do not have. That thing is locked in the room now where I was before and I could not pick it up before. I restarted few minutes back and I got there, easy, finished the game.


I am of the generation of the original Star Wars and no game can capture the personalities of Han Solo or R2D2. I tried playing and I just could not get into the game. Not knocking the game, but just not for me.


I am still enjoying Atom RPG, it is a Russian version of Fallout. Thee is no voice acting, but the storyline is interesting and thee are numerous side quests. Well worth the price (IMO). I also enjoyed Mutant Year Zero, voce acting is excellent. Price is a bit high (IMO), but is a very good game.


Mutant is rather new, price is understandable. Is Atom similar to Avernum or Age of Decadence? It’s inspired by classics I’m not into yet.


Don’t have to be born before the Prague spring to appreciate Han Solo or R2D2. Think that’s part of the problem. Don’t build the game based on any of the major characters.

In a galaxy far, far away, there are plenty of new narratives to be created.


Started playing Dungeons and Dragons again.

Havent’ played a table top game in ages. Nice to sit around a table of good friends and work out a great adventure.


For all the AI development, still can’t hold a candle to a good DM


I should be getting ready to play Metro Exodus… Deep Silver can go fuck themselves.


I have tried to play the game… just can’t get into it. It is me, not the game… Thanks for the discussion, Have a great day.


Cant say it better! Every Game is, was and will be a disaster due of decadence. F@ck!ng CFO!
This guy has given an opinion to forums user feedback. He said that it was intended for children from 8 years and you should stop crying about hackers etc!
A game that has attracted the attention of its large community since Jedi Knight Dark Forces, which is still active (KotF-Link is / was the proof). And there are still people from that period. And JKJA is and was the last and best game in this universe! kk, it needs some improvements but for Lucas Arts and EA standards there will never be a game again like that^^ LMAO

The biggest Exchange publisher/company got the biggest license ever to rape it!
SWBF3 was 99 percent ready and Disney got the rights, laws and licenses and they cut 70 percent of the 99 and released the 2015 title! I wrote Disney my opinion about them and what they did with SW and what they know about it… NOTHING! :blush: bj