What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


I’m playing BEAT SABER! Any of you have the Oculus Rift?! :slight_smile:


After enjoyable Crysis, I dig into Mirrors Edge and that game is stupidly frustrating, super linear levels with unaspiring story. Cinematics are picturesque and excessive use of red and blue colours. Graphics look nice on Highest settings but the physics effects are very demanding, so my FPS drops to inadequate numbers since the gameplay requires precision and timing.

So I play on Lowest and one of the character body and face was ugly while environment less detailed but very similar to top graphics. I chose Easy difficulty, it should only affect the enemies but those are still annoying at this difficulty which makes my whole experience even bigger chore to play since many times I must figure out where to jump first and am being hit by them instead of time limiting. I did not expect this game to turn so badly on me and thought more of parkour style rather than restricting to what I can actually do in game. If I ever finish this game, I am never gonna touch it again, makes me nervous.


Was thinking about FC:ND but then read your comment. So watched some vids of Metro Exodus. Looks good. Like the UI (minimal/no HUD) (wish FO was more like that … including swapping out weapon mods). Seems a little too dark (lighting) and linear for my taste but otherwise really interesting

The pre-order on PSN offers some bonus content but doesn’t specify what it is. Unusual for a game to be so close to release and have stuff up in air


No more struggle today, I am going to play BoB DLC. I hope they added something new to it.


The colors of the City are based on a “Bilderberger” vision.
And the required precision and timing is one of the cores in that game. It makes fun to complete the Time Trials, especially the Pure Time Trial Pack.
You’ve tried the new one too?

It is a Hype Game. For me there is nothing intresting except the level design.
The story of the two previous titles was good, but after a game like STALKER Lost Alpha
I was hoping for a freer world design.


No. I only played base game.


The new one is more freely but the design is (for me) more chaotic than beautiful.
I am missing the first title when i play the second one, which is more or less only a remake in story, not in level design of the first. It has Day-Night cycle and the combat is now better feasible.
You can walk left or right of a building or sometimes through it. You have Skill points and abilities for them. And i guess they changed the design for the city due of world political situations today. The first title show more where this world will end! And the Music from second title is trash in comparsion to the first one.


Fixing to be the game all over again and the old/new DLCS I havnt got to try yet. Before that is was Life Is Feudal MMO. Waiting on the new update and the new map before I dive back into that. Great game. Aint as good as this though and way more bugs and issues.

Also Red Dead Redemption 2 though sort of bland compared to the original is still a pretty fun game and the graphics arent that bad either.


Disney and EA and ruining Star Wars. I did like Solo and Rogue One but the animated series is garbage and so is the games that EA has put out. I really wish George could get it back.


Wish I had real life friends who actually enjoyed D&D or Forgotten Realms. Used to love playing those. A lot of fond memories and great adventures.


D&D was a game that was popular among some of my friends in college, back in the late 1970’s. I could never get into the game. It is great that the game is still thriving and people still play it.


Went into a games store with my son to pick up a set of dice for AD&D (most of my old set from storage lost their edges and just keep rolling, LOL…), and the fellow asked, “playing 5th edition?” I didn’t even know there was a 5th edition, so kind of embarrassed said, no, 1st ed…

How long is the BoB DLC? Reports are 3 or 4 hours, not impressed.


Main quests take less than 2 hours, the side ones with activities and replaying certain parts with different decisions will add up 2-3 hours, so all the contents 4-5 hours, but speed run probably under 1hr and 30min.


Am I the only one here who likes playing Starbound when I’m not playing KCD? Mostly I’m doing my own thing offline but I do like playing online sometimes (either on vanilla servers, or servers running the Frackin Universe mod). Would be cool to meet up with some KCD players.