What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


i am playing LOL now, planing to reach diamond 1 or master before the end of the new season. also spend sometime to play pubg


playing apknite Last Day on Earth Survival now. Such a tough world guys. But surely, survival game always challenging for me. Great way to practice gaming skill.


Dragon Age 2 is a fun, and challenging game. Interesting story.


If you dont mind crap graphics (by today’s standards) then go play Baldur’s Gate. The original is sold DRM-free by GOG.com and is cheap. There is also a newer Enhanced Edition, but I prefer the original graphics/gameplay. GOG version should work fine on Windows 10 with little or no issues, but you will have to deal with the game’s low resolutions, no widescreen support obviously. I’d rate it in the top 5 RPGs ever made, IMHO.

Heck, I even still play DOS games.


Crackdown 3, Forget the Fake News Parrots. It is the best of the Franchise


I tried BG EE on Steam. I got stuck in tutorial where I couldn’t do something how the game required. I let it be, not sure if I will like the game. I wanted something in style of old Dungeon Siege.


I saw the review for it. Not sure it’s my kind of game.


I played Deep Rock Galactic for 10 hours. There is 1 day left to try it on Steam Free Weekend. Interesting mining coop with dwarfs. It closely reminds me Minecraft but you are about to destroy and shoot, however you can build extended platforms or ziplines across the cave. Your mission is to gather sources from underground and get back home in time while being attacked by waves of worms. It is light-hearted and easy to get into.

I also played three games of Civ 6 which I didn’t expect to like but it makes me to come for more, especially now they released expansions which I don’t have yet, first I learn the basic game cause I still keep losing by culture victories of my allies.

Warhammer Vermintide 2 is about to release new DLCs and I got collector’s from humble. So I played few games before sleep and enjoyed the dark maps very much. I rated it rather low but I didn’t see the bugs now (because of darkness) so I could enjoy its strongest part, immersive 1st person combat.

I have dwelt into Heroes V again, I never finished it. I forgot how super grindy that is and will lay it off for another time again. My plan is to finish Tyranny now. One month extended on Origin. The only game that has two strong features, combat and story. I remember Divinity Original Sin being similar but that I didn’t like as much.


I’m currently trying to play Anthem, but it’s a total crash and prolonged load-time fest god damn, i also pre-ordered Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and the new DMC5 from Eneba, hope these two won’t be as disappointing, or else I’ll have to stop pre-ordering games at all lol.


Sekiro looks to be an interesting game, I will wait to purchase.


Be careful about dmc 5. It is reviewed very high.