When do console Kickstarter backers get the digital codes?


I specifically picked a tier on Kickstarter that would get me a digital copy for console. I selected PS4 and am wondering when I will get my digital copy access for PS4 since that was my backer reward.



February 13, 2018 IF digital codes are available for consoles.
did you change to PS4 in your backer rewards profile?

I assume you backed the Earl Collectors Edition tier?
You will receive a physical copy for console. Last I knew digital codes for consoles were an uncertainty.

This is the reason I stuck with the PC version. I wanted a physical PS4 copy and digital Steam copy and it wasn’t going to happen apparently and no word if we would be getting a digital key for consoles.

@DrFusselpulli may be able to clear this up a bit more since some time has passed.


Hello @Cannon,

thank you for your email. You have filled out your Profile and selected the PS4 version properly, so we will be able to send the package with the PS4 version and the extras to you before the release of the game, so they will hopefully arrive at your place around the 13th of February.
We can´t guarantee that it will be at your home at this exact day, because logistics can be difficult to time properly, especially if you have to deal with such a high amount of packages, so it is possible, that you will get it a bit earlier or later.


So the digital versions for console Kickstarter backers are in that package?


AFAIK it is not clear yet if there will be Download Codes for console Versions. Maybe the digital editions for consoles will get a Disc as well. Fo me Backing on Baron Tier for Console was not such a good idea in hindsight.

But I wonder if the backers will get the “Special Edition” with the preorder DLC Stuff or if that is only for customers who buy it in the shops


I dig a bit even tough I’m not 100% sure, but in the main page of the game site, click on backer rewards and under full game description there’s this sentence : “We’ll include the pre-order bonuses to all tiers to show our gratitude to the backers!”. So I guess everyone will get the pre order bonus.


I just found

We plan to release all digital rewards with the release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. We plan to add a Steam code to your profile. Other digital bonuses may be delivered with our tailor-made downloader, but this has yet to be confirmed. In any case, the instructions for downloading the digital rewards will be stored in your profile even after release of the game.


No, digital backers will find their codes in their profile on the 13th of February. This is the day of the release.
If you have choosen a console in your profile, and you have a digital pledge, then you will not find a steam key in your profile, but a code for your console, PS4 or XBox One.


Awesome, glad this is confirmed