When to split from the main storyline to free roam?

I am new to this game and still learning the way things work so please excuse the dumb question.

I know there is alot of time sensitive quests and various things you need to do early on (ex. Train in Rattay), assuming I wanted to start free roaming instead of continuing the main story line at whatpoint would you recommend doing that?

I am currently at the mission where you first join the Rattay gaurd. I have got my a** kicked by that one guy and now I am in the middle of the first patrol, I just want to put the main quest on hold for a bit so I can free roam and figure out the mechanics and get some experience before pushing on in the main quest. Any tips/help is much appreciated.

Follow the main line till the quest, where you go to investigate burned farm Neuhof. After this quest you won’t be so pushed to continue in the main line, and also you will have a horse.
It’s the best time to start exploring and do some side quests.

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Thank you, that is a big help. :+1:

No problem, just ask if you’II want something else.

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There’s gonna be this investigation in near future (5 hours later) event where I got lost looking for clues and I roamed and continued it many hours later. I’d suggest doing so as well. You’ll know the time. Even as you’re doing the guard patrol. You should roam after you finish it. Or you can have hard start now and some 20-30 hours in start roaming because mid game there is gonna be another event you’d better have some horse and equipment with skills. By the way, by roaming I mean doing side quests and following the safe paths, otherwise you can easily get ambushed or lost in the enemy camp and you want to have horse for retreat. First time I got lost without horse and didn’t save for a long time, I literally fought for life because I didn’t want to replay 10 hours… So yeah, be careful roaming around.


You finish the quest for patroling the town, get the task for going to hunt with Capon and completely ignoring that one. Yep, you are completely free here. Making money to buy a horse is not that hard actually, even without stealing from weaponsmith in day 1 after waking up in the mill. It takes me some time to save coins for level 3 Tulpar in Neuhof, but if you want - you may always pick level 1 horse.

Also, here is a hint: wipe a bandit camp on the north-east from Rattau, on the other side of the stream, and you can take a horse there. Trick is, that horse won’t count as stolen, so you can mount it in the direct sight of guards in towns, “park” before going to sleep and etc. Sure, you can’t load it as your own, but, trust me - even simply unloadable horse would save you a lot of time when travelling and allow yo pick ambush fights, you may win, while ignoring others.

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Will I be able to train with that guy in Rattay still? I heard you have to get to a certain point in order for hi m to return?

With Bernard? Sure. As I’ve said, you can just ignore main quest at this point and enjoy yourself, while making money and getting more training. And at this point you can already start to sell cut off ears to Bernard. It makes you some money.

BTW, I know, you are a new player in the game, but you may be interested in trying hardcore mode (especially, when you don’t lose much from reload). Less HUD (I also use the mod to remove dot in the center), more realistic prices, harder general difficulty but still - everything is achievable. No fasttravel, so your horse is really a musthave. Want least crappy negative perks? Take numbskull and tapeworm - you will take more time, learning (but still managable) and get hungry as normal people do, not being superhuman, able to live on a loaf of bread for a day.

And, yep, as a new player - try stealth build in this game. It is harder than Skyrim, but a lot more rewarding.

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I might try hardcore in a bit but I need to get the hang of the basics first. I cannot even spar very well yet. I could barely hit the target with a bow so I need a little bit of practice.

Well, fair one. At this case - try installing a mod for that dot, remaining on the screen during archery. It would save you some time learning and give a general idea of aiming for beginners. Have no idea, why it should be a mod at all - in regular difficulty aim for bow is logical.

As for combat… Well, forget about combos. They are unusable, thanks to every last drunkard, knowing how to perfect block, so you will be interrupted on first-second strike of combo anyway. Now it is my personal opinion, but for me combination of short swords and stabbing work pretty well. Stabbing strike is fast and simple, it is pretty good against averagely armored enemies (you can always find a weak point in the enemy’s armor), and shortswords are fastest out of swords in general.

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Thanks, I will look up that mod in a bit. Any idea where I can get some decent armor cloths etc early on?

After getting beat on Henry kind of looks like Otis from Bum fights.

Depends on what build are you going to use. As for me, I prefer light armor for less noise and visibility in the perspective, for basically creating a “rogue-like” character, so I may say, I’m more or less competent in that part.

https://kingdomcomedeliverance.gamepedia.com/Dark_Saxon_gambeson is best thief armor in the game. Looks good to act as average clothes during daylight, and gives you good stats for stealth at night. Is sold in Rattau armor trader - but is expensive for beginners.
https://kingdomcomedeliverance.gamepedia.com/Padded_black_coif is good headgear for the start - and you get it automatically by killing one of marauders on your tour from Talmberg to Skalitz in prologue. Also, it is common thing on average bandits. Again - little noise, little visibility.
https://kingdomcomedeliverance.gamepedia.com/Hunter's_gloves - your gloves for basically whole game, as a rogue. VERY common, again, can be obtained in the prologue. Cost a lot, while weight 0.5 - you can collect them from killed enemies and sell.
https://kingdomcomedeliverance.gamepedia.com/Hunting_boots are good boots for beginners. Later you can replace them with https://kingdomcomedeliverance.gamepedia.com/Dark_riding_boots - for less noise. Not like with hunting boots noise is much of an issue…

For continuing with “rogue-build” you may want to use brigandine but, it already makes you a bit noisy. And noise is NOT GOOD for stealth. Your choice is levelling up repair skill - to get trait for the clothes, you repaired yourself, to be less noisy. Then you may want to try these two armors:
Both can be found in different treasures, first can also be simply bought in armor trader. From time to time you may meet enemies in such armor, but these would be already enemies, able to fight well, so - be careful.


Im aiming more for a fighter build. Not going to do stealth untail im more experienced and want to start a new character. Is that bow mod available for ps4?

I’m afraid, I don’t know about such mods. Sorry, a PC player.

As for your build - well, in some sense it is easier to equip yourself then - you don’t care about visibility or noise, so just pick armors and clothes with better stats, and you are good. But it may be harder at the beginning due to the fact that you’ll have to face multiple enemies in open fight.

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Its going to be rough lol any idea how to build up some coin? Cant really fight too well as i have no armor and no sword.

Ok, after you learn game rules - never repeat it as it is an exploit and will kill the pleasure of character growth, but for starters here is the trick: there is a small time gap between shop being officially locked and all goods, being removed from the tables and shelves. Your target is armorsmith in Rattau - you go inside shop from the backdoor in the yard and stay in the backroom, ignore the message that you are invading someone’s property. Ensure that both doors - in the shop itself and outdoors - are open, that is important. Your time is somewhere around 20 hours. Or maybe 21… Don’t remember that one exactly, but you may experimentally figure this out and savescum a bit in the process. So, when you see through the open door that there is no neither trader, nor guard, run into shop room and take everything, that is expensive. Then run to the miller, and sell it again and again and again. He won’t have enough money, so you may want to make some running to his colleague (to which you should anyway deliver ring from the first quest of miller line).

As you see, this is an exploit - you don’t have to level up your lockpicking, or stealth or whatever. Also, you will spoil your reputation in Rattau and while you are unlikely to be caught, guards would stop you from time to time to search for stolen goods. But, anyway, if you want to make money fast - that’s a solid way to do this.

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I think this is insane avalanche of info for the beginner. Let him play his game and find out everything first.

For jwf891: when you want the coin or gear quickly at the start, You must steal. Practise lockpicking. Behind the church in Rattay is some armory with decent stuff, or if you are lucky you can kill some bandit and take his equipment. That are the easiest ways to get something without money.

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So i stole all the stuff from the gaurd tower behind the church and sold it but i didnt lose any reputation.

Also lockpicking sux , it took me an hour to pass the tutorial just to find out I can pay the executioner 20 gold for the ring.

It is not like your reputation just dives in the depths of hell. No. But, game works that way that if you stole something in the city, earlier or later town guards would start to seek for the thief, and they would constantly stop you for searching. Sure, noone saw you, and stolen stuff long ago stopped being “hot” so you can even sell it to common trader, but, well, that is how game works. A minor annoyance, nothing more - if you weren’t carrying a lot of stolen stuff right at the moment, guard called you to stop. (Funny story here: as I couldn’t find trousers, I wanted, I stole them from the monk near Uzhitz, whom I knocked out, repaired said trousers and started to wear. Then I pay a visit to Rattau, and after some shopping get stopped by the guard for the search. But I have stolen trousers right in my inventory, so I have to take them off and throw out. Must have been a sight…)

Lockpicking… Well, you’ll get used to it. It is still better than in Oblivion, and leaves some challenge in comparison with Skyrim/Fallout mechanic. Just for you to know - at the start there was no signs to understand position of lockpick, related to rotating lock, they were added to UI later. Right now lockpicking feels, well, easy, when you get used, and that is just how I like things to be.

Welcome to the Kingdom Come - you may make things work in different ways here. Well, when such opportunity was added by the devs. Despite all gamedesign and technical problems, I praise that game exactly for this - variety of ways to play.


So my daughter unplugged my Ps4 and I had to use safe mode and delete everything from my hardrive and stsrt over :angry:

Could someone explain the differences between hardcore and normal mode? Im debating what route to go.