When we can expect Alpha



Calm down bro… You said that with the idiot…
It wasn’t a reply on your first post, not exactly.
I don’t mean only your thread.
Sure everyone would have the same written if I had posted it in his thread
But it is okay… i will open a new one only to tell that in it.
That’s logic

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tricky answer, by leaving out the date you actually opened up the time frame again. :wink:

at least we know that it won’t happen any day at 23:59 and 30 seconds.


Guys we are still working on it! Had some unexpected problems! :frowning: … But Cumans didn’t stole the Alpha so far! :slight_smile:

Keep calm. Chase away the Cumans (and perhaps even the Alpha Cumans here on forums :slight_smile: ) and Deliver (us from unnecessary evil bugs).

Edit: And Tobi, to ask a question probably never asked before, do you have any idea how large would the alpha file roughly be?

The animation thing and the AI, right Tobi?

I would be more interested, when can we expect release aplha for Linux version of Steam or PS4?

Unexpected problems? you mean Victor’s panic mode? :smiley: … Dan spoke about it in FightClub 200 :smiley:

I laughed. I hope you’re not being serious, though (because there won’t be one for that).

Where you saw early access being an multiplatform thing? :smiley: It’s making no sense, kind of :smiley:

It was more like a sigh. :confused:

I hope you can stick to the scheduled date but if not I dont mind if you release it friday evening


Around 5GB…

Rather morning, it would take some time to download, wouldn’t it?

Thank you. :wink:

Probably never… :(…

I just walked around all departments… ordering pizza for a long working shift today :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: but the overall opinion is: There is progress … slow… but steady! :slight_smile: … so there is a lot of hope! :smiley: :frowning:


Postpone it to friday. Adults should work anyway. And childs learn for the school :stuck_out_tongue:


I backed for the Mac version, but I can still use the alpha, will I still get the steam activation in an email even if I didn’t back for PC?