Which type are you? Knight, thief or bard?

Monday again and I am browsing through our skill systems. Although there are no limits and you have the freedom of choice, everyone has their preferences. Which type are you? To which class are you looking forward to? A strong knight, a sneaky Thief or a gassy bard? What’s your preference and what is important to you?


I am mage (j/k).

I guess I would be somewhere between Thief and Bard. I prefer stealth and silver tongue. I will look forward to combat when everything else fails, but I would try to get access to some building by persuading its guard or owner. If that fails I would try to sneak there at night and if that fails as well, I would have to draw my sword, I guess. Anyway freedom of the choice is my preference. I really liked how was designed Deus Ex or Vampire the Masquerade (Bloodlines). You really was able to choose your approach, convince people or threaten them. Sneak in through hidden entrance or kill guards. I just hope there will be consequences for those actions.

First roll will be definitely be Thief. :smiley:

Nice plan. As you probably know, your reputation will be based on your choices, and every choice you make will carry appropriate consequences. In the end you can do anything you want, but the echo will be different.

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I want to play as a bardic knight :smiley:

Probably a mixture of knight and bard - a ‘talky’ type who can still fight if necessary. I’ve never liked sneak-thief gameplay very much.

One thing I’m hoping is that the game doesn’t allow you to become a superhero who’s brilliant at everything. I’m fine with the lack of classes and the ‘improve skills through use’ system, but having your humble blacksmith transform into a master of combat, stealth and diplomacy within a few months just seems unrealistic.

I see myself as a “survivalist” which is a cross-over between all three basic classes. I know how to defend myself, I can solve issues by talking and with my charisma and I probably steal or kill quietly if necessary for my own survival or the greater good. That being said, I always see myself as a basically “good” character trying to do the right thing which often ends in remorse and open tragedy… :smiley:


Ever played the Witcher games LC? :wink:

Is that a catchy question? :stuck_out_tongue:

My avatar and profile description should answer it anyway. :wink:

No, just responding to your last point about ‘remorse and tragedy’… and yeah, I should have guessed from your avatar, but the picture is so small I didn’t realise what it was until you pointed it out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahem. Back on topic…

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I’ve always gravitated towards playing a knight in the finest spirit of Arthurian legend. Protect the weak, show fealty to those of higher station, serve a worthy lord, and use ones sword to mete out justice for the good of the realm. Sometimes being a knight of quality closes doors that would otherwise be open. Sometimes it means doing things the hard way instead of the quicker and easier route. He may not become wealthy; however, at the end of the day a knight has his honor and the knowledge that he lent his arms to the cause when the call went out.


I always end-up playing diplomatic characters (in the first playthroughs) if there’s the option so that sounds like bard. Also I do tend to sneak around a lot if I like the stealth system and I feel I should prevent casualties. On the other hand I definitely want my character to own a proper set of plate armor at some point even if he just wears it when an actual battle is to be expected.

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I will probably end up with multiple playthroughs (like in TW2 with a total of 9 playthroughs - yes, I had a lot of time ;)). Most likely starting as knight, followed by bard, then thief and/or maybe some mixtures of some or all of them.

I’m so excited. Even if I was never able to beat Dark Souls and KCD is sometimes compared to it.

Really, by whom? Imo KCD is nothing like Dark Souls.

@LordCrash: Go to Home, scroll down, check the 2nd overview paragraph:

We’re mixing the freedom and mechanics of Skyrim, the setting of Mount and Blade, the storytelling styles of The Witcher and Red Dead Redemption, and the tough combat dynamics of Dark Souls into a single, gorgeous package.

Ok, Warhorse said it. Problem is that the FPS combat seen in the vidoes is NOTHING like Dark Souls’ combat. It’s apples and oranges imo… :wink:

I would like to mix bard and thief skills. For the bard part (pun intended) I would love to use the language skills and some musical talents to entertain the folks and get their trust. As a thief the sneaking skills sneaking might come in handy for hunting with bow and arrows. And to get rid of the overwhelming positive reputation, I’m stealing lots of stuff to amass some little wealth to share it with the poor people once I’m in the role of the entertainer.

That depend what you are putting to a word - knight. Knight were tough many things, except martial skills. Music, literature, dances, e.t.c.

But for me it’s a knight. =)

I will be playing a knight or pikemen.

We won’t play a nobleman, so I guess that knight means soldier here. :wink: