Why arent you turning this game into a MMORPG?

Hello there,
ive checked whats to come this year,overflew most of the games since nothing out there captured my attention until i stumbled upon this game.

after watching some of your videos and reading a few comments i came to realize that this is going to be an offline game…and i thought"what a waste"!

and i tell you why that is:
first of all,ask yourself what made WoW-vanilla so enjoyable,which other games were never able to copy…
-your character,for the most part did what you asked him to do - the mechanics were good
-it had a vast and unique landscape to explore(unfortunely these days,previews and betatesters take so much away from that part that it is probably taken away from every game)
-it was easy to understand and hard to master
-it was challenging

isnt that exactly what you are promising here?there is a demand for a truly difficult MMORPG in a medieval style -
and lets not forget that WoW changed for the worse - just to get the attention of the casual crowd,which obviously,is not the playerbase you are targeting!and it is indeed a damn lot of those!but they want to compete,they want to progress …and not see an end in their rpg …

there is so much potential in the game,the landscapes look great,the atmosphere is there - and there is even money to make.

the time is right to delay this project by another year and do exactly that -

Hehe, @Mundhalai-khan can learn from this guy how to start threads… :slight_smile:

OP, sorry bur theres not gonna be MMORPG based on KCD, at least not in foreseeable future. There is a lot of reasons, based on what devs want, what mostly players want and most of all, technical reasons.


It’s not even multiplayer, let alone MMO. Do you know what happens to MMOs that aren’t WoW? They fail. That’s reason enough alone not to make it, but as above, not the goal of the game when it was conceived. They have mentioned MMOs are not in their skill set.

So all these great ideas that you, and many other people, have will not be a part of this project. Since your ideas are so awesome though, feel free to create your own medieval themed MMO, and then cover yourself in Vaseline, and roll around in all the money you will undoubtedly make.


Well, besides that a mmorpg is very expensive to make and maintain. The game isn’t designed as a mmo. The story, the game systems like ai aren’t built to adjust to hundreds of Henry’s running around.

Now even if the game was designed to be a mmo. Would it really be fun? Just because you slap on a online function to a game doesn’t make a game better, more often then not they end up worse.
And making a new mmo these days is nearly impossible. You have to compete with WoW, GW2, ESO and any Korean/generally Asian grind fest mmo. So the market is a very broad, but competitive one. And without is steady fanbase/players, your game will fail. If you fail to make your game perfect in all aspects (game features, lore, game play, game content.) your game will fail.
And because mmo’s are expensive, because of the game play that is needed to be produced, back end support for online connectivity, constant content updates. It is really hard for most company’s to justify to even try their hand at a mmo.
Considering Kingdom Come: Deliverance was struggling (in the beginning) to get funded, even now that the game is funded and almost complete. The money raised and gathered by Warhorse was never enough to produce a mmo.

Look at Star Citizen, they have over 140 million dollars. And it takes them years to even produce the alpha or beta or what they call it. And it’s not even close to be called a mmo. Sure SC is making 2 games… with the same assets and systems so really they are just making 1 game. But they have a incredible budget and nobody knows if it’s going to work out.

You want a medieval, challenging mmo? Try Gloria Victis. It might not be historically accurate, or the combat be as deep or unique as KCD’s. But that game as a whole is getting there.


I would write you a very hateful comment to your suggestion, but I will abstain out of politeness.

MMORPG sux and it sux big time! Go play WoW…


Take this into consideration
Warhorse raised over a million dollars on kickstarter with the words “Single player realistic medieval rpg”.
Skyrim is not mmo and it was praised as a good game.
When was the last time a good first person single player game was released that has 120 hours plus of content? There is nothing wrong and nothing wasted with a good single player game.
So far there are no intentions of having mmo now or in the future, but they have hinted co op here and there.
As a warhorse veteran I was triggered by this post but I see the fustration. The only decent mmo that I’ve seen out there (if you’d consider it an mmo) was dayz when it was a mod. No others seem to interest me.


Wait… Not write a comment on a forum out of POLITENESS? whats this?.. Ah, thats right, im not on steam forum now :confused:

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MMOs is dead, even WoW is in decline.

If this game releases as a MMO, consider warhorse to file for bankruptcy.


Personally, I never really found my way into this genre at all. I quite liked old Lord of the Rings Online for it’s beautiful world, but I don’t miss it much today… I even bought TESO lately, but got hugely disappointent in no time. It’s dead. R.I.P.


i didnt mean any offense here people - of course im not forcing or insisting on anything,i just thought i would give some feedback and receive some on why the idea is probably not working out at all.

how wow is doing,no clue,i liked it until i got bored at some point arround level 70 …i tried many other mmo´s and i uninstalled most of them after 3 or 4 hours…so basicly i havent played one since arround 10 years…because they were all half assed crap…

after reading your commentes i came to the conclusion that the mmorpg genre will offer nothing new until the technology to get a full vr experience has been researched…and some developer will be brave enough to set a milestone

its just that i see, whatever i buy as a future investment,so its gotta be something long lasting(and yea,i have no problem paying monthly)!

this unfortunely,is not an experience to be gained in offline games…

best of luck to the devs and hopefuly you come to enjoy the game…

You’ve got to be kidding right…


when i was younger,i played morrowwind,ff7,ff8 and ff10 - i loved these games,but i would never replay these games…ever again

dont get me wrong,they are great games,just like many others,but what did you do after finishing the stories and sidestories?grinded the rest of it ,thats it…not a really joyful experience,it was simply something that had to be accomplished ->

just like with anno - i played anno 1404 for like 15 hours - great game,but what am i striving for in these games?at some point its just the detail - making a pretty florishing island…the only replay value this game has to offer lies in the multiplayer,which can be deeply enjoyed with your best friend,2 bottles of whiskey and some trashtalk here and there…

we see things differently,tho im amazed you are so insistent on your opinion beeing the correct one…

i would never ever buy horizon zero dawn,but i enjoyed the 6 hour game movie that was uploaded - is that wrong?
im not saying these games are bad,quite the opposite,but they are simply not what i am looking for

What is their replay value? I can’t speak for final fantasy as I haven’t played any, but for Morrowind and other elder scrolls/fallout games, they’re RPGS. The idea is to make your own character create your own stories, to play them differently as different characters. Mods help with this a lot.

Based on what you’ve written, you don’t seem to be valuing the games themselves (the gameplay I mean) just their stories and the potential to socialize with real people.

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Or most online games you’ve played.

I’m not sure why you think strapping a heavy, sweaty, nausea inducing screen to your face will improve the experience, but then considering some of your other conclusions…

Once the initial wow factor has worn off, you will find VR adds nothing to a gaming experience. Remember 3D TV? Remember VR from previous generations? Probably not, but it was a silly gimmick designed to separate people like you from their money, and it is no different this time around.


People who tried Resident Evil 7 with VR beg to differ.
It really enhances the experience of the game, as the immersion is just few levels above standard gameplay with monitor.


Like I said, the initial wow factor, which will wear off. A game or movie or experience is either good or not. VR will not change that.

VR actually makes games worse, because the control system is either disconnected from the experience, making you objectively worse at the game, or you’re using unresponsive motion controls. Either way, it’s worse. Sure, being bad is immersive, and realistic, but it’s still bad.

Also, sunk cost fallacy. If you have spent all that money on something stupid, the likelihood of admitting how stupid it was decreases. It’s not just about money either. Some people have invested time, or got hyped about it, so the only possible response is to say it was awesome, even if it wasn’t.

In a few years, when companies have realized how little money to be made there was in VR, they will stop making it. There will still be fans, and they will say how great it was, and be sad it never caught on, blaming cost, or the consumer, or companies for making bad games, but it will go away.


Get over yourself, your own taste doesn’t apply to everyone, and your opinion is just that, your opinion ◔_◔

You don’t like something, and you can’t fucking deal with the reality that other people doXD God damn man.

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You thought that was me being insistent? :confused:

Besides everything else you said, this was the only other thing that stood out.

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Except you are much more immersed rather than staring at a screen. There are kinks to be worked out sure, as well as the list of actually good games, but overall VR may not necessarily dominant/take over gaming, but it will definitely be a big part of gaming - provided it can survive the initial growth phase.

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Well guys if you take WoW as a standard to talk about mmorpg its normal you think that type of games are dead. Respect for the OP, a dedicated servers with ppl around doing nice roleplay will be a nice add to this.

PS: ( wow did a lot of damage, to the mmorpg era just fyi themepark system that kill sandbox roleplay things that have other’s and succes mmorpg’s till the mass ppl like sheep’s went to wow because everyone was there… its like real life if you dont watch football you later can’t talk with your friends, if you are diferent from the society then you’re nothing… illness humanity… media circus… )