Why arent you turning this game into a MMORPG?


it’ll die just like all previous attempts because it simply is not integral to gaming. the technology has a place in science and academia for sure though.


Wow, all the trigger flares just went off there.

The “Everything is better with multiplayer” does not hold weight. You can play a terrible game with friends and still enjoy it, but that is the human element that enjoyment is taken from, not the game itself.

As much as I respect that you’re wishing that KCD would have a potential outlook on MMORPGs, look into the current scene, MMORPGs has been the same generic Theme park experience(Agree with Ferran) due to the successful dominance of WOW, and nearly still toppled over other competitiors. If KCD would be an MMORPG, wouldn’t it just catch fire and die straight away, like most MMORPGs?

Do not undeestimate the power of single-player replayability. RPG focus, Modding, Sandbox are the strengths of what KCD is about. Similiar to how Skyrim is so popular these days, except that KCD is reining in the Historical buffs.

Also, dont think I have to explain it, but Online servers also eat a chunk of optimisation, which means more costs for the game. Shiny Graphics generation is sadly upon us.

Besides, a storyline is very immersive when 5 other idiots are prancing about your quest conversation and murdering guards on the streets.

@ferran Yes, KCD might work with a sandbox MMORPG, but again, look at that dragon sitting on top of the MMORPG treasure hoard…


Yeah im not respalding the thing turn it into MMORPG because of what global society wants… they want, objectives, they need that, if not they think they can’t do anything… are slaves of the themeparks and this means KCD will die really fast… i want this game be successfull in single player, i enjoyed sometimes more a single player experience than a mmorpg ( more now than before the wow intoxication spread in all mmorpg’s ) if a mod can handle a dedicated server thing to play with few roleplayers it’s just a plus to add in this nice game. A MMORPG not… this game its really not designed that way. Atleast what i think. I dont want to see ugly names around the KCD world… or other stupid things that ppl think it’s funny and literally kills the experience of other roleplayers. The meaning RPG in all those titles its pure marketing but the thing is, it really dont have any… just the way you build your character nothing more. ( my english sucks i hope you understand whats my point lol ) keep up the good work on here!


As I attend Nexus in search of new good mods for Skyrim, every time I have to list through all those terrible, tasteless sets of player and follower characters whose authors are obviously sexually obsessed immature teenagers suffering from some perverted and strong form of sperm-toxicosis of the brain. I realize, that be Skyrim a MMORPG I would encounter all these people in the virtual world… And as I realize this, I keep praising the God and Bethesda, that Skyrim is a single-player offline.


because it’s in its infant stage, give it more time, hell when cars were first invented people thought they are killing machines, and not traveling machines.


Some form of COOP would be nice, however.


Skyrim was supposedly, originally, set in the Game of Thrones universe. I might have pushed myself to play it if that were the case.



using your brain to think is hard for you

is what I got out of your reply, LOL


Hurrrrrrr?? Just Googled it, and apparently Bethesda were having talks with ol Captain Martins people way back about the Skyrim project originally being an ASOIF game … :thinking:

That would’ve been fkn nuts man. Mind blown


Skyrim project originally being an ASOIF game …

True, but Bethesda denied the idea cause they thought it wouldn’t be popular. So I’m 50/50 for them saying no. Bethesda is terrible for storytelling and graphics, but mods and RPG elements make up for it, and it’d be the first good GoT game besides Telltale’s version.

If anything, give it to CDProjekt Red. They’d nail it all down pretty great.


The problem was this was before the TV series made it so popular, and they wanted more freedom to create. A shame really.

I liked the RPG, it told a decent story, and was enjoyable, although very limited replay value. The RTS was forgettable, and Telltale was Telltale. An okay story, but annoying QTE gameplay with no way to redefine the unintuitive PC controls, the illusion of choice, and strange stylized graphics.

Something like Skyrim, or KCD, open world, create your own character, non linear story, giving you a real impact on how it ends would be awesome. In the tradition of other adaption decays, we are left with mediocrity. One day maybe.


Why so much hate for the OP? He was very polite in his inquiry. In reply to him, I wouldn’the like this game to turn into an MMO. I would love some MP arena combat where you get to pit your character or a generic character (same for everyone minus cosmetic variations to have a level playing field) against others in an arena fight. Other than that, I prefer the SP RPG.
As for VR dying, could die but I don’the think so. Especially as tech gets lower in price. The difference between and previous iterations is that we have good tech to drive it instead of being just a screen very close to your eyes. This first gen was for the pioneers. Next gen will see more widespread adoption. I know for a fact that people in the simple community are nuts over it due to immersion and situational awareness. Have you ever tried Assetto Corsa with VR? It’s not just the wow factor. It actually gives you an edge and feels like you are actually driving.


Couldn’t agree more man.

@Aradiel one day indeed! It will happen


To bones’ point: comparing Skyrim to ESO, Skyrim was far better than ESO - and that is a massive understatement. As a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls franchise, I was pumped to learn there was an Elder Scrolls MMO coming out. Then I was selected to beta test ESO - wow!!! I started playing the ESO beta and I could hardly bring myself to put in more than a couple hours. It was terrible. Downright awful compared to Skyrim, Oblivion or Morrowind.

Essentially, single-player games are just all-around better than MMO games. Are there some fun MMOs? Sure. But they are not nearly as satisfying as single-player.

Keep in mind, I also spent a few years playing WoW - but MMOs just suck you in with empty promises - they don’t really tend to offer any in-depth immersion like single-player games (or some old-school multiplayer co-op games like Secret of Mana). Sure, you can spend hundreds or even thousands of hours on an MMO, but you are left with an ever changing game that keeps pulling the rug out from under you every time you think you are getting near to completing it or making any significant accomplishment. Expanding content is fine (and good) but not at the expense of the achievements of the players (raising a level cap does not equal a fun experience - it just equals more grinding to get back to where you want to be: at the top). And the combat system is frankly a joke - you can walk through each other and do not actually fight, but watch your character auto-attack while you mash the same sets of buttons in a specific meta-timed sequence… how mindless can it get?

I much-prefer the style of game Warhorse is bringing to the table with Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and I know I am not even close to alone in this assessment.


VR has been around since what, the 90’s? So that means it either not in infancy, or it is one hell of an old infant. (20-27 years old infant?)


You compare human ageing to development process… that do not work.
The development from 90’ were pretty much dead, and except the basic concept, the VR have started again with the Oculus.

I’ve tried VR in 90’ and last year and I’m pretty sure it could be success this time.
For simulators, it is as when the colour TV came. So as simulator fan I’m going to buy one when (if) they became cheaper.
But I don’t think it would be just for War Thunder or Star Citizen. Resident Evil or Alien Isolation, Talos Principle and others could benefit a lot.


Maybe you shouldn’t say retarded things, and people would be able to understand your posts better? I know that’s a lot to ask especially from you.

The only thing I get out of your posts is that you belong in a padded room with coloring books and non toxic play dough.


I see your point. Fair enough and I will agree it is a much different thing now than it was back then.

It certainly is interesting technology. I hope they develop it in a way that will not negatively impact vision somehow - like trick the eyes into focusing far away even though the image is very close to avoid the same (and more extreme) problem caused by sitting so close in front of a computer monitor for so many hours. My vision has become so bad it is not even funny. :frowning:


MMORPG is for young people they are still study and for people have time.

As older I am, less like MMORPGs and this is because:

You need time to enjoy it.
You need to play constantly.
You are not the hero, always there is always someone better than you.
The mechanics are very repetitive. The missions are very empty. There is not logic
The NPCs are very dumb.
If you has been a long time without play, to reconnect, everything have changed.

But for single player.

You can play when you want. Everything are in the same way.
You are the hero.
The history is immersive.
You Sympathies with NPCs.

For only I only like to play to cooperative games. It still has the advantages of single player games and you can play with your friends.