Why arent you turning this game into a MMORPG?


Completely agree.


What the hell is going on here?


I would have never backed the game if it was an mmorpg.


The tech didn’t mature until now, before it was strictly industry use due to the hardware cost, I don’t recall seeing GTX 1080 installed in PCs 20 years ago.


Or, you know, instead of shit posting memes, actually engage me in a logic driven debate?

Or is that too hard for you to do?

And you belong in a room filled with memes, and a speaker on repeat telling you how cool you are.

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Coming from the person who claims reality is subjective, and that accuracy is based on perception.

Yeah i can tell logical debates are your strong suit.

I know. :sunglasses:

If you have an issue with memes i suggest you exit this forum pronto, and don’t ever look back bud.



keep memeing, maybe one day you will learn to hold a proper conversation, you must be so proud of yourself lol



Aha! Notice how you said mature. So, maybe it would be more appropriate to say it was in its infancy 20 years ago, and now it is more “matured”? :wink:


Regarding eye damage, even though the screen is close, you get the same illumination as if you were looking at a normal screen farther away (or even less) and the eye strain is not bad. A good high frequency IPS or OLED display is very good. If you find your eyes being strained, you should reset the device to factory standards and colour adjust it. I was feeling some eye strain on my 27 inch screen and it was the calibration going wonky (known problem for those screens apparently) resetting the panel and recalibration it got rid of the eye strain. Still regret getting that screen and will likely upgrade for a 4K IPS display soon.


Please, tone it down a bit in this thread and focus more on the topic. And no more memes in this topic. Thank you.


This is a war you cannot win… :laughing:

This thread may die. But memes will live on for eternity


I just want to have more reason in this thread. I don´t argue against memes in general. I like memes, but they don´t help to make this thread more reasonable.
Of course, this can be differentin other threads.


When I say mature I meant for general use, what’s the point of defining a tech when it can only be used in industry? That’s just word cherry picking. But yea I suppose I should have been more clear, but I didn’t think people would be word cherry pick.


Any more memes sir?


Right now I have one really cool for this situation, but… sigh


He cant get us both, go for it.


Seriously? You are seriously asking this?
Industry drives a lot of innovation. Industry funded tech will invariably make its way into our pockets and that is good. If a certain tech makes it in industry it will lower its costs and keep it funded for the general public.


No, I was asking it in a very casual, no serious way.

Of course, how else are they going to make a living if your local Joe has the same tech used by a multi-billion dollar company?

No necessarily, that’s why R&D in industry is more unstable compare to other branches [in terms of job security]. For one idea that make its way to the market, 100s, even 1000s of ideas fail. Not all tech go in the simple fashion of industry use then to average Joe use.

You can have technologies that have mass industry appeal but little average household appeal, and vice versa. So in terms of average Joes like us, there is little point in talking about the “age” of a tech by looking at when it originated in the industry - since, while true, it’s also rather pointless, since many tech used by the industry never make their way into the average household use.