Why arent you turning this game into a MMORPG?


I actually had to look back at the topic of the thread to remind myself what the topic was because we got so far off topic.


If it were an MMORPG, I wouldn’t have pre-ordered, nor be playing the game and would want a refund.
If you want a similar game, wait for “Of Kings and Men”, that is, if they are still planning on completing the game?


still planning on completing the game?


No. It’s dead. The Epic isn’t even out and that was promised years ago. I mean sure, the new team is trying where Donkey Crew failed, but it’s way too late


Please no, I’ve played MMOs and they suck compaired to a single player RPG. All they are is empty grind fest and very little immerson, other characters running around with the same gear as you quickly kills your protaganist feel too. And MMO combat is horrible, just repress the same sequence of buttons, micromanaging hotbars, guages, and other bs more than looking at the actual action of the combat. FFXIV was horrible.


because you will get the the same problems with unfair players like in any other MMO!
Killing an low level player who is not dangerous to a high level player. No EXP, no skill points, no money for it! Greetings from, let’s say World of Warcraft^^
And to rule out a counter-argument, if the system is not like WoW, most end users will not play it. Every other MMO on that planet hasnt lived so long to get a higher score as this… game. ^^ Unfortunately :-/


I agree MMorpg are grin fest that get soooooo boring single player games are the best.