Will helmets obscure vision? (and other helmet stuff)

Hey everyone, I don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but will wearing helmets obscure vision at all?
I know that they do in War of the Roses, and it would be cool to implement in this game because this is first person.

Also, will/does wearing a helmet while talking to people influence their attitude towards you?

As E3 Teaser shows:

Helmets obscuring vision shall be present.

To the second question… I have no idea, might be possible.

ah, okay. I just wasn’t sure if that was for cinematic appearance, or actual gameplay. Thanks for clarifying :smile:

I think it should be implemented… but as an option than can be turned off.

I am kinda getting tired of “can be turned off” things.

Game should be designed to deliver you into the world that developes intended.
If you could “turn off” everything you dislike, it would no longer be the game developers made, but some kind of ultra sandbox thing.

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I just don’t think the fighting will be that fun if they implement a realistic helmet view.
And sort of undermine the great graphics.

Why not just lift the visor with a button? Of course not all helmets have the visor (some are open by design, some are closed by design), but for some helmets I can easily see the option to “turn it on/off”.


Lifting the visor is exactly what War of the Roses lets you do. If you have a visored helmet, then you can keep the visor raised when not in combat, then, with a single button press, lower it to give added protection at the cost of vision. I think if they implement, it shouldn’t be a “turn off”-able function. Although, if they implement it that way, then i can see mods being made that let you turn it off…

stereoscopic vision and its interaction with visors is an extremely precarious design element. kcd does probably the best one yet, but it’s still quite difficult to really capture the level of sight in all its minutia. flippable visors is very cool idea and i hope it’s implemented.

C’mon you are talking about developers who took speacial effort to build in every possible historical detail. Now you wonder whether you will be able to raise a visor?


Not all details are implemented yet e.g. scabbards are still missing. And
to be honest I understand the scepticism.

Personally speaking (this does not include Warhorse [at least for the
moment]) many developers promised games with authenticity or at least some
authenticity yet failed to deliver correct accoutrements (scabbards, frogs
etc.) because they either forgot, did not see any relevance, implemented only a
part of them or were simply not able to implement them correctly. Therefore I
can understand such a scepticism.

Warhorse is on a good road, sure, but even Warhorse has not implemented accoutrements
fully yet. So I think the scepticism is appropriate (at least for the moment)

Well I was a bit exagerating.
Of course some scepticism is good, but specifically with visors I’d say that Warhorse will deliver.
Simply because “flippable” visors cannot be such a hard task.

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The visors in War Of The Roses is the most horrible visors there is… The fighting system is already hard as it is, so adding even more limitation will put off allot of people.

To be fair, War of the Roses is a third-person game so already the implementation is a little weird. You are right though, the combat system in it is hard and the visor effect made it harder. However, KC:D is a first person game, so I feel like it will make more sense and add to the immersion. In one of their informational videos, the lead combat designer stated that the decision to keep KC:D first person person was - in part - to make it so when you are in combat, you feel like you are in a real fight. I think with visor’s limiting vision, the level of immersion would be benefited. I mean, in how many games can you look down and see your body (not just your feet)? With that much effort being put into realism (as far as point of view goes), it would be strange for helmets to not effect your field of vision.