Will Kingdom Come be on GOG


As the title says. Are you planning to go on GOG.com?



Totally agree, GOG version would be great and I don’t see any reason why not release KC on GOG.


Because GOG is for DRM free games and not for games with protections :wink:


Can someone from @warhorse answer please? I already have Windows and Steam on the second HD only for the beta. I want at least the final game on GOG.


Jus to say this, if you ask me, go and delete gog+steam, i hate these platforms…at least steam,cause it prevents games from beeing sold again …

i acn see no,abolutely no reason why games should be linked there,

in my eyes they take away your freedom of the things you own…

kind regards,



You be right at steam,… but GOG is completely different and DRM free.
Check this link (it´s German)

This artikel was the reason to buy Darklands from this guys.
I got everything of the game they have: Game in Englisch and German, manuals, map and MP3s. All without DRM. You don´t need a GOG-client(program). Really cool!


Let’s say we met them in LA! :slight_smile:


Well, that sounds promising!


Acceptable answer. :smile:


So hopefully if this does come to GoG then we will get the chance to choose that as our platform upon release?
That would be great.


Most likely, but we can not promise anything yet. Its all in process of development.


pls release this Game on GOG …


I am a passionate GOG user, so I’d really appreciate any effort made towards releasing on GOG :slight_smile:


I know of your game for the e3.If you sell the game in gog many users will buy it.

You guys are doing a great job. Congratulations.


Any news on this? I’d like to pre-order but i would prefer GoG over Steam.


Promising news!

If that is possible, I want my copy on GOG. F*ck $team and their drm…


Exactly! But you’ve just replied to the 2-year old post. :smiley: I’d like to hear some actual news on this.


I second that. My GOG Library is like 100 titles (ok, many of those are cheap ones). on Steam i got like 3 Games: L4Dead, PUBG, Magicka. Really hate Steam and will uninstall again as soon as PUBG Hype has vanquished.


I’d also prefer not to have it with DRM on GOG.


Yeah but it is easier to add DLC’s to a legit! XD
Steam = Protection will be pirated in some days or hours.
GOG = I will find immediately russian pirate links on playgrounds.

So yeah, if WH shits on money they will release it on GOG too! bj
I do not recommend publishing on GOG.
Don’t want to know how much money PB lost through the ELEX gog release.
(Greetings to Witcher 3)