Will Kingdom Come be on GOG


what are you talking about? the devs will NOT use denovu, as far as i see it
GOG would be a fitting platform for the game, considering the DAY-1 patch and other updates are gonna add the rest of the content which got pushed back by development cycle

Piracy did nothing to the sales of the witcher 3, i don’t see how being DRM-free could harm the sales of this game


You know what… forget it…
They can do what ever they want… what interests me the loss!


Elex actually isn’t that good of a game, very rough around the edges. Games like that more often get pirated.
Witcher 3 is actually a good example of a game being DRM free and relativly few pirated downloads.
I mean you will always get pirates and the game on pc will lose some sales, but the platform it released on has very little to do with it (gog or steam).
The game is very well put together, has received alot of well deserved rewards. And with the game going on sale for 20 bucks or so, most people will buy it and have very little reason to pirate it.

So kingdom come deliverance might aswell be released on gog as on steam, because pirates will always get their hands on it.


Yeah whatever… i dont care and hope that WH will lose lot of money due of some ppl who want an shity gog version! You all writing that for your own profit! A Kingdom for VMProtect!


And by the way… GOG sells titles with smart steam emu in it.
Oh yeah GOG is sooo good, they removed every protection!
Dman, they selling games with an emulation to bypass steam, and this emulator isnt legal.
Or they create win7 compatibility? What!? Theme Hospital from GOG used only DOSBox.
SWJKJA is nothing special because it used an ini based hook for widescreen support.
More examples?!
I’m laughing out Loud about these GOG criminals! XD
But only people who havent any idea about such themes can buy GOG versions


and by the way
Without GOG, some old games would already be lost. Because not every old copy protection runs on Windows 10

I appreciate the work of GOG …


Good thing everybody is a computer and programmer genius and they can just make their own compatibility patches and make any game ever run on everything…

Just because GoG would work like that, I wouldn’t know. What would be the problem?
All I can see, as a customer, is that I can play a lot of game offline anywhere I want without any DRM (Yest logging into steam is its own sort of DRM)
That is all most of the GoG customers want and get.

If it means that they have to use a emulator to make it work, who cares. It works, the solution is simple (apparently) and people are willing to buy games on GoG instead of steam because of that.


Do you realize you sound like agent of Steam? :slight_smile: If GOG is selling something they shouldn’t, it is a matter of few minutes to inform the game’s publisher a.k.a rightful owner and they will happily rip GOG apart.


Problem is, people want to tell me that it is illegal to download an new released title (cookie included) but selling it with an anticipated company is okay?!
Really, such illogical thoughts and behaviors are reasons for me why retard studios like EA and Ubisoft still existing. I can understand why everyone wants an unprotected game. Myself wants too.
But no, not for a kind of game like Kingdom Come. Or let’s say, not on or for the release day and season!

No… not of, more for^^
Yeah i know that but in case of certain titles it isn’t possible anymore or makes no sense.


I don’t think that KD:C is going to use Denuvo. I’ve heard that Denuvo is blocking all modding attempts of the game. KD:C is supposed to be mods friendly making the possible use of Denuvo very unlikely.

But ultimately I don’t really care. I’d only like to know whether the game is going to be on GoG or not.


Yes, please, release the game on GoG!


I paid the game, so I’m missing the arguments cause you already have my money, but a GOG release would be really appreciated


Pirate’s bay is DRM-Free aswell
though seriously, the game will launch with a lot of missing pieces
Patches are mandatory
it doesn’t have Denovu, there is only ONE online authentican and that’s when you install the game for the first time
Steam version is as DRM-free as any, i don’t really see a point in a GOG version unless you want to share it with your friends


You can share it with friends through Steam aswell with the family feature.
But how would you install the game if your internetconnection would be down or how would you get it if you lose your Steam account for what ever reason?

I’m hording way too many games on GOG. But I can allways install them no matter what as I have all of them on a harddrive.
I wouldn’t mind having it on GOG instead of Steam.


Well if Rick was honest (which i doubt he was)
the game should come on the disk (or disks in this case)
though Warhorse have failed to answer the question if the game will come on 3-4 disks or just a CD-key with a steam installer on a blank disk

if it’s the former, then we’re golden.
if it’s the latter then i complete agree with you


Actually when you buy a physical copy of a game (in any platform) you get a single disk, there’s not ‘Full games’ on a CD or DVD anymore, at least since 2007. This is not because of gaame industry want, but it’s because a game from this generation needs to be update permanently.

I can see that in https://kcd.kochmedia.com/es the physical package contains DVD as you wish

However, Warhorse are not in charge of the distribution of the game, Deep Silver is…


true but remember Witcher 3 came with 4 disks on the vanilla launch version (plus a OST cd)
though if there is a physical release version, how many disks are there? (remember the game requires at least 35 GIGS of free space)
i’ve tried to contact Deep Silver aswell, but to no avail
i hope they go the CDPR and supply us multiple disks, other than a glrofied steam installer in a nice packet…


Just saw this pop up on gog for pre-order with this as a disclaimer “The DRM-free version of the game will be released on GOG.com on February 27, due to the publisher’s decision”

I havent seen it discussed anywhere and I apologize if it has been and i’ve missed it, but will it be possible to redeem our backer copy there instead of steam?


I’d also like to know this. I pledged for a physical copy, but I believe I get one to download as well - would be great to have it on GOG rather than Steam.


Do you want wait 14 days longer? :slight_smile:
Release on GOG is 27.Feb.

(I have no more information about change to GOG)