Will the Beta be available for Linux?

And ditto. Given Microsoft’s increasingly annoying Windows 10 shenanigans I suspect I’ll be using Linux exclusively within a year.

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I don’t have a windows on my machine for a good decade now. Gaming is getting better and better (praise Gaben). I hope the launcher works through wine, i’ll give it a shot.

Do you managed it with wine, i gave up :frowning:

Yeah, no luck with the latest wine 1.9.5 :confused:

Same here. I have Windows on second harddisk only for Beta. :confused:

“I’m back with bad news. There is no Linux version and there is just little chance to have one. Currently it is not technically possible”

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No ´bad news´ just revealing the lie of the studio!
Like most of them lying at the linuxusers during their kickstarter campaign.
For me it was the last time i ever believed what gamestudios tell.

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Since this statement is somewhat out of context, I do hope it only applies to the beta and not the game in general!?

Which would be unfortunate enough, given that beta was not previously ruled out for Linux. In my case, I don’t mind (much), as I pledged at the tier to get a physical copy and not for alpha or beta access.

But as both a Linux user and Software Engineer I really would urge that game studios that promise cross-platform titles get their act together and write truly cross-platform code from the start instead of doing half-assed, last-minute ports (if we’re lucky) or fail entirely because they bet on platform specific middleware.


Just to clarify, I was talkin just about Linux version of Beta.
Still does not mean that Linux Beta wont happen.


I hope they are working on it…

"The Beta access will be available on Windows, Linux and Mac at least; it may also be available on consoles but we cannot confirm it yet."

Waiting for this game for a long time, I paid for knight instead of soldier to get the beta. Of coure on linux, i believed their campaign. :frowning:


Thanks for clarifying. You had me worried there for a moment ;-)!

I am a bit torn on the topic, to be honest. I know you guys are working hard to get the game running on one platform first. Since you went that route, it might make little sense to open up another can of worms before the first one has been dealt with.

So from a purely professional perspective I can understand what you are doing. But as a backer and customer, all I can say is that you dropped the ball. And failed to properly communicate that in advance, which is perhaps the bigger “offense” here. Transparency and honesty can go a long way …

Anyway, things are like they are, and complaining won’t improve them. All in all I am still grateful that you support Linux, so thanks for that at least! Still looking forward to the finished game :slight_smile:

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I am in the same situation. I paid for Baron just to be able access to Alpha. But then, there was no Alpha for Linux. Now, there is no Beta for Linux, so Knights are on the same situation.

Warhorse Studios, I demand a clear answer on whether or not there will be a Linux Beta. If there is not going to be a Linux Beta (as clearly promised during the Kickstarter campaign), you should do a partial refund to all us Linux users.


Just to clarify my position…

This was promised more than 2 years ago:

The Beta access will be available on Windows, Linux and Mac at least; it may also be available on consoles but we cannot confirm it yet. Link

  • And this was said more than one and a half years ago:

You are right about Beta, I am sorry. I will make sure our programmers have the Linux version in their plans. Thank you! Link


Dont have an answer, but will ask others. Thank you for reminder!


any news for backers! with a linuxsystem?


A week has passed and no answer yet. Does Warhorse Studios need even more time after two years waiting for the Linux Beta? :wink:


@Woody you know more about the details here, can you take a quick look at this thread? :slight_smile:

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It seems that we (linux users) have been scammed another time to support games upon lies.
Please find below the answer which was given to Liam (Gaming on Linux)

Hello Liam,

Unfortunately I can´t verify this right now, as we don´t know. We still want to publish it on Linux too, but right now it is not possible technically. We are waiting and hoping for a solution for this. We can neither say if it will come for Linux, nor it will not come.
The situation about this topic is kind of tricky.

But thank you for your request.

Christian Piontek
Community Manager

LINK to the article

I am so disappointed. Another reason why I stopped to pledge on kickstarter or early access.
Only purchase or support games which offer a fully functioning linux native version of their game.

I’ll wait until the game release and then ask for a refund.


If you want to game use a gaming operating system, I don’t understand. Just dual boot into Windows.

Linux users always complain when it isn’t supported. Just stop going against the grain.

You better get your shit together and give Linux a higher priority! It seems, like you think, that Linux isn’t that important, since there are only few gamers on Linux. But the Linux users are in general the people who are more active in online communities and are more interested in technical stuff, so assume, that the number of your backers on Linux is way higher than the average of Linux users on Steam. I supported your game idea from the start and I liked your attitude, but if you treat us Linux users like second class citizen or even want to forget about us completely in the end, many of your supporters will be pissed! And regarding the people, who paid more than me, it’s basically fraud, since you promised a Linux Beta and obviously didn’t even tried.