Will the Beta be available for Linux?

It may not be what you wanted but, for the Linux using beta level backers (not me, BTW, I can wait until release day to be fully offended), it’s effectively what you’ve done. Telling us the technical issues now isn’t going to change that. Telling us months ago in an actual Kickstarter update might have helped but you didn’t do that, the fact that there’d be no Linux beta was a comment on the November update with no technical details at all which I’m sure most people missed.

You’ve lost some amount of goodwill within the Linux community, it’s up to you whether you care about that, so far it seems that you don’t.

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@ali69 If we will not get a Linux version, you will get your money back, this is out of question.
But we still want to have a Linux version, it is still planned. The game is developed on Windows, and we want to port it to Linux, and we still believe that this will be possible. Linux version is not cancelled and never was.

@robertc yes, we know that our goal on Kickstarter was to make a Beta for Linux too. This is still possible in a later stage, but right now we have Windows Beta only. We just have no Linux version right now and we can´t make promises. We have goals and we want to acheive them as good as possible.

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I believe since the recent news about KC:D being held back due to consoles, there’s gonna be enough time to get the Linux / Mac versions polished in time. And frankly, it’s easier to port to *nix based systems than to consoles. There’s a huge pile of work to be done on KC:D anyway and looking at a state of many games released just too early in the past couple of years it’s better to wait for when it’s really finished. As a SW engineer I know well that deadlines are developers’ worst nightmare :slight_smile:


I was ready to start shaking my pitchfork, but this reply eases my mind. Keep up the hard work and please continue with the updates, including Linux progress.


I would also like an answer to this question. Please make the answer as precise as possible, including as much technical detail as possible.
Furthermore, I would like to know how you a trying to solve this problem.
The Kickstarter terms of use state clearly that we deserver a clear answer here, including how you used funds to try to fulfill the project(linux part).

For me having a completely buggy build would be ok and I’m sure the community would help here to debug.
My fear is that you haven’t even a minimal working build and that you have speed no or very little time to get one. I understand that linux support is not your top priority, but that you cannot come up with a working build after two years of development time sounds very strange to me.

best regards


For me it is simply a preference, much like people would prefer a certain make of console or manufacturer of PC hardware. Of course there are numerous ideological reasons behind that preference:

I absolutely love the idea behind open source (and have made some neglectable contributions myself over the past 15 years). I am pragmatic enough to concede that not every piece of software needs to be open source, especially when it comes to less vital parts of the OS stack, such as games. But I do prefer open over propriatary software.

I also value my privacy and control over my own equipment, which I see more and more taken away by the likes of Microsoft and Apple (and Google as well, even though Android is based on open source software. As is OSX.)

As gaming is not an essential part of my life, I am in a position to say “screw you!” to those developers that don’t support Linux. I do not lose anything of value by sticking to my principles. That’s why I game exclusively on Linux these days. Dual booting would just send the wrong message, and I don’t want to do that.

Mind you, I have nothing against developers that chose to not support my niche, even if their games look interesting. It’s their choice and I respect that. But advertising something, and then not delivering without so much as a notice in advance is a different matter altogether.

I for one did not see this, and I read both the Kickstarter updates (not so much the comments, though) and these forums. Even now I am more under the impression that the Linux beta is postponed rather than cancelled. About time to actualy state the facts as they are instead of weaseling about.

Really curious what @Woody has to say about the technical details. And no need to keep it simple. A lot of the Linux people are of the tech-savvy kind, after all. I’d also very much be interested into what steps are planned to address the issue, and a rough timeline when we can expect a solution. Thank you :smile:!


There is a future announce about CryEngine : http://cryengine.com/
Maybe Warhorse Studio wait the support of Vulkan to port to Linux … I hope

Shouldn’t really speculate, as it’s less than an hour until the reveal, but I would bet this has something to do with VR instead of Vulkan support.

I am also unsure if betting on Vulkan that early is a good idea for a game as graphically advanced as KC:D (though of course, it’s exactly games like that that should benefit the most). But right now, the one game with proof-of-concept Vulkan support doesn’t really run faster than on OpenGL:

Of course, drivers and implementations will mature, and maybe quickly so. But I still hold that it might be risky for a game to be released this year.

@DrFusselpulli Thank you for your honest answer. As @Swords has said, we are not going to start shaking our pitchforks yet due to your answer.

But you must understand that this is a serious issue and that yes, we really feel we are being scammed. Please forgive me if I sound too harsh, but the same thing happened when Alpha was announced more than one and a half years ago, and I am starting to feel a bit angry because the same situation is happening again.

My money has the same value as the money of a Windows backer, so I deserve just the same attention from Warhorse Studios. No more, but no less. So, what would had happened if Warhorse Studios announced that there would be no Windows Beta? I think we both know the answer.

So, please explain to me why after two years in the making Warhorse Studios does not have a clear answer on whether or not a Linux Beta will be realeased? (I am not talking about the final game, just the Beta I pledged for).

Crytek announced several months ago the Linux version of its graphics engine. When did Warhorse Studios started collaborating with Crytek employees to ensure a smooth Linux Beta? How many Warhorse Studios employees are working on the Linux Beta build? What percent of the money raised from Kickstarter has been spend to ensure a Linux build?

As @Vulder rightly stated, these are important questions to us, Linux backers, and Kickstater terms demands a clear answer from Warhorse Studios.


So we have crytek working on Linux already. The game SNOW on steam is a crytek game and it runs great. What is this news about It’s “Technically Not Possible” to come to Linux right now? I backed this game with their promise of a Linux port. I dont want another failed kick starter promise. I want to be able to play the game i paid for on the OS i was promised.


This is growing to be a PR disaster for KC:D. There’s a lot of reasons why I backed this game - but I’m not installing Win10 just to play it. I know that Linux users are a gaming minority but clearly promising something and not delivering it is not very honourable. Could Warhorse please explain what the technical issues are? Star Citizen running on CryEngine are considering going for Vulkan support prior to DX12! If you join forces together you could force CryTek do deliver pretty quickly! Vulkan / Linux support won’t bring you a lot of extra money directly but think about the publicity. Take an example from CroTeam. Talos is an older game but they made headlines recently thanks to the first Vulkan support! Have some balls guys! If developers like you don’t start supporting the open platforms we’ll be all tied to MS shit forever!


OK, enough is enough…

A month has passed since the Windows Beta was launched and since @WH_JiriRydl stated that he did not have an answer on Linux Beta yet. Also @DrFusselpulli asked @Woody to take a look at the thread. But no clear answer yet.

  1. Is the Linux Beta going to be released? Yes or no?

  2. If the answer is “yes”, when is the Linux Beta going to be released?

  3. If the answer is “no”, when are we going to get a partial refund for the Beta we pledged for?

Hello there,

I have to deeply apology for not having Beta version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance for Linux. We did a promise in the good faith, but we cant fulfill it now, and we are ready to refund you in case this was the only reason to pledge on Kickstarter. Please contact us through info at warhorsestudios dot cz, where we will take care of your request.

Regarding the full version, we will announce release dates for selected platforms later. I am sorry for that and thank you for understanding!


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Ok, no beta for Linux. Will be the full version of the game on Linux? I do not care if it takes a year or ten years. Only if you work on it? Thx.

First, I really appreciate your apology.

Second, of course Beta was not the only reason to pledge on Kickstarter. I pledged for the game. But instead of pledging 18€, I pledged 30€ for the Linux Alpha and Beta, as promised by your company. Your company did not fulfill the promises delivered so, as I already said, I want a partial refund.

Third, the way Warhorse Studios acted is clearly unlawful. I will not take legal action, I just want my partial refund, but if another European member of the community feels like not accepting the partial refund, he/she should contact the European Commision Consumer Rights Enforcement Office and submit a complaint.

Finally, I want to say that this is very unprofessional from Warhorse Studios. You clearly promised the Linux Beta, you had 2 years in advance and you were alerted by us (your community) to take action 1.5 years ago. This is yet another shame on gaming industry.

Okay, so I think we might take a moment to remind ourselves a) what a Kickstarter is (i.e. not a preorder) and b) the KCD Kickstarter only ever spoke of ‘planned platforms’. That goes for the full release but in particular for the beta:

When the game is in Beta stage, we will release the full game beta as Early Access on PC (or any other platform where it’s
going to be possible) for all backers up from the Knight Tier.

I’m as frustrated with the uncertainty surrounding the linux release as everybody else. Saying that you can’t promise something you already kinda promised is… not good. But there’s always a risk with Kickstarters and it looks like Warhorse is treating backers far better than most non-deliverers on that service.

I almost completely agree with you. But you are wrong about the “planned platforms”, Linux Beta was clearly promised in Kickstaster. Please read the full KC:D Kickstarter page:

The Beta access will be available on Windows, Linux and Mac at least; it may also be available on consoles but we cannot confirm it yet. Link

Also, you should read the full Kickstarter terms of use, a pledge is a legally binded preorder. Many lawsuits have been lost by Kickstater companies based on undelivered Kickstarter promises.

Sure. This sounds reasonable. In this special case here the issue is clearly on us and we will provide you with another Tier to the conditons of Kickstarter. Which Tier do you want to have?

This could be some misunderstanding with Crytek. Crytek has only officially announced Linux support after kickstarter so it was probably uncertain what needs to be done from Warhorse than. Its an unpredictable world of game development. Still I understand your dissapointment. I hope that you get Linux version at the offical release :smiley: