Will the Beta be available for Linux?

Did you? I see no forum badge for any version.

Yes, and I am about 80% sure I signed up to the forum with the code they sent me.
But then, I registered in 2014 or so and didn’t have any real reason to come back before there was anything released for Linux at all, so I don’t really remember.

Yeah, same crap - wait a little more, probably maybe there will be linux version… one day (if we’ll be so filthy rich after other versions releases that we won’t have any other financial priorities). But don’t worry sure you’ll be able to play on windows!
To hell with it. I believe I don’t deserve this kind of treatment. I’m going for refund, and I recommend every non-windows backer to do the same. Not like you’ll be able to play the game before it’s on second or third sale anyway if ever.

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I kinda understand the frustration, but isn’t it a bit early to give up all hope? KC:D is not going to be released on any platform for another 6 months at least.

My concern is that the more people request a refund now, the less incentive there is for Warhorse to deliver on their promises, as all the potential Linux (and OSX) gamers already dropped out.

Now, I don’t want to excuse or defend WH; I’d rather have a definitive “Yay” or “Nay” now than being kept in Limbo until eternity. So the ball is surely with them, and they constantly keep dropping it :angry:.

One thing that has given me some headaches lately, however, was a part of the interviews here: http://wccftech.com/kingdom-come-deliverance-targeting-1080p-on-ps4-warhorse-is-already-looking-at-neoscorpio/ :

Is Kingdom Come: Deliverance running on the latest CRYENGINE V?

We have the latest version of CRYENGINE 3, which is way more advanced than CRYENGINE V. It’s a bit complicated, because we have the paid CRYENGINE version from before they released CRYENGINE V.

Maybe if we were to start again right now, we would consider using it. Now, we don’t consider it at all because 3 is a bit more advanced than the V, and it would be a big trouble to make the change.

While official Linux support has supposedly been added to Cryengine 3.8.1, I am somewhat concerned about the level of support Crytek still offers for this older engine branch. Will the Linux render path be further optimized and adapted to changes in the Linux graphics stack? Will it ever gain Vulkan support? All of those seem vital in my book to offer a quality Linux port.

It’s more about disregard of backers. Basically first there was a promise on platform support which is on of key factors for some people who invested financially and emotionally. Then they say that it isn’t technically possible, and then nothing at all for half a year.
But I don’t see why exactly should we hold on hope. All this stuff with waiting for E3 and promised announcement - it looks like damage control after careless comment. But even if isn’t and they discussed other platform support with publisher - it was obviously unsuccessful or they would say something. So what are we waiting for now? Is it release when warhorse will see how successful KCD was and decide is it financially feasible to keep up their promise?
I actually disagree on the refund thing - it’s not like they know how many backers are here for other platform support in the first place. More than that it send stronger message that something should be done on the issue. Because whining on forums for half a year get us nowhere. And after you’re becoming potential linux/macos customer who decide to buy or not their game while now you already paid and the choice to keep or not their promise is in their hands. I believed in their promise. Well, I don’t anymore.

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Dear Warhorse Studios,

I wouldn’t have pledged if I knew you won’t support Linux! I have happily told my friends about your game and that it will come to linux as well.
You have gotten so much income that you haven’t even set a new stretch goal. I would have upgraded my badge for things like Vulkan support and platform independence. Now you think it may be too expensive to make good on linux support?
I have pledged for your game as well as I preordered Witcher 3 to support developers who develop games for my favourite platform and I like these people to be successful.
Now my heart feels kind of broken for what you return to me. All the small indie studios driven by creative guys who depend on crowdfunding can thank you to destroy their hopes! Because there won’t be kind people supporting their ideas anymore if they are treated like that. You shouldn’t forget how your work has been made possible and how you raised a whole development studio. It has not just been for this particular game but I thought I would invest in a Linux friendly environment.

Games like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will get my 50€ support, but just when the Linux version is final, though it’s not my favourite setting. There is still a chance to return and get extra earnings from happy Linux users. Don’t miss it!


I requested a refund. I backed this game specifically because it was a AAA quality game coming to Linux. I didn’t mind the delayed release time, and I even tolerated the loss of a Linux beta. But now that I hear that Linux development is “not currently possible” and is considered an “if”… well, I didn’t back the project for an “if”! I hope the game is a success, but Warhorse: you are creating your reputation here. If you make promises, and then realize you can’t keep them, sitting quietly on that is the worst approach. When you know you have to break a promise, tell about it right away. Explain the reasons, apologize, make it right, and don’t make the same mistakes next time. With the approach you have taken here, I will not believe platform promises from you until you have a better track record.




I just like to point out that the Linux market share even increased by 12% in the last steam survey after months of stagnation. Also the “netmarketshare” increased again by 5%. So it looks like the overall growth will finally land on gaming systems now. By the way, it’s nice to play Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War II natively on Ubuntu 16.10 with 144Hz, 70FPS and my RX 480…

I strongly believe that Linux gaming is coming. The graphic drivers perform dramatically better now, the community launches more and more projects like OpenRW, OpenTomb etc. to bring older games to Linux and more and more publishers join the trend.

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