Will there be third person view?


I suppose it comes down to a subjectively made trade off. Realism or Having full surrounding awareness, even if you wouldn’t in real life (i.e, seeing someone behind you)

Oh, and three monitors.


realism isn’t absolute, since there is no total realism in gaming yet, so it’s relative, things are either more or less realistic than one another in comparison.

and 1st person mode is more realistic than 3rd person, because clearly, viewing through your own eyes, which 1st person simulates, is closer to how it is in reality than viewing your own ass via telepathy. only downside, which is fov, can be fixed by increasing it or using oculus rift.


No, story goes on actually. FOV deforms image and doesnt really feel natural or realistic… unless you are playing a chameleon or a fly.


Then make a damn third-person mod yourself if you are so desperate.


It is trade off. Too restricted view or behind-a-corner view (I would pick that over your “behind you” example as 3rd person view are usually too close to be able to see behind). None of those are more realistic.

Whats with three monitors? Thats really not a standart or a norm. Though that is the be best solution.


Who said Im so desperate? That was uncalled. Im perfectly OK with 1st person view… just disagree that 1st person view is more realistic.


Wow, that’s your angle? Looking at your self from above is more realistic than a goggle wearing simulator? Noooooooooooooooope.


In terms of how we see what’s around us relative to who we are in a game, 1PV is always more realistic than 3PV. There is no debate on that part I can see to be made. There may be other reasons to have a 3PV over a 1PV but a more realistic perspective, to me, is not part of it.


Haha what is going on here? I just wanted to show that people have posted this before. Are you guys seriously comparing the amount of realism from 1st person to 3rd person? This isn’t a question about realism… It’s a question about game mechanics. I have said in some other post that I doubt Warhorse is going to add 3rd person but I’m very sure that a combat mod will come that allows it.


of course it’s a realism issue when one simulates what one sees in real life, and the other makes no physical sense whatsoever. this coming from someone who prefers third person btw. 1st person is more realistic. deal with it :wink:


No 1st persons view isnt more realistic. Noooooooooooooope. End of disussion. Deal with it. Go kill yourself… etc (sry, im no longer 12 so please pick the right one that suits you most)

And anyway, even if it would be… do you realize that it is a RPG, not a simulator? The whole inventory, stats, learning skills… etc is unrealistic that 3rd person view wouldnt “totaly broke realism” or something.

They will not add 3rd person view and as I said before, Im completly OK with it. It would be unnecessary complication (inside buildings etc). I just want to discusst it, you know, like in theory. But I see you just want to “won a fight” here… Have a good time & bye.


Or you could, you know, tell us why you think a 3PV is (or can be) more realistic than 1PV. I haven’t seen you try that yet, @Wenceslaus. I’m open to considering another viewpoint if you can back it up with something for me to think about that I may not have thought about before. Surrounding awareness doesn’t cut it.


I agree with flashfire. How would it be more realistic?

Also, I’m sick of people saying “it’s not a simulator” whenever an issue of realism is brought up, that they clearly don’t like. Yes it isn’t a simulator, but one of the main goal of this game is to be realistic, and again, I don’t see hoe drone vision fits in with that:/


I don’t think anyone stated that 3PV is more realistic than 1PV, just that 1PV is still not realistic and that there are other UI things that deviate further from realism than a 3PV.
Where you draw your line for “that’s as far as I go in deviating from realism” is a subjective matter and differs depending on priorities (even for those who prefer realism).


Well, he said he disagreed that 1PV was more realistic. Obviously that’s in comparison to 3PV.


ok read over that :wink:
but otherwise my statement holds


The devs should ask for $1 to everyone that ask for 3rd person view, MMO, silly simulators and so on… We would be at 5.000.000 now and going up at a savage rate…


I just hope they can turn their head as Arma 3 xD


1st person is more immersive but not more realistic. A strategy game with an aerial camera can be just as realistic as a first person shooter. The camera isn’t some floating recording being that some of you seem to think. It’s simply where your perspective is. And if your perspective of the game is 5 meters behind the character instead of inside him it’s not any less realistic because the camera isn’t an object…


In terms of realism, I’m looking at it from the perspective of more accurately seeing what the character sees, through his own eyes. Obviously we can talk about FOV and the like lacking depending on the settings, but it most closely represents what you would see in real life.

The 3PV, of course, has its own set of pros and cons. For purposes of immersion, I’ll take 1PV. Immersion might not always be the best thing to primarily consider, though. Lacking a specific example I disagree with a point of view set behind your character as capable of being just as realistic, but that’s me.