Will there be third person view?


the difference is that first person you appreciate when attacked, instead in the third person not seen an attack like


hm, let us play the Alpha first, then we better know what we are talking :wink:


they already said there will be modding so if people want one so bad im sure there will be one made


me too i wish it was 3rd person

most people like 3rd person better then 1st there is only a few that like 1st person better

3rd person is so much better and most people thing so too there is only a few people that like 1st person better most like 3rd

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While I’ve already stated my preference for simply allowing players to choose, an answer like the previous one (I’m sorry to say) is simply baseless and doesn’t help the argument for getting 3PV in game.


So it is perfectly realistic to see yourself from outside when interacting with people and picking flowers… I see :wink:

Another argument I hear often here is "If you don’t like feature x, go play game y!"
Warhorse sent this game to early access to make it the best game possible for the audience (realism and medieval interested players).

Games will be different and unique because of the combination of those features.
If you go for realism the game would be more of a dress up game than a sword fighting game, because even the Lords spent more time on this than actually fighting.

I love that it is neither, but it is an realistic RPG. Dressing accordingly is as important for social interaction as being skilled with weapons to defeat the enemy and eating food to survive. And for me it’s as immersive or even more to see Henry doing it than seeing it from technical 1st person.

About modding. It won’t be difficult for devs to implement 3rd person, but they decided not to do this because of a poll. It will be more difficult for modders to achieve it because they have to learn the ways, but be assured that 3rd person will be made.

Peace :innocent:


“Peripheral vision isn’t something they can control”

Lots of games allow you to adjust the view angle in first person, so yes, it is precisely something they can control, and even something they can allow the player to control.


i’ll support the 3rd person view…
reason : the movement of the camera for the 1st person make me nausea and wanna puke
my eye can’t handle too many movement on the camera…
that’s why i didn’t play most 1st person view games
but if the 3rd person, the character will be on the center on the game…which make my eyes easier…
just like when u playin your cellphone when you are in the car…some people can handle it…some people can’t


Me too, makes me sick fast, far too much camera movement.


As far as I know 3rd person was created to try to fix some of the flaws of the 1st person in certain types of games… Just because one try to simulate what our eyes would see it doesn’t mean that it is “realistic” or even believable​.

And kingdom come actually would fit much better on the 3rd person type… Because it is not a shooter, combat focus games are made in 3rd person because you cannot simulate well the “feeling” of your body in 1st person, you cannot feel or know where are your legs are on, or the exactly distance of your opponent, the space around you…


Games like Battlegrounds feels great because you have both types of camera. 3rd person in this cases simulates you checking your surroundings​ to find the enemies.
Ahhh but is not realistic to have a camera floating around you… You don’t think about that when you play… Games are not immersive or believable because of the camera…
I play Exanima, it has a very believable combat and it is top down camera…


Maybe modders will create a 3rd person mod. Warhorse Studios want to release their game making tools for the modders.


I totally agree and had asked the same thing. Besides JUST dealing with it! I’m not a gamer that that play in first person; I get distracted and totally confused! I really hope they have a 3rd person option as that why I loved Witcher and AS Creed.


Guys don’t sweat it, modders will certainly make a third person mod. Oh just a stupid question, but why is it called “third” person view? Shouldn’t it be “Second” person? Why does it go from first to third, I always wondered that lol


English language.

First Person View: I am Henry, son of a blacksmith. I lost my family and my home to the Cumans. (Personal)

Second Person View: You are Henry, son of a blacksmith. You lost your family and your home to the Cumans. (Informative)

Third Person View: He is Henry, son of a blacksmith. He lost his family and his home to the Cumans. (Descriptive)


Nope! Just won’t buy the game!



You used my favourite pussy cat :slight_smile:


Second person is one other person in the singular (thou), or a group of other people in the plural (you). First person is your own self (I) and third person is you seen from behind usually in gaming (he, she or it). :slight_smile:


this game wont have 3rd person view because their lack of development, its developed most in tpv and they know its crap and cant make it good so they decided to lock it in first person with an excuse that they chose to lol who are you trying to fool here
its a shame really


The opening line of the feb 2014 kickstarter campaign was "A first-person, open world, realistic RPG that will take you to Medieval Europe in a time of great upheaval and strife."
Also the size of interiors is realistic (apart from raising the door lintels - as stooping to pass doors is common in mediaeval buildings), unlike the oversized examples of games suited to third person play, which have artificially enlarged corridors and rooms and raised ceilings to give room for the camera.

We bought into a first person game as pitched to us, and we will get this unwatered-down by compromises to support a different set of requirements.