Will there be third person view?

Hello you people!

I would like to know if we are able to play in 3rd person view! Not everyone likes to play in 1st person…

So… thats it…


Fast answer: No! :)… just 1st person! :slight_smile:



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Don’t want to be that guy, but:


I see that this issue has been discussed here in various topics and it seems to be done, but apperently there are many people (like me) who would love to see an option of third-person-view in the game.

So, given that this is a forum for the players to express their opinion (to the developers), I’ll do that and say:
I like playing RPGs in third person for the same reasons mentioned in the first quote that @Cappi posted. I like getting cool looking cloth and armour because I can see the hero wandering around the world in it. Why should I buy nice clothes if I cant look at them besides dressing the hero up in the inventory?
Looking down my body in first person view doesn’t really count on this, because thats quite too less.
If first person is necessary to hit enemys in the right spot in combat, then I’ll switch to first person for combat. I don’t have a problem with that.


this is a cost effectiveness issue and an aesthetic vision issue. developing both modes, especially in this level of detail take time, developers have deadlines, sometimes down to individual. they cannot dawdle. because many of the actions, the combat, cooking, etc are very 1st person centric in this game, they will have to put all their efforts making that look good.

so they chose to focus on something rarely done before, and do it very well, and that means sacrificing doing something in parallel to avoid having both features suffer in quality.


Uh, a virtuall fitness! Place to flex your internet muscles with cheap phrase… I see.

You will see your hero in cutscenes. This game is designed for 1st person view, nothing else.

I can recommend you some Barbie games which my childs playing if you want, there is a lot dressing you can admire.

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Top! :smiley:
It would be not good if you have a third person view…

Thats not very nice.

I don’t see where’s the problem in this:


Realism: In the middle ages, people didn’t have camera drones flying behind them, streaming what they see to your oculus rift.


Yeah, realism would be the acceptable main reason for first person only.

But on second thought its not much more “real” to look at the virtual world on your monitor (which the most of the players will use) through the eyes of your virtual character than two meters behind him.
But I agree with you, its more “real” in the game.

Yes. Instead they have boxes on their heads to restric their peripheral vision as we do in 1st person view…


Not if you have 3 monitors.

And even if you don’t, that’s a fairly awful response:/ Peripheral vision isn’t something they can control, but they can control the camera, ans since they’re going for realism… Get it?


sorry, there are good reasons for keeping to one type of perspective and I don’t mind in this case, but realism isn’t one of them.

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Thanks for not explaining any of these reason, and not telling us why realism isn’t one of them. (sarcasm)

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simple, all the UI interactions already contain enough abstractions that a third person view wouldn’t even raise an eye realism-wise (e.g., input, inventory, dialogues).

But other arguments like work/time spent on fitting it in for any situation (e.g., the intended combat style) might be time spent better on other things.


Or Oculus, yes but usually people have one monitor.

Awfull? Adeqauate to your example I would say. Third person view gives you near surrounding awareness at least (makes combat feel more natural IHMO). Im not saying its more realistic or better. Just that neither the first person view is thanks to its tunnel vision.

Get it?

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