Will there be third person view?


MadGeneral, That’s exactly how I like to play all my games too. I constantly am using both 1st and 3rd person view. But I can play the whole game in just one of those wiews, if that’s all they offer. I too would have prefered both!


first person pitched to you because its your only option


There is a game, actually a grandfather to all modern first-person games, named Wolfenstein 3D.
And its title screen explains very quickly what is wrong with 3rd person view considering realism.

Just look - do you see it?

See, title screen shows a moment that will never occur in the game itself (because game is in first-person view, of course): BJ Blazkowicz is aware of enemy soldier… while in-game, player has to move out from corner to see enemy and enemy gets alarmed instantly. Ability to peek around corners in 3rd person is very unrealistic and afaik, KCD has some stealth elements. So I’d rather not have any 3rd person view.


Kingdom Come has stealth elements, but it is not stealth game. First-person is also not realistic, you don’t have peripheral vision so you can’t see if someone is on your right or left in combat which is VERY unrealistic and actually very annoying in Kingdom Come. You also can’t see what is your body doing, in real life you can’t see it, but you know very well what is your body doing so 3rd person is more realistic in that way.


Lol no.

(20 characters).


You can’t see out of the side of your head? I can’t either but he can. :slight_smile:


3D person is coool, yeah. But what do u say about realization this in the 3d person.

Like a kids, honestly.


I am the 3rd person in that perspective :wink:


Do you know what is peripheral vision? Probably not.


You do have peripheral vision in first-person view and can see your characters body?
That are probably just some troll superpowers.


1st person view looks awesome and epic in this game!!!


Well if we are talking about beta, 1st person view is far from awesome and epic.
But I hope they will improve it in final version.


First person is only realistic if your character has torticollis, no?


first person is only realistic if everyone in real world had their heads inside a box


You could see in some video view from 3rd person which devs use for themselves and they stated animations look weird outside thw 1st view, not that they are not able to make such game.


Where thy stated it? I don’t remember anything like it.

They did poll early in development, and asked backer if they want 3rd person view. Majority (but not large) said no.


In one of their presentation video, it was just a short a look when they ran around on horseback testing jumping over fences, old video. In other interview, a developer stated that if they let the option to 3rd person view, animations would look weird as footing is wrong and is not fluidly going from one to another animation as some of viewers already spotted and asked about it. And they use 3rd person for testing purposes so it is only optional. You see the poll decided about 1st person a long time ago, nobody should complain because it is too late for changes. They should have voted and can only observe the result now of what the majority chose back then.
I personally like to play in 3rd person view and I had headache from playing in 1st in games like Half Life and Portal and I also prefer it because of tactical perspective over the combatants.


journalists in the past have already used 3rd person in the very early tech demos and said it worked better than 1st person. preference and habit i’m sure, but the option honestly wouldn’t hurt.


What interview?
The footing is wron also in 1st person view it is just closer so I don’t see a point.
Vavra wrote this: On the other hand as a side product of implementing 1st person combat, we have very good looking 3rd person view as well which animators use during development.


It’s as nice as 1st person, just footing is not right as well. You know about it. Why do you ask. We are saying same thing over and over.