Will you be able to add third person view via modding?


I am fan of games like gothic.
I like to see my armor.
For me the joy of getting the new armor is how it looks.
Also third person eliminates the field of view issue.
So will you be able to add/unlock third person view via modding ?
Thanks for the info,


The only way we’ll have a TPV in KCD will be via the power & wonder of mods.

Mods everywhere


I generaly like first person but I love to go third person to check out my armour


Don’t forget you’ve got that little external character view within the inventory menu. So technically we can scroll around Henry and see what he looks like from there.

But yea, I agree… I was all for a TPV for that very reason. To marvel at Henry in all of his medieval glory


oh yes I kinda forgot haven’t been following kcd since I only had a gtx660m and it was making me sad I could never play but now I have a much better build so I’m getting back in


I think if it does have the vanity view that mount and blade has, that would make the game even greater to showcase the glory of outfitted armour.

Still, I don’t think even modding would bring it out within reasonable time. That would depend on KCD’s modding flexibility.


I really hope we will have third person view as soon as possible.
RPG without an third person feels incomplete.