[WIP] Visored Sallet

So after two weeks of blood, tears, salt and “seum” (french slang for “rage”), I finally manage to understand how to import a new model to the game instead of doing a dirty model swap.

Stay tuned for progress and A FU***NG TUTORIAL (of course)


Progress Report #1 :

The import process is more smooth than I first tough. The texture still look weird at dusk or dawn but mostly because the model is very (very !) high poly. I’ll try to optimise.

I decide to drop for now the bevor 'cause Henry wooble his head too much when he talk to someone.


Dude that looks fantastic. Kudos to you. Hope you upload it to nexus when you’re done. While you’re at it, want to make a sleeveless Templar surcoat and caparison? :smiley: I know it’s anachronistic but I just love the way it looks!

Indeed, awesome work. If you are interested, reworking all ingame bascinets accordingly to that discussion would be amazing :star_struck:

@Vorchaeus : Hope you upload it to nexus when you’re done

Sure ! You have my word (and my sword, my axe, …).

@Vorchaeus : sleeveless Templar surcoat

Feel free to post some references pictures and I’ll take a look

@Vorchaeus : caparison

Horse armor will be a long work. I don’t even know if the feature is properly implemented, plus the import process need a reference object for properly positioning on skeleton. I’ll try something but can’t promise anything.

@serk : reworking all ingame bascinets

That doesn’t seems too hard, I’ll take a look.

There was actually an old mod that did the templar thing, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore. It looked like this:

Here are a couple other pics for flavor. A badass illustration:

From the movie Ironclad:

From the show Knightfall: