Bascinets look dreadfull * Update:(Graphical explanation on the first post)

The bascinets in the game are actually weel done, though i want to show up some parts that i find terrible. Its easy to see how are diferent tipe of helmets, some are carried from the older versions (those 4 dont fit with the textures that the other has and are of a lesser quality), the rest are the latest wich look more “shinny” and big. Also the new ones are like cuted by the half i dont know they seem very wierd and they left nape uncovered. I think they should change that or make new helmets as DLC.

I am the only one who hates this? Or is some other people who think the same?

Update: As i have seen the debate has gone far from what i was originally complaining about. So i have tried to do a graphical explanation of it, as better as i could. In the first image there is a scheme were the shape of a common bascinete is shown (red). Then i have taken some different bascinets from the game, there are a lot of variants but this are the main 2 bascinet.


In the images you can see the difference betwen the helmets, beeing the red the one that i consider correct. Obviusly this is entended to get an idea of what I am saying, and i didi not intended to correct warhorse. I just wanted to point, that for me the bascinets, the new ones, (not the ones that were bringed from the BETA and need rework, the second image begining from above) have a uncommon/weird shape.


they didn’t IRL. That was the purpose of the aventail and coif mail. If it covered the nape you couldn’t look up any at all.
Check out the tuber Knyght Errant site. Good stuff on armor.

The only issue I have with bascinets is that pigface (and some others) has too large eyeslits.
Otherwise helmets seem pretty accurate.


Prolly done for playability (outside to match inside). Players would hate on a small field of view.

Which is easily corrected by having the field of view sit close enough to the face. As they have it now, the blackout effect is too far away from the eyes, over-exaggerating the reduction in vision. Ceano put out a nice mod that corrected this exact problem.

I agree, though. The eyeslits are entirely too large. Comically large. They must have used cheap reproduction pieces from India (or the sport-grade stuff from HMB) for reference, instead of extant visors.

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What comforts me is that real people also not always made things right…


I’d prefer it if the bascinets had aventials and liners that went OVER your armour, not under the breastplate. It’s a small annoyance really, however it is one that is bothersome to me.


I do follow that yoytuber and I’ve seen his bascinet video.

In this image you see Henry with a bascinet wich covers allmost all his head. Whereas in the game the bascinet are pretty “extrange”, and they remind me to this cartoon: descarga

It’s set in Czech so I didn’t expect like normal looking helmets or anything cos I don’t live there. I know it’s next to Poland so a long way away. Who really cares. Czech can put their own helmets in the game if they want.

If the thats how Checz helmets look like, then… No problem, though i dont think its that way. Anyways its a little detail.

We need to be open to others cultures nowadays.

If that the game portrays the equivalent of English football fans wearing Die Mannschaft jerseys, it would be nice if it were changed. Otherwise, it makes no difference to me.

Perhaps clipping is easier the way it’s been done by WH?

Why are you acting like a bloody Savoyard helm is at all comparable or justifiable for outlandishly large visor slits on a Bascinet that was designed and existed 240 years earlier, designed for wholly different field conditions where arrows and bolts were the (almost exclusive) missile weapon on the field whereas the Savoyard is made to be bulletproofed and thus having different purposes, means of constructions, and compromises for less affluent buyers.

This is as much a justification for large eyeslots in the visor of the Hounskulls as the relatively minor protection afforded by modern combat helms worn by Special Operations compared to those worn by British infantry in WWI.

@Kirksty …Bohemians wore the exact same armor as the rest of Western and Central Europe dude. This is literally a google search away.



No, I mentioned that particular savoyard helmet just as an example of crude craftsmanship, I didn’t mean anything about its eyeslits. That thing just seems to have many issues (somewhat comparable with large eyeslits on bascinet) and is ugly as f
Maybe not the best example since it’s a different historical period, sure

I completely agree that the houndskull and klappvisor bascinets need some redesigning. on both, the eyeslits and breathing holes are too big. The houndskull seems to have a pentagonal cone, which should be fully round and the houndskull at least should have an aventail like the german and italian bascinet already have.

It’s a shame because the houndskull of all medieval helmet designs is my favorite but I deliberately avoid it ingame because of its weird visor.

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Round is hard to in computer games. Objects are drawn with triangles and polygons

polygons are not that big dude, and they managed round surfaces on things like the skullcap already.

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I just wish the aventails went over all the other layers. Not a big issue but would be historically accurate.


i wish they had more pigface types and less of the german and italian bascinets which i have never seen outside of this game before

this. technically, it can, but produces all manner of clipping.