Witch Rape


It appears that when the witches rape you (or as they say “cavort” ) it fails your virginity achievement. Thus beware of those witches.


I was wondering if this failed the achievement. My second Henry is a Virgin. I have been avoiding this quest. I wonder if there’s another way around this quest?


I think you can talk them out of their sexcapades before their sabbath. If not though shoot them dead.


Burn them lol


I think Henry should be able to go back for seconds…or thirds?


pork or horse meat… :wink:


You can choose not to enter the clearing when the quest tells you to. it will fail that part, but you never get high, nor “cavort” with them, so it won’t effect the virgin achievement. Then you just either kill the women, or the wood cutters, and then go talk to Godwin and the herb woman like normal.

I wish they had made the option to steal the ointment off the women, and stop them that way, but I tried searching them, and their homes, and could never find it. I have also never been able to talk them out of using it.


That’s right. And I don’t get why they freak out so much on the ointment - Henry is high on it almost daily (he “found” the recipe in the herb woman’s trunk) and he doesn’t go about cavorting with anyone.

Btw, timing needs to be right. If you want the women to survive, you have to enter the clearing as soon as you fail the quest to enter the clearing. The woodcutters still appear as daemons though (a bug).


Interesting, i always encountered only thugs (brigands, thieves, whatever, in czech it is “lapka”), never mention of woodcutters until I go and tell Godwin how it went.
DrFusselpulli do you know if this is a known bug? Tested few times on latest 1.4 PC


They are called bandits for me too, but they look like daemons despite Henry being off drugs.


Yes, they know. I reported this(and more) bugs four months ago. But it’s a good idea to report again, to get a higher priority.


HTF is it not remotely possible to fail this achievement after BOTH Lady Stephanie AND Teresa sexually molest poor Henry? What about those STD carrier bath maids? How come Hal never failed this achievement prior to sleeping with either of those two femme fatale succubi? :crazy_face:


You will definitely fail if you allow any of those wenches to accost you! I’d burn them all at the stake, unfortuntaely you aren’t even allowed to shoot an arrow in their knee, and Theresa even survives the cumans -_-, which actually endeared her to me and I wanted my dear Henry to court her, since he didn’t want to get it own with the gay monk, unfortunately while trying to court her she becomes a whore not being able to keep it under her dress until marraige.


For the virginity achievement you have to say no to Stephanie, and not do the last part of the courtship with Theresa until after you have finished the main story. You also can never choose the wench option at the baths.


You must also never cavort with the witches. The other three are obvious. The primary reason I created this topic was because back when I was doing that quest I couldn’t find an answer since it wasn’t necessarily obvious that lock picking the animals equated to sex.


What about father Goodwin night escapade? Do you lose the virgin achievement because of it? I’d think yes but you never know, as it is a way to advance the main quest after all.


@serk Good point. Also, speaking of ale house maids, was Bianca’s relationship platonic? After listening to the Skalitz ale house double entendres, who here thinks Bianca and Henry didn’t play their own version of Bohemian hide ‘n seek?


I must have missed that storyline. How do you go about the fater goodwin night escapade?


@Madaras You talk to him…


about murdered fella with limp in Uzhitz. He confessed to Godwin. You drink with Godwin… culminates in Godwin mounting and Henry being mounted


That sounds interesting. I will definitely need to try to talk with in next playthrough :smiley:

I’d also be interested in learning if this fails the virginity achievement :confused:, but for me…totally worth it :slight_smile: I was hoping for such a scenario when Capon and Henry were drinking and bathing together, didn’t go like expected unfortunately.