Witch Rape


The father Godwin escapade isn’t compulsory. It’s perfectly possible to avoid it by either having high enough stats to convince him or by not going to drink with him (or leaving early).


I don’t think Henry can be a virgin. Doesn’t he sleep with Bianca?


They certainly sound like they had sex before. That it why I don’t think the achievement makes much since.


mebbe they were going to if the raid didn’t happen?


According to the social status chart a barmaid is pretty high on the food chain. She may have just not been that kind of girl.


They may have been in the flirting stage still.


I think that flirting is most probable. I doubt Henry had sex with her. It is possible she’d have been another lecherous wench, but I think it is more likely they were waiting until marriage or in the worst case scenario they were planning on engaging in such activities later the day she was killed. I don’t believe that is likely though. It sounded like a young couple being flirtatious and planning a date.


Maybe a little dry hump lol… I know how them Christian woman are😆


They raped me ? Pretty sure I stuck my hand up one of there asses


With a lockpick😆


First they drugged you, then you were told to cavort and if you tried fleeing you couldn’t. I’d classify that as rape.


Sounds like a Jello TV add lol… J E LL OH!!!


Well all I know is my fist went inside someone anus. It’s all blurry but I’m sure it was a horse.


sounds like a magic school bus adventure when you put it like that.


I try not to think about it too much. Wait you’ve done that on a school trip before ?



Lol… too funny


I miss ren and stimpy and pinky and the brain. And thundercats, cartoons these days are so gay.


You forgot Valton and Duck tales. I used to watch them when I came home from school🙂


I was born in 1974, My fav was Amazing Spiderman Friends. Fav hero was Straight IceMan, Thundarr the Barbarian, Mask, He Man, GI Joe, kids nowadays live in this PC world.