Worst combat system ever!

Please for the love OF GOD LESS Poke, parry, dodge, poke poke slash parry dodge and more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V65G43XnxKg.
We don’t play games for this annoying level of clunky mechanics, we play them for the power fantasy. When it takes 4-5 minutes to kill someone in 1 v 1 combat it’s tedious and annoying. So what if you’re the blacksmith’s son. I want to be a walking 1 man genocide. Let’s not hear the go play skyrim comments. Skyrim was a big shallow puddle. I would simply like to 100% of the time to be able to left step and swing right simultaneously, or be able to step back while swinging over my head, or to do what I would do in rl and if loosing toss a handful of dirt into the guys eyes, kick him directly in the junk as hard as humanly possible and stab the guy while he tries to recover. Period. I give no shits about your “realism” when the combat isn’t real. In areal fight there are no rules, this isn’t the octagon. Bite, pull hair, cheap shot them, boot to the nuts, whatever you have to do to make sure you win, they lose. This “combat system” is hands down THE WORST part of this game. Hope you decide to NOT make a sequel using this trash again.

Ummm I remember a Batman game from the early 90s that was waaaay worse.

I was 3 in the early 90s. SO congrats old guy on playing a aged and poorly executed combat system then as well.

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The entire point of this game was to not be a one-man army. Henry is a terrible potato of a person, and you have to work to be good at anything in this game. Barring that, when the default option of “smash everything and do what I want” is out of reach, you have to think up more creative solutions to reach your goals.


Lol. Go play skyrim…

Trolling, I know. But couldn’t be helped.


Already did, it’s called LUA scripting cheat engine to reduce the HP pool of every enemy in the game to 25% of normal, and a mod to entirely remove directional cough trash ass clunky af “combat” mechanics and injuries. Poof now it’s a video game, not a god damned trashy simulator.

Serisouly, you should go play Skyrim though :smiley:


After 1500 hours and 200 mod load order I’ll pass. Maybe 25 years ago it was acceptable to make a game where you had to spend the same amount of hours learning to use your sword as it would take to use one in rl, but for real have some respect for your consumers time. We work 2 jobs to pay bills, student loans, car payments etc. If I wanted to learn to fence I’d higher a instructor.
I just want to hack up bad guys in a environment with decent graphics, steal some loot and murder a village if I had a bad day.

Hell if the tutorial wasn’t so blasted long I would have already requested a refund but it exceeded my 2 hour playtime refund policy so…

Then obviously this game is not meant for you. This is meant to be historically accurate, somewhat realistic game. You think that a peasant, blacksmiths son, would know how to wield a sword against professional soldiers or even experienced bandits? No, no he wouldn’t.


It is not nearly a fraction of what you need in real life.
This game was Kickstarted with/for the realistic combat. Some people prefer this. It is not lack of “respect for consumer time” if all games do not follow single idea.
There is enough info about the game and its mechanics so it is up to you what you buy. You do not buy chocolate and then complain it doesn’t taste like cheese and that all you want is all food taste like cheese because you have to go to work and pay for a car.


No he might not, but he’d know how to fight dirty I’d hope. Like talking that one guy you really don’t like at work into smoking pot so you could get him UA’d and fired. He’s gone you earned brownie points with he boss and low and behold next review you got a raise. IDGAF how historically accurate it’s supposed to be when your choices are set on rails. Just saying the combat system is trash af. I bought a video game. You know a GAME, not a chore. My money spent, the product isn’t what it says it is, I have the right as a consumer to speak my mind about it.
Environment 10/10, music a solid 8/10, Graphics 8/10, story from what I saw was engaging, lock picking… Well that should be the standard for lock picking in every rpg moving forward. But dear god playing that combat with a mouse and keyboard… Dude I beat the breaks off some old drunk about 40 minutes into the game, ran like hell from a bunch of crazy tin man guys, got my face pounded in by some bandit trying to take my sword while I tried to bury my folks. All of that was supposed to happen. I’ve played enough video games to realize maybe you shouldn’t pick a fight with that high level dude over there. My complaint is that using mouse/keyboard it is all but impossible to decide where you will swing your sword/axe/mace and move at the same time, not to mention you run out of stamina after like 4 swings and 90% of what you are fighting doesn’t flat die in 1-2 shots. Sorry even in heavy plate armor I crack you full bore in the face with a axe or mace even if you aren’t dead you jaw is shattered, or you skull is fractured or at the very least you are unconscious. “PRATICE WITH WHAT’S HIS FUCK FOR LIKE 10 hours and git gud”… Um no. How about no. How about you respect my time, respect that if I wanted to dual a npc for 10 hours I would have bought NPC DUELS DELUXE EDITION, not a open world rpg.

Like why not side with the tin man guys that invade your village or toss sir what’s his nuts under the bus when they come looking for him? Seriously? What’s a better idea fight against superior forces to avenge your family, or earn dudes trust so you can take him out in his sleep? CHOICES… ON… RAILS… “Think of new ways to do things” Ok be a snake. Cold blooded, back stabbing snake concerned with his and only his vengeance and self preservation. All you would have to do is yell “Yeah he want that away, mind if I come with you” or slice 1 guards throat in eye shot of the enemy, boom, you live, you get close enough to handle business, and you didn’t have to fight 1 npc in a practice ring for 15 hours to do it.

And where do you think he would’ve learned to fight dirty? He is a boy from small village, you can see from the cutscenes with his dad that he is still basically a kid who is scared to death of his father. You are right, you have a right to speak your mind, but don’t expect everybody to agree with you here, especially when you base your “opinions” on things that are not relatable to the game, but mostly to your own attitude. I understand you don’t care about historical accuracy, but that where this combat system is based. That is how they fought in Medieval Ages. A fight between a trained man and a semi-skilled one would rarely last ten seconds, and likely be over in five in Medieval Ages, but, as you said, it is a VIDEO GAME, they had to make it a little bit unrealistic so you would have any kind of chance as you are playing as a peasant. Like I said, it seems this isn’t your cup of tea then, if you are not ready to roleplay a peasant who has to train hours and hours to get even slightly better at warfare. Combat gets easier and smoother when you put some time in training, but if you already have an attitude that you don’t even want to try to play the game like it is meant to be played and then come here and complain about it, I just don’t see the idea behind it.

Ok, yeah, why not? Why not to just stand there, watch them slaughter everyone and burn everything they can, and expect that it is your lucky day, and they will let just you live and they take you in! Nooo, why run for your life when your village is raided by merchants who have been told to slaughter everyone, and who are under the payroll of the King? Also, those same bandits are under the payroll of the King, so why would they risk their operation by taking in some peasant who has nothing to offer without proper training? Cold blooded, back stabbing snake? You are talking about a kid, who was afraid to throw turd on one of the villagers house, and now you expect him to just be a cold blooded, back stabbing snake among hundreds of bandits? That really don’t work out you know.


Some people fighting dirty is just instinct. I grew up in a small town and I have zero problems throwing a handful of dirt in someones eyes mid fight and kicking them while they are down. If you win, does it matter how? Guess Henry is just a pussy. Ok so you run but what stops you from chucking that knight dude under the bus?
Anyway all I am stating is the combat system, if supposed to be realistic should be that, you catch them in the dome with a mace strike, dead enemy or at least 100% incapacitated. Not a clunky to use system where mouse inputs control both head turn movement and directional attacks and that blocking functions 100% of the time with a shield. REASON GAMES FAIL is that the devs don’t listen to consumers. Sure it got kickstarted YAY THEM! But how many copies did it sell? How much money did the devs actually make? IS anyone but fan boys actually hyped to play a sequel of the game? I picked it up becuase it was cheap, now I see why it was. No way this ever gets mainstream fans, makes millions of dollars, or revives a all but dead genre of video games. Fix the combat system to something less clunky or just add a simple toggle to turn that on and off for something more, you know video game, and boom bet this could easily win GOTY awards and sell millions of copies.

Now you are starting to understand it, Henry is a pussy peasant for starters. And what stops you from chunking that knight? Well, maybe the fact that you are a peasant with no knowledge of fighting.

In a year after it’s release, KCD had sold over two million copies. It sold 500 000 copies in two days after its release, and 300 000 of those were on Steam. Within two weeks of release, the game had sold over a million copies in total across all platforms. It has already won multiple awards. There are way more than only fanboys waiting for the sequel. You got it cheap, you know why? Because the game has been out for two years already, that is how the business is ran. They went from kickstarter to mainstream in few days.


Every review reads like this, from all over the web. My voice isn’t alone here.

So somebody with poor understanding of medieval and the game wrote a misguided article how the game isn’t medieval

Come on. You could say that Earth is flat and your voice would not be alone.

BTW I do not claim that all criticism is misguided but that article was, really.


So you found one article that agrees with your opinion, and now it’s “every review”? Jeez, must be difficult to be you.

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Ha!! This dude think ya can learn swordplay irl In like 2 hours of training. Just kidding. I respect the student loan thing and all and you don’t have time I get it. I even like you. You’re a smartass. I’m a smartass. We should be pals! But then why are you Wasting time here? Dude if you’re just a troll looking for attention…

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