Xbox day one patch

Fuck Day One patch, I just want access to the game I help fund AT LEAST at the same time as people just buying it now!

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I no how all u guys are feeling I backed this game 4 years ago still no code lol


I don’t think Warhorse can release a statement as Deep Pockets^H^H^H^H^H^H^HSilver are the publisher :frowning:

The latest version for X1X for me is Yesterday I applied a patch of 21.8 GB.

… Well, yes, it is a rough release, indeed. And imagine you had the key and were unable to play, because the patch is not available.

@n0ahg Interesting idea, but I think the reason is that they don’t want to say anything about the unavailable day one patch , because it will damage their sales on the release day, which is the most important day …

@Pesci Can you check how big are your saves? Got the same version, but game is 22.7GB (and saves reserved 1 GB, so the game is 21.7GB)

Code just appeared!

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Are you using german voiceover? Because to use english voiceover, if I remember correctly, I had to install a couple of GB of data.

Actually I’ve the same version ( I assume hardly that this isn’t the updated version with day-1 patch as I’ve read the very actual version should be 1.02

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^I read the same thing

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I believe is NOT the day one patch, if on PS4 updated game has about 45GB, we will have a similar size.

No, I am using original english voiceover.

As you’ve already written before the patch might be still hanging at microsoft’s verification dept…

that would be a real mess…

It is odd though that under “manage game” it says the version is, but in game at the main menu at the bottom left, it says 1.1

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@DTMDerrick It OK, the 1.1 is the game version you are using, but is a ‘build’ you are using.

after day one patch version 1.2 on pc… i guess the same on xbox or ps4

At the moment we have a 22GB patch at launch (for me this is enough as day one patch). Surely in the coming days more patch will arrive.

I don’t think we can compare xbox and ps4 game size, it really depends on how the system manages it. Maybe ps4 install all disc data and also the patch.

During the installation I remeber that the data copied from xbox disc was only a couple of hundred of MB. The other data was downloaded as patch.

1.2Mb/s… WTF?

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I remember the days when games didn’t need day one patches :-/


The patch might be ready at warhorse but not at microsoft yet - i guess unfortunately…

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Yeah sounds like we’ll be waiting a few days on that